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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/25/2014 bipolar Free versepoetry,psychological,
11/14/2014 the donkey and the elephant Free versepolitical,
11/14/2014 I bleed purple Free versepoetry,political,
11/9/2014 As long as I am open Free versepsychological,self,
7/2/2014 this system is killing me Free versepolitical,
6/9/2014 truth and art Free versepoetry,
6/4/2014 just listen will ya ABCabsence
5/13/2014 i was here Free versepoetry
3/23/2014 this is not a test Free versepsychological,
3/22/2014 whispers of a voice Free versepoetry,
3/22/2014 kicking the apple far from the tree Free versefamily,father,
3/9/2014 ignored and beautiful Free versebeautiful,freedom,poetry,
2/11/2014 I can and do love America Free verseamerica,political,
1/5/2014 rumi's advice to emerson Free verseamerica,freedom,political
12/21/2013 a prayer for humanity Free versepolitical,
10/15/2013 because you say that I am Free verseinspiration,love,people,p
9/21/2013 he will be king Free verse 
9/17/2013 we hold in our hands Free verseart,freedom,history,poetr
9/17/2013 America, you are bipolar Free verseamerica,freedom,history,i
9/16/2013 technology enabled me Free verseabsence
9/15/2013 please dont hang up Free verseabsence
8/25/2013 how many times have i told you Free versefreedom,inspiration,
8/22/2013 we are shadows Free verseabsence
8/20/2013 freedom's perfect recipe Free versepolitical,
8/20/2013 am I walking down this road Free versephilosophy,
8/20/2013 nightmares and dreams Free versefreedom,
8/20/2013 we Free versefreedom,love,political,
8/13/2013 let us start singing Free versepolitical,
7/20/2013 nobody cries for the worker Free versepolitical
7/9/2013 living is an act of rebellion ABCabsence
7/4/2013 show the dirt Free verseabsence
6/26/2013 sit down, they say Free verselove,
6/26/2013 love wants to be found Free verselove,
6/21/2013 city of all shoulders Free verseabsence
6/20/2013 for the children of tomorrow ABCabsence
6/19/2013 she was ripped out of my life Free versegirlfriend,heartbroken,po
6/19/2013 the system hates me so Free versepolitical,
6/19/2013 let's talk Free versepolitical,
6/6/2013 I dream Free versepolitical,
6/6/2013 if i can be one, so can you Free versepolitical,
6/6/2013 whatever you do, be happy Free versepolitical,
6/6/2013 whats taking them so long Free versepolitical,
6/6/2013 I want to point my finger like Babe Ruth Free versebaseball,political,
6/6/2013 cowardly to live or die Free verselife,poetry,
6/6/2013 don't tell me they are job creators Free versepolitical,
6/4/2013 i fought the good fight Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 the sun is not yet able to rise Free versefreedom,political,society
6/4/2013 as i look at the faces Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 whitman escapes me Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 21st century hellscape Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 why do i write these poems Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 how can i be a poet Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 a story that needs to be told Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 not worthy of the canon Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 for the artist inside us all Free versepoetry,society,
6/4/2013 i write for the people Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 unwavering Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 these stories cannot stop Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 why is this world so cruel Free versepoetry,society,
6/4/2013 why did you do it, dad Free verseabuse,childhood,
6/4/2013 let's stop the pornography and let's make love Free versepsychological,sexy,
6/4/2013 temple of mind in body and soul Free versepsychological,
6/4/2013 it's just a matter of time Free versepolitical,psychological,
6/4/2013 You have not come to a realization Free versepsychological,
6/4/2013 It's very hard to think in the third person Free versepoetry,psychological,
6/4/2013 there is no hate here, goodone Free versepoetry,society,
6/4/2013 art that transcends Free versepoetry,
6/4/2013 I say this poem to you Free verseabuse,poetry,
6/2/2013 tribunal for trauma Free versefamily,
6/2/2013 the funk of love Free versechildhood,music,political
6/2/2013 the true American dream Free versefreedom,patriotic,
6/2/2013 blue yonder Free versefreedom,
6/2/2013 I see the dawn coming Free versefreedom,
6/2/2013 should me to grace Free versefreedom,
6/2/2013 the space between, goodone Free versepolitical,
6/1/2013 is this poetry Free versepoetry,
6/1/2013 who has time for poetry Free versefreedom,poetry,
6/1/2013 shells Free versepsychological,
6/1/2013 sitting on a toilet Free versebody,fear,
5/29/2013 your true voice Free versefreedom,
5/29/2013 is there a poem inside Free versefreedom,political,
5/29/2013 dear child Free versefreedom,political,
5/29/2013 dawn is coming Free versefreedom,political,
5/26/2013 something needs to be said, goodone Free versefreedom,political,
5/26/2013 at the end and the beginning Free versefreedom,political,
5/26/2013 suffocated inside traffic jams Free versefreedom,poems,poets,polit
5/26/2013 take us back to love Free versefreedom,love,political,
5/26/2013 how we're supposed to be, goodone Free verseearth,freedom,nature,poli
5/26/2013 don't define me Free verseangst,life,political,
5/26/2013 love, l-o-v-e Free versebeauty,freedom,inspiratio
10/14/2012 dance with humiliation Free verselife,political,
10/11/2012 love is coming home Free versehistory,inspirational,lov
10/11/2012 deliver me, deliver us Free versehistory,inspirational,lif
10/9/2012 surreal lovesong Free verseinspirational,life,love,p
10/9/2012 sponge is squeezed Free versehope,life,love,political,
10/9/2012 ask the river Free versehope,life,love,peace,peop
10/9/2012 when the wall came down Free versehistory,hope,peace,people
10/9/2012 walk with me Free versehope,life,love,political,
9/21/2012 I want to write a great poem Free versechildhood,fear,inspiratio
9/21/2012 witches Free versechildhood,depression,reco

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