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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/25/2016 WHATS LIFE WITHOUT YOU Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,be
9/25/2016 HONEY YOU CHANGE ME Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
9/25/2016 A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
9/25/2016 ITS A WORLD OF CONFUSTION Light Poetryallusion,encouraging,
9/25/2016 KEPT THE WORLD SAFE Light Poetrybetrayal,
9/25/2016 NOW DEBATE Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
9/23/2016 CLOVERS AND COAT Light Poetryadventure,clothes,
9/23/2016 WAS A HOT SUMMER Light Poetryadventure,culture,
9/23/2016 BOY AND HIS DOG Light Poetryadventure,angel,
9/23/2016 RAT AGAINT THE CAT Light Poetryabuse,anger,
9/23/2016 THE RAT Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
9/22/2016 LOVE ME FOR ME Light Poetryadventure,emotions,
9/22/2016 VOTEING DAY Light Poetryadventure,emotions,
9/22/2016 SHE IS THE TRUTH Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,betra
9/22/2016 JUST YOU AND EYE Light Poetryadventure,beauty,childhoo
9/22/2016 RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE Light Poetryart,beautiful,
9/21/2016 WHAT VOTING MEANS Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
9/21/2016 TALK TO GOD LIKE FRIENDS Light Poetryangel,best friend,
9/21/2016 NOT A DREAM ITS HOLLOWEEN Light Poetryadventure,fear,
9/21/2016 SNOW AND SKATES AND ICES Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
9/21/2016 GOOD AND BAD WEATHER Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
9/20/2016 VOTE IS THE HOPE Light Poetryadventure,
9/20/2016 GIFT SEASON Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
9/17/2016 THE HOG Light Poetryadventure,creation,
9/17/2016 BEES AND A FLYS Light Poetrycharacter,
9/16/2016 FREEDOM LONG WALK Light Poetryadventure,black african a
9/16/2016 WHAT SEX CAN DO Light Poetryhappiness,
9/16/2016 TIME FOR SCHOOL NOT FUN Light Poetryadventure,dedication,
9/16/2016 BE PROUD OF YOUR RACES Light Poetryabsence,black african ame
9/16/2016 SHE'S ALMOST THERE Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
9/16/2016 THE HOMELESS NEED FRIENDS TOO Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
9/16/2016 MAKE A FRIEND Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,bless
9/16/2016 DON'T HURT TO BE NICES Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
9/13/2016 GET OUT THE WAY Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
9/13/2016 CHOICES Light Poetrybeautiful,blessing,cheer
9/13/2016 BABY AM CRYING BECAUSE I LOVE YOU Light Poetryappreciation,best friend,
9/13/2016 YOUR THE LADY LEAD US Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,betra
9/13/2016 BABY WHERE WOULD I BE Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
9/13/2016 WE NEED YOU GET WELL Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
9/11/2016 Baby YourThe Best Prose Poetrybeautiful,
9/11/2016 Smile FOR ME Light Poetryadventure,beauty,
9/10/2016 HOMELESS COULD BE YOU Light Poetryadventure,anger,
9/10/2016 HEAVEN AND THE CLOUDS Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
9/10/2016 FREEDOM RIGHT TO SPEAK Light Poetryadventure,courage,
9/10/2016 ITS THE SEASON FOR CHESTNUT Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,
9/10/2016 WRITING ON THE WALL Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
9/10/2016 GET IT GO BACK TO SCHOOL Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,bless
9/9/2016 THE HOMELESS PLEA Light Poetryappreciation,bible,
9/9/2016 TO HOT FOR SEX Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,
9/9/2016 JUST WON'T SAY HELLO Light Poetryadventure,angel,
9/9/2016 SHAREING AND CAREING Light Poetryadventure,appreciation,
9/9/2016 WAR WHO NEEDS IT Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
9/8/2016 WORLD OF HOMELESSNIESS Light Poetryadventure,
9/8/2016 LET US ALL PRAY Light Poetryabuse,adventure,betrayal,
9/8/2016 HER JOURNEY TO SUCESS Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
9/8/2016 HOMELESS SIDE WALK HOTEL Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
9/6/2016 SPOOKE AROUND THE CORNER Light Poetryadventure,crazy,
9/6/2016 GOOD SEX CHANGE ME Light Poetryadventure,angel,
9/6/2016 HAVE A BLESS DAY Light Poetrybeautiful,bible,blessing,
9/6/2016 THE WORLD NEEDS LEADER SHIP Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
9/6/2016 SNOW ON ITS WAY Light Poetryadventure,destiny,
9/6/2016 GIVE PEACE A CHANCE Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
9/2/2016 GET READY ITS FALL SEASON Light Poetryadventure,christmas,
9/2/2016 THE HOPE IS US Light Poetryappreciation,april,
9/2/2016 MOTHER BABY AND STROLLER Light Poetryadventure,birthday,
9/2/2016 FLOWERS FOR A FRIEND Light Poetryadventure,celebration,
9/2/2016 DAY OF HOPE Light Poetryadventure,destiny,
9/1/2016 BRIGHTER DAYS AHEAD Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
8/31/2016 GOING LOVE YOU ANYWAY LET THEM TALK Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,devot
8/31/2016 PANTS AND BELT Light Poetryappreciation,desire,
8/31/2016 WOMEN WHO KNOW Light Poetryadventure,angel,anger,
8/31/2016 SHIRT AND TIE Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
8/31/2016 HISTORY OF BLACKS RIGHT Light Poetryadventure,black african a
8/30/2016 LOVER ON THE BEACH Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,
8/30/2016 VOTE ROAD TO PEACE Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
8/30/2016 ONE RACE Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
8/27/2016 BABY I CAN'T HELP THIS FEELING Light Poetryaddiction,adventure,body,
8/27/2016 MOVING ON UP Light Poetryadventure,america,appreci
8/27/2016 THE RIGHT TO VOTE Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,black
8/27/2016 GET ON THE LORDS TEAM Light Poetryadventure,angel,
8/27/2016 CHANGE YOU Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
8/27/2016 QUICK LUNCH Light Poetryadventure,uplifting,
8/27/2016 EAT WELL Light Poetryadventure,beautiful,bless
8/25/2016 BE YOU Light Poetryadventure,
8/24/2016 NO GOING BACK Light Poetryabuse,adventure,appreciat
8/24/2016 STREET RAT Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
8/24/2016 STAND UP FOR JESUS Light Poetryconfusion,
8/24/2016 STOP THE HATE Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
8/24/2016 HOUSE CAT Light Poetryadventure,cat,
8/24/2016 ABOUT YOU Light Poetryappreciation,
8/24/2016 DON'T POKE GO Light Poetryabuse,adventure,
8/24/2016 BABY YOUR GOOD FOR ME Light Poetryadventure,betrayal,
8/24/2016 HOMELESS HUNGRY HAS NO RACE Light Poetryabuse,bible,
8/23/2016 DRIVE ME UP THE WALL Light Poetryadventure,art,beautiful,
8/23/2016 DOGS AND SMELL Light Poetryadventure,destiny,
8/23/2016 HOMELESS SLEEP ON A BENCH Light Poetryadventure,confusion,
8/23/2016 WHEN IT RAIN Light Poetryadventure,confusion,
8/23/2016 DIFFERENCE RACE BUT LOVE Light Poetryangel,courage,
8/23/2016 LET FINGERS AND MIND TALK Light Poetryadventure,blessing,
8/23/2016 TEARS OF A FOOL Light Poetryadventure,anger,betrayal,

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