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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/8/2016 Iraq Balladesky,
12/7/2016 Missing you Balladechristmas,
3/13/2016 filled Carpe Diemblessing,
8/21/2015 memoric findings Dramatic monologueanxiety,
8/4/2015 how will i find you in heaven Blank versebeautiful,
4/25/2015 you know me Blank versechristian,
3/21/2015 o'er Dramatic Versepoets,
12/26/2014 where has all the time gone Classicismnew year,
11/11/2014 the coming Dramatic monologuegod,
9/20/2014 love me not Blank versebetrayal,
9/18/2014 wheat Chant Royalangel,
8/16/2014 breathe Balladpassion,
8/12/2014 orange showers Chant Royalrain,
8/12/2014 the old car Classicismadventure,
6/30/2014 santino Dramatic Versecharacter,
6/29/2014 Yolanda Iolanda Jolenta Dramatic Versebio,
4/12/2014 abraham lincoln's memorial 1969 Dramatic monologuegrief,
1/15/2014 stalker Chant Royaldark,
1/15/2014 the bureau Chant Royaladventure,
12/23/2013 ian klaus Blank versechristmas,
12/21/2013 christmas in milan italy Italian Sonnetchristmas,
12/16/2013 Cocoa Crown of Sonnetsbaby,
12/16/2013 battered rain Lyricnature,
12/15/2013 the pilgrimage Blank versejourney,
12/14/2013 rapture Light Poetryemotions,
12/14/2013 god came beyond a midnight clear Crown of Sonnetsgod,
12/14/2013 one winters night Lyricchristmas,
12/14/2013 mary dances Chant Royalmother,
12/13/2013 oceans Crown of Sonnetslife,
12/13/2013 nice to meet me Crown of Sonnetsme,
12/13/2013 yolanda of rome Classicismdevotion,
12/12/2013 being kelpt Light Poetrytrust,
12/6/2013 mandela Free verseafrica,
12/4/2013 intercourse with god Balladebeauty,
11/29/2013 sushi Balladbusiness,
11/19/2013 mi nona Balladebeautiful,
11/17/2013 coup d etat Dramatic monologueautumn,
11/16/2013 banyan tears Chant Royalslavery,
11/12/2013 shanty town of cicero Chant Royalcancer,
11/9/2013 concieved Free versebirth,
11/7/2013 deity Narrativechristian,
11/5/2013 roosevelt road Light Poetryblack african american,
11/4/2013 the rackets Classicismbullying,
11/1/2013 in thee event Crown of Sonnetsbeautiful,
10/31/2013 woman of god Dramatic monologueangel,beach,
10/29/2013 toy town Classicismchristmas,
10/27/2013 the booth in the back please Dramatic Versefishing,
10/26/2013 kiss me again Crown of Sonnetsgames,
10/25/2013 old chicago Light Poetrywinter,
10/21/2013 the broken music box Crown of Sonnetsaugust,
9/29/2013 the infatuation of one's soul Pastoralspiritual,
9/14/2013 miracle on 131st Balladdad,
9/14/2013 suicidal sillouette Dramatic Versedepression,
9/5/2013 frauenkirche Chant Royalbeautiful,
9/2/2013 ubel Crown of Sonnetsdark,
9/1/2013 belial Epicdark,
8/28/2013 red wolf Epicanimal,
8/25/2013 when Chant Royallove,
8/9/2013 queen Chant Royalwisdom,
8/8/2013 corderro and the good shepherd Crown of Sonnetsjesus,
8/7/2013 the dear john letter Dramatic monologuegoodbye,
8/7/2013 oh edgar Crown of Sonnetslonging,
8/1/2013 the knolls on the lawn at cambridge arms Chant Royalcorruption,
7/26/2013 ah the lazy monarch Chant Royalbeautiful,
7/14/2013 i am who you say that i am Blank versejesus,
7/12/2013 the offering Blank versechristian,
7/3/2013 kuwait Blank versewar,
7/2/2013 bully Dramatic Versebullying,
6/24/2013 mafia princess Dramatic Versevisionary,
6/18/2013 canto xxlll Chant Royalchristian,
6/13/2013 galilee Chant Royaljourney,
6/11/2013 a heroes journal Dramatic Versewar,
6/11/2013 howard beach Dramatic Versebeach,
5/30/2013 The crows on lakeshore dr Chant Royalnature,
5/29/2013 The monster at home Dramatic Verseviolence,
5/20/2013 priceless Chant Royalearth,universe,
3/27/2013 our lady Chant Royalbeautiful,
3/26/2013 king Chant Royalbeauty,
3/9/2013 HEIDLEBURG Crown of Sonnetspassion,
1/12/2013 trampled Chant Royalinspirational,
12/11/2012 check out time Balladart,
12/1/2012 the legendary host Classicismmystery,
12/1/2012 fragile heart crossing Balladpassion,
11/22/2012 mali Crown of Sonnetsnature,
11/15/2012 pant Chant Royalhappiness,me,me,
11/11/2012 something about sandy Blank versenatural disasters,thanksg
9/22/2012 domestic violence survivor Dramatic Versefaith,women,home,abuse,am
9/22/2012 one flesh one body Chant Royalfaith,light,green,light,m
9/22/2012 veterans administration Dramatic Versededication,me,self,me,sel
9/22/2012 immortal gift Chant Royaldeath,me,earth,life,me,se
8/27/2012 the tone of a poet Blank verseart,
8/26/2012 think pink Dramatic monologueart,heart,heart,cancer,
8/14/2012 sandals Chant Royaladventure,sound,sound,sen
8/14/2012 sandals Chant Royaladventure,sound,sound,sen
8/12/2012 visiting burr oaks cemetery Dramatic Versedeath,autumn,
7/16/2012 welcome home Dramatic Verseart,
6/17/2012 ah Hamburg Balladart,i love you,
6/13/2012 lolek Dramatic Verseadventure,grandmother,
6/3/2012 beckoning Chant Royalart,
5/28/2012 wind Blank verseart,

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