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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
8/22/2011 Enslaved By Darkened Feminine Race Free versedeath,health,introspectio
8/22/2011 Shade of Ulysses Butterfly Free versedepression,loss,people,sa
8/16/2011 I Have To Pump My Ego Coupletslam,write,write,
8/16/2011 Why Are Fish Blinded To The Deck Shapeanimals,
8/16/2011 An Elegy to A Fish Acrosticanimals,
8/16/2011 Weep With Mine Free versefaith,
8/16/2011 The Flames Of A Saint Shapefaith,
8/16/2011 The Hush Of The Crowd Of Two Free verseepic,
8/16/2011 Never A Home Away From Home Free versereligion,
8/16/2011 I Spilled My Ink On Pages Torn Free versesad,words,
8/1/2011 Please Don't Believe Bad Health Advice Haikuhealth,
8/1/2011 ungracious Constant Actions Haikuplaces,
8/1/2011 Greatest Loves Haikulove,
7/24/2011 I Love you Haikulove
7/21/2011 Only One out of Four Is Doing Good Haikufaith
7/21/2011 Freedom Finally I do not know?angstbetrayal,freedom,
7/21/2011 Freedom Finally I do not know?angstbetrayal,freedom,
7/20/2011 Taking Sites Epicchildhood
7/19/2011 Maybe A Face In Sweets Haikulost love
7/19/2011 Maybe A Face In Sweets Haikulost love
7/19/2011 It is Their Own Shame:Beast Within Them I do not know?faith
7/18/2011 Happiness I do not know?love
7/18/2011 Lord Work Out What Happened Today Haikufaith
7/16/2011 Reminded At This Late Hour I do not know?loss
7/16/2011 Silken Words Like Web I do not know?passion
7/16/2011 Possession I do not know?faithme,
7/16/2011 Divinity Tankafaith
7/16/2011 Gods' Septolet I do not know?faith
7/16/2011 The Guilt Trip I do not know?death
7/16/2011 The Guilt Trip I do not know?death
7/15/2011 Loyalty I do not know?love
7/14/2011 It is What you do I do not know?animals
7/14/2011 A Deviant Devil 86 I do not know?angstangel,angel,
7/14/2011 Reality I do not know?fantasy
7/14/2011 The Biggest Wolf I Met I do not know?angst
6/26/2011 Scarring God With Page Bound Quatrainfaith
6/25/2011 Comments On Insane Cause Pain Haikulossbetrayal,
6/24/2011 Bad News Haikufaith
6/24/2011 Sorry Haikufaith
6/24/2011 Slaughtering Angels Quatrainfaith
6/24/2011 Tarnished Trust I do not know?faith
6/24/2011 Slithering Satan Haikufaith
6/24/2011 You Are Dust To Me Haikudeath
6/24/2011 Knife in Our Backs Dodoitsufaith
6/24/2011 Betrayal Slithers Haikufaith
6/24/2011 Blasphemous Bruising Blog Babble Haikuangst
6/24/2011 The Wolves Wearing White Haikufaith
6/24/2011 Blog Branding Breach Alliterationfaithbetrayal,
6/20/2011 Anonymous Discomfort Haikuangst
6/18/2011 Passionate Poems Today Dodoitsulife
6/16/2011 Blazing Haikulove
6/16/2011 Before I Dream You Haikulove
6/16/2011 Pretty Friend Holding Me Haikufriendship
5/21/2011 owner Free verseangst
5/21/2011 To the owner Free verseangst
5/17/2011 Aching for Inspiration Free verseeducation
5/16/2011 Erasing Bad Mistakes Free versehope
5/16/2011 To You Free verseangstpain,
5/16/2011 Unreliable Narator Free versefaith
5/16/2011 Sword and Shield of God For Family Free versefaith
5/15/2011 My contribution to the cheesy Cheating contest Free versehealthheart,heart,
5/15/2011 Play Me A Crusty Cheating Song Contest Free versefaithpeople,people,
5/15/2011 Spice in adultery Free versedaughter
5/15/2011 The Sweet Seduction Of Satans Sexual Sin Free versefaith
5/15/2011 They Always Say They Love You Free versepeaceme,me,
5/12/2011 Moving on Free versefaith
5/12/2011 Prayer and Action Free versefaithgod,prayer,god,praye
5/10/2011 I am 45 but really 16 Free verseloss
5/8/2011 No Respect for A lover Or Children Free verseintrospection
5/8/2011 What Men Like Free versefunny
5/8/2011 One of My Ladies Is A Suck Free verselost love
5/7/2011 My Shoe Tree Free verselost love
5/6/2011 Out of the Rain Free versefaithme,
5/5/2011 Blue Juice and Licking Popcycles Free versechildhood
5/5/2011 He Thanks A Distant Observer Free versefriendship
5/4/2011 Clouded Sky Free verseloss
5/2/2011 Quiet Free verseloss
5/1/2011 Sewina Free versefriendshipgirl,
4/28/2011 The Rubber Glove Love Free verselove
4/28/2011 Making Love In the Day Free versehusbandlove,me,
4/28/2011 A Real Man Free versehusbandme,me,
4/28/2011 My Girl of Highest Class Free versehusband
4/28/2011 To My Girl Free versehusbandme,me,
4/26/2011 Join My Boat Today Free verseangstboat,
4/25/2011 The Pussy Collector Free verseanimalslove,
4/24/2011 The Trail Ceased Free verseintrospection
4/24/2011 Instead of Flames Free verseloss
4/24/2011 Erotic Temptations Free versefantasy
4/23/2011 How Long Must I wait Free verselove
4/23/2011 The Underachievers Free versefaith
4/23/2011 Woman Who Never Mature Free verseintrospection
4/23/2011 Drifted Free verseloveme,
4/22/2011 Unfounded Sympathy Free versedeath
4/21/2011 I Drift Free verselove
4/21/2011 Summer Heat Free verselove
4/21/2011 My Greatest Love Free versedeath
4/21/2011 The Funeral Quatraindeath
4/21/2011 The Foundation Shook Crystallinedeath
4/21/2011 Evening Sorrow Haikuforgiveness

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