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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/18/2014 This Heart 2K13 Coupletheart,introspection,life,
3/18/2014 A Simple Man's Words 2K13 Coupletgrowth,introspection,jour
3/18/2014 Ready For Change 2K13 Quatrainchange,courage,
3/18/2014 Love Is 2K13 Quatrainbeauty,deep,emotions,fami
7/19/2013 A Day Reserved Thereof Their Remembrances 2K13 Rhymededication,family,friends
7/19/2013 Harsh Poison 2K13 Free verseabuse,addiction,angst,dar
7/19/2013 An Oregon View 2K13 Haikunature,seasons,spring,
7/19/2013 A Spring Morning 2K13 Haikunature,seasons,spring,
7/19/2013 A Spring Sunrise 2K13 Haikunature,seasons,spring,
7/19/2013 Spring's Morning Song 2K13 Haikunature,seasons,spring,
7/19/2013 Good Morning Spring 2K13 Haikubeauty,nature,seasons,spr
7/19/2013 Their Songs of Love 2K13 Free verseheart,love,
7/19/2013 Welcome To The Soup 2K13 Free versefriendship,writing,
7/19/2013 Struck By Love 2K13 Tankaheart,love,
7/19/2013 Show That You Love She 2K13 Quatrainfor her,love,
5/14/2013 A Garden of Spring 2K13 Haikugarden,nature,spring,
5/14/2013 A Spring Evening 2K13 Haikueve,nature,night,spring,
5/14/2013 Therein The Realm of Love 2K13 Free verseimagination,love,
5/14/2013 If I Shall Grow Old 2K13 Free verseage,april,august,autumn,b
4/16/2013 The Gift of Love 2K13 Tankafamily,friendship,life,lo
4/16/2013 Affection 2K13 Tankahappiness,joy,love,people
4/13/2013 True Silence 2K13 Quatrainimagination,may,
4/13/2013 My Huckle Berry Heaven 2K13 Tankafantasy,food,heaven,humor
4/7/2013 The Simpler Beauty 2K13 Quatrainbeauty,happiness,nature,
4/7/2013 A Spring Kiss 2K13 Haikubeauty,life,nature,season
4/4/2013 Thought of First Love 2K13 Tankafriendship,hope,imaginati
4/3/2013 Gifted Were Life and Love 2K13 Tankabeautiful,life,love,
3/31/2013 An Oregon Spring 2K13 Haikunature,seasons,
3/31/2013 A Playful Thought 2K13 Quatrainimagination,imagination,
3/30/2013 Spring's Arrival 2K13 Haikubeauty,nature,seasons,spr
2/10/2013 Ready For Change 2K13 Quatrainintrospection,life,longin
12/30/2012 Happy Holidays Dear Faye 2K12 Rhymechristmas,family,grandmot
12/30/2012 We The Thankful 2K12 Rhymechristmas,dedication,fami
12/30/2012 Winter's Arrival 2K12 Quatrainnature,snow,winter,
12/11/2012 Mine Anger 2K12 Quatrainconfusion,death,family,in
11/30/2012 A Woeful Family 2K12 Quatrainconfusion,death,family,li
10/31/2012 Mine Enemies 2 2K12 Quatrainintrospection,
10/31/2012 Like Candles 2K12 Quatrainlove,
10/31/2012 A Simple Moment's Joy 2K12 Quatrainfriendship,happiness,love
10/31/2012 Family Love 2K12 Quatrainfamily,life,love,
10/31/2012 Dear Jonas 2K12 Rhymedeath,family,native ameri
10/31/2012 A Family's Loss 2K12 Quatrainconfusion,death,family,lo
8/10/2012 The Heart, A Place of Love 2K12 Quatrainhappiness,imagination,lif
8/10/2012 Yester-Me 2K12 Quatraindeath,hope,introspection,
8/10/2012 A Fool Am I 2K12 Quatrainfriendship,introspection,
8/10/2012 A Found Man 2K12 Quatrainconfusion,death,family,fa
8/10/2012 Whom May 2K12 Quatrainfriendship,love,may,
8/10/2012 A Fellow's Introspection 2K12 Quatraindeath,introspection,
8/10/2012 Navy Blue Tears 2K12 Rhymeconfusion,death,family,fa
5/28/2012 I Without Love 2K12 Quatrainconfusion,imagination,int
4/25/2012 The Garden of Love 2K12 Quatrainadventure,imagination,lov
3/9/2012 Fright of The Living Dead 2K12 Quatrainconfusion,hope,imaginatio
3/9/2012 Anthony, The Confused 2K12 Quatrainconfusion,introspection,l
3/9/2012 The Enemy Within 2K12 Quatrainintrospection,life,
3/4/2012 It Love 2K11 Quatrainlove,
3/4/2012 My Quatrains By Design 2K12 Quatrainon writing and words,
3/4/2012 The Wings of Joy 2K11 Quatrainhappiness,love,
11/10/2011 Death 2K11 Coupletdeath,introspection,time,
11/10/2011 Share An Autumn Night 2K11 Quatrainhappiness,love,romance,au
11/10/2011 Ever Special 2K11 Quatrainlove,
11/10/2011 Love's Fools 2K11 Quatrainhappiness,love,
10/29/2011 A Poet 'Neath Each 2K11 Quatrainadventure,art,life,
10/9/2011 Found A Thrill 2K11 Quatrainadventure,happiness,imagi
9/24/2011 A Dream Woman 2K11 Quatrainhappiness,imagination,lov
9/24/2011 Love 2K11 Sonnetfamily,friendship,happine
9/12/2011 Mine Enemies 2K11 Sonnetimagination,introspection
8/24/2011 Thy Birthday 2K11 Quatraindedication,
8/15/2011 My Expiration 2K11 Coupletdeath,loss,cousin,
8/11/2011 Mine Old Friend 2K11 Quatrainimagination,on writing an
8/6/2011 Greater Cause 2K11 Coupletlife,people,
8/6/2011 A Summer's Twilight 2K11 Haikunature,seasons,
8/2/2011 The Lost 2K10 Rhymeconfusion,life,
8/2/2011 Highway 25 '08 Light Poetrylife,
8/2/2011 O Guardian Angel '07 Free versereligion,art,art,
7/18/2011 Depression 2K11 Rhymedepression
7/18/2011 How I Love Her So 2K10 Rhymelovelove,
7/13/2011 The Grief of Loss 2K11 Quatraindeath
7/6/2011 The Broken Man 2K10 Free verseconfusion,depression,
7/3/2011 One For The Poets 2K10 Rhymeadventure,art,dedication,
6/24/2011 Hearts and Love 2K11 Quatrainlove
6/17/2011 Rest Beautiful Mind 2K10 Quatrainimagination
6/17/2011 Poetry's Legions 2K11 Quatrainart,imagination,on writin
6/17/2011 R-I-P- Nadine '06 Light Poetrydeath,family,life,loss,re
6/9/2011 Let's Be Brave 2K11 Quatrainuplifting
5/27/2011 A Voyage of Love 2K10 Romanticismlovelove,
5/27/2011 Faye '09 Light Poetryfamily
5/27/2011 This Familiar Place 2K11 Quatrainlove
5/27/2011 To Paint Pictures 2K11 Quatrainart,
5/27/2011 Is Life But A Dream 2K11 Quatraindeath,imagination,life,my
5/22/2011 Mother Earth, The Powerful 2K11 Quatraindeath,life,natural disast
5/22/2011 We Dance Sickly 2K11 Quatrainconfusiondance,dance,
5/22/2011 Maybe 2 2K11 Quatraindeath,introspection,life,
5/22/2011 Maybe 2K11 Quatrainfaith,introspection,love,
5/22/2011 One's First Love 2K11 Coupletdevotion,imagination,love
5/22/2011 Ailing Father 2K11 Quatrainfamily,father,
5/16/2011 Still Love Awaits 2K11 Quatrainlove
5/12/2011 Crystal Death 2K11 Rhymeconfusion
4/27/2011 Alcoholism 2K10 Quatrainconfusion
4/27/2011 Mother-of-pearl 2K10 Haikunature
4/27/2011 Doo-Wop Daydreaming 2K10 Quatrainmusic

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