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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
8/14/2015 like a butterfly ABCangel,beauty,
2/27/2015 Cried I do not know?angel,
1/2/2015 Messages in my head I do not know?angel,
12/31/2014 ANOTHER YEAR I do not know?angel,
11/28/2014 FOOTSTEPS YOUR OWN ABCappreciation,
7/11/2014 SPECIAL GIFT I do not know?eulogy,feelings,journey,
5/23/2014 DO WE REALLY KNOW ABCbeautiful,blessing,
5/2/2014 Spirit Of The Wolf I do not know?angel,
12/19/2013 A Piece Of Me I do not know?life
9/13/2013 Beautiful ABCangel
8/23/2013 Everending I do not know?beautiful,imagination,ins
6/28/2013 UPHILL I do not know?journey,
6/21/2013 SMILING INSIDE I do not know?inspiration,
6/6/2013 HIS PASSION I do not know?love,passion,
5/25/2013 IN THE SHADOW I do not know?light,
5/24/2013 Born From Love I do not know?birth,love,
5/24/2013 Warm Me I do not know?imagination,light,
5/10/2013 Heartstrings I do not know?blue,
4/26/2013 EARTH I do not know?earth
4/26/2013 Not that easy I do not know?butterfly,
4/12/2013 dont know where it came from I do not know?dream,
4/12/2013 dont know where it came from I do not know?dream,
4/5/2013 A Breath Of Air I do not know?april,beauty,
3/8/2013 LETTING GO I do not know?courage,forgiveness,life,
3/1/2013 THOUGHTS I do not know?dark,dream,faith,
2/13/2013 A Step In Front I do not know?journey,metaphor,
2/8/2013 wishing I do not know?dream,faith,
2/5/2013 Thankful Is Me I do not know?life,
1/26/2013 All This I do not know?life,
1/26/2013 EVERYTHING MATTERS I do not know?beauty,love,
1/18/2013 Anothers Inspiration I do not know?angel,faith,fear,
1/17/2013 LOOK UP AHEAD I do not know?inspirational,
1/11/2013 OH SO CLEAR I do not know?journey
12/31/2012 FLY I do not know?inspirational
12/30/2012 Time I do not know?life,me,time,
12/14/2012 A Wolf Will Protect I do not know?nature,
11/30/2012 BEGIN TOO SHINE I do not know?uplifting,
11/30/2012 SWAY I do not know?love,
11/16/2012 LOOKING NOT SEEING I do not know?life,time,
11/16/2012 LOOKING NOT SEEING I do not know?life,
11/16/2012 LOOKING NOT SEEING I do not know?life,
11/16/2012 LOOKING NOT SEEING I do not know?life,
11/16/2012 WISHFUL THINKING I do not know?faith,happiness,hope,
11/2/2012 SPLASH I do not know?seasons,care,world,care,r
10/27/2012 This is my home I do not know?life,
10/23/2012 GIVE AND GIVE I do not know?life,
10/9/2012 REJOICE I do not know?inspirational,
10/4/2012 REBORN I do not know?life,nature,uplifting,
9/28/2012 SHINING BRIGHT I do not know?loss,sad,me,mum,
9/24/2012 FOR YOUR LOVE I do not know?love,
9/21/2012 TOTAL BLISS I do not know?fantasy,imagination,
9/18/2012 DEEP WITHIN HER HEART I do not know?love,
9/14/2012 IN A SPACE I do not know?imagination,nostalgia,
9/7/2012 BY YOUR SIDE I do not know?loss,love,
8/29/2012 LOOK TO THE STARS I do not know?hope,uplifting,
8/21/2012 MEMORIES YOU BROUGHT I do not know?life,people,
8/16/2012 BLINDED I do not know?lost love,
8/13/2012 THAT FEELING I do not know?happiness,inspirational,
8/8/2012 EYES MAKE THE WORDS I do not know?love,
8/6/2012 TODAY I do not know?inspirational,uplifting,
8/6/2012 A SONG I do not know?passion,
8/3/2012 CRYSTAL PINK I do not know?inspirational,love,
8/2/2012 SEEK I do not know?life,
8/2/2012 NOT ALL POETS I do not know?inspirational,life,
8/2/2012 IN A HEARTBEAT I do not know?imagination,inspirational
7/28/2012 DROWNING I do not know?imagination,
7/15/2012 Make up World I do not know?life,
7/12/2012 JUST ME I do not know?love,passion,
6/7/2012 IT RAINED I do not know?inspirational,
5/28/2012 HER FEAR I do not know?inspirational,life,love,p
5/26/2012 That Stare I do not know?fantasy,
5/21/2012 Too The Top I do not know?happiness,inspirational,l
5/18/2012 Memory I do not know?life,love,heart,heart,
5/11/2012 Never forgot ABClost lovelost,lost,love,
4/12/2012 A Picture I do not know?nature,
4/6/2012 Drowning I do not know?loss,love,
3/30/2012 from Birth I do not know?faith,life,
3/22/2012 Him She I do not know?love,passion,
3/14/2012 Nothing Worse I do not know?life,
3/11/2012 Why I do not know?loss,
3/7/2012 Droplets Of You're Name I do not know?inspirational,life,love,
3/6/2012 Petals in Bloom I do not know?hope,life,heart,heart,
3/5/2012 Never Part I do not know?fear,hope,life,
3/3/2012 turning Curve I do not know?life,peace,night,night,
3/2/2012 Memories I do not know?passion,
3/1/2012 Lingers I do not know?love,
2/29/2012 Whispering Wind I do not know?sad,
2/27/2012 A lonely Soul I do not know?inspirational,life,
2/25/2012 The Wall I do not know?life,
2/23/2012 From Heaven Balladlove,
2/20/2012 Games I do not know?family,imagination,
2/20/2012 Eternal Love Balladlove,
2/20/2012 This Touch I do not know?passion,
2/17/2012 Fast Love I do not know?love,heart,heart,
2/17/2012 Hours Of Time I do not know?inspirational,time,
2/16/2012 Shine I do not know?love,
2/16/2012 Late Valentine Balladlove,
2/15/2012 I Rise I do not know?faith,happiness,
2/15/2012 A one man void I do not know?inspirational,love,
2/13/2012 Above I do not know?inspirational,love,

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The Altar of Her Love Free versehappiness,love,passion
Soft Silk Dreams Free versehappiness,

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