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  1. Date: 1/26/2014 9:22:00 AM
    Hello My dear, how are you doing today my name is Miss Cynthia, i come across your profile today which looks nice to me and i pick interested in you and to have a good relationship with you. I will tell you more about me and send my pictures to you as soon as you reply my letter to my private email. ( i will be waiting for your mail because I have something very important to tell you,lots love

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  1. Date: 5/9/2013 7:15:00 AM
    I think it was all a sham to get him to resign...of which they succeeded.....shame sham

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/24/2016 Oblivion 3 Sonnetaddiction,death,hate,
10/23/2016 SARAJEVO the dying time Sonnethistory,war,
10/23/2016 The Coming of Black Jesus Lyricbaptism,bible,black afric
10/22/2016 The Resting Sonnetabsence,anxiety,death,lif
8/31/2016 VELA Candle Imagismbeauty,
8/23/2016 Back to Your Summerland Sonnetafrica,death,hope,
7/11/2016 The Catacombs of Paris Iambic Pentameterabsence,paris,
7/6/2016 COCOON - Jim Morrison Lyricabsence,abuse,music,
7/6/2016 Jim Morrison DEATH OOF A ROCK Iambic Pentameterabsence,mentor,miss you,m
7/4/2016 Midnight Suicide Iambic Pentameteraddiction,suicide,
6/18/2016 Sarajevo Roots and Leaves Sonnetallah,god,hate,war,
6/10/2016 Don't Blow It Lyriclyric,slam,song,
6/9/2016 BIPOLAR FIBRILATION Sonnetbereavement,grief,hate,
6/8/2016 fish fry Light Poetryfishing,kid,
6/4/2016 Dear ALLAH Blank verseallah,for children,god,ho
6/3/2016 The Feeling Love Does Leave Sonnetbreak up,heartbreak,heart
6/1/2016 Gentle Ape Ft Worth Zoo 1980 Sonnetbeauty,world,
5/30/2016 TOO MUCH FEELING FOR YOU Lyriccare,desire,
5/23/2016 I'm A Young America Lyricpatriotic,
5/14/2016 YOUR ALMOST SMILE Iambic Pentameterabsence,art,emotions,
5/14/2016 Candle Lyricangel,beauty,hope,
5/2/2016 The Girl Acrosse the Fence I do not know?loneliness,solitude,
5/1/2016 The Squirrel Love Song Lyricchildren,nature,spring,
4/28/2016 Megan's Hit Sonnetbaseball,child,children,g
4/17/2016 Bits Sonnetabsence,computer,future,t
4/16/2016 Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle Limerickanimal,people,
4/15/2016 Both Love and Hate Sonnetdivorce,hate,heartbreak,l
3/26/2016 Raindrops Sonnetgod,nature,rain,
3/25/2016 SARAJneZoEVO - the Safe Sonnetallah,conflict,fear,god,w
3/23/2016 Sarajevo - Death Comes Sonnetallah,conflict,faith,god,
3/23/2016 SARAJEVO Hate Will Survive Lyricallah,god,war,
3/22/2016 SARAJEVO - the Going Insane Sonnetallah,god,war,
3/22/2016 SARAJEVO - Death of a Believer Iambic Pentameterallah,confusion,death,fai
3/22/2016 Sarajevo Secrets of the Spider's Web Sonnetallah,god,islamic,politic
3/21/2016 It's Really BRAIN DAMAGE Sonnetabuse,art,lyric,music,sad
3/21/2016 SARAJEVO -Whores of Babylon Sonnetallah,god,war,
3/21/2016 SARAJEVO - Beginnings Sonnetallah,god,political,truth
3/20/2016 Sarajevo - Dying Time Sonnetabuse,allah,hate,war,
3/19/2016 Sarajevo - The Sniper Sonnetevil,hate,war,
3/19/2016 Why We Fight Lyricfreedom,
3/19/2016 OUT OF THE ORDINARY -il sort de l'ordinaire Lyricbeauty,black african amer
3/18/2016 Birds of Sarajevo Lyricallah,allusion,conflict,f
3/17/2016 Unfortunate Dove Lyricanxiety,bird,morning,
3/17/2016 The Death of Tutankhamen Sonnetfuture,mystery,
3/17/2016 Harvest Time Sonnetchristian,destiny,
3/16/2016 Your Ways of Love Lyricblessing,
3/14/2016 Bucks County Sunset at Stover Myers Dam Sonnetmiracle,nature,sunset,
3/13/2016 Mews of Mademoiselle L'Vampyre Iambic Pentameterbeauty,death,desire,horro
3/13/2016 The White Man Lyricracism,
3/13/2016 Your Coach Awaits Sonnetadventure,change,freedom,
3/13/2016 Restless Sleep Sonnetconflict,confusion,corrup
3/13/2016 Voyage To The New World Sonnetblessing,conflict,history
3/10/2016 FORGETTING YOU Lyriclost love,
3/9/2016 SUMMER KISS Sonnetsummer,
3/9/2016 Messina Whore Sonnetfantasy,growing up,sea,yo
3/8/2016 The Far Away Sonnetfuture,hope,
3/8/2016 Bestest Friend 2016 Lyricbest friend,friend,
3/7/2016 The Bite of Madamoiselle L'Vampyre Lyricaddiction,art,horror,
3/6/2016 The Coyotee Song Lyriccowboy,lyric,
3/1/2016 Be Not Wrong Light Poetryanti bullying,
3/1/2016 God is Right Light Poetryallah,god,
2/29/2016 YOUR ALMOST SMILE Lyricabsence,beauty,lost love,
2/29/2016 Unfortunate Love Lyricabuse,heartbroken,sad lov
2/28/2016 On A Summer Afternoon Sonnetage,emotions,truth,
2/25/2016 Cyberlove Sonnetangel,art,beautiful,beaut
2/25/2016 Burning of the Witch Lyricabortion,anger,magic,wife
2/25/2016 The Best Cigarette Lyricaddiction,beauty,lust,
2/25/2016 Parisienne Dream Sonnetfrench,paris,
2/25/2016 The Dream Lyricabsence,dream,lost love,s
2/24/2016 Cold Nights In Paris Sonnetbeauty,french,paris,snow,
2/23/2016 Devo Andara - I Have To Leave Sonnetanxiety,heartbroken,lost
2/21/2016 Smokerings Lyricart,confusion,girl,youth,
2/21/2016 THE SECRET LOVE Lyricallusion,
2/20/2016 ANXIETY Sonnetangst,conflict,confusion,
2/20/2016 Blue Eyes Blue Lyricanxiety,art,beauty,magic,
2/11/2016 Girl Across the Fence Lyricbeautiful,fantasy,girl,
2/10/2016 Cat 5 Hurricane - Ivan the Terrible Lyricweather,
2/6/2016 Yours and Mine Lyricabsence,
2/5/2016 Arterial Bite Sonnetangel,valentines day,
2/1/2016 The Death of Love Sonnetdeath,divorce,heartbreak,
1/31/2016 Sunrise at Aushchwitz Sonnethate,
1/31/2016 Young Love In Auschwitz Sonnetage,hate,war,
1/31/2016 The Horesemen Sonnetabuse,arabic,hate,war,
1/30/2016 Cupid's Aim Iambic Pentametercute love,muse,true love,
1/30/2016 The Pajamagram Light Poetryvalentines day,
1/27/2016 My Venus Rising Chant Royalbeauty,ocean,
1/25/2016 Celtic Moon Iambic Pentameterdeath,
1/24/2016 I 70 West Free versefarewell,growing up,love
1/24/2016 SWASTIKA Iambic Pentameterevil,history,humanity,
1/23/2016 Witch of Sligo Lyricmagic,women,
1/20/2016 Irish Widow Lyricireland,
1/19/2016 We'll Not To Marry Sonnetdaughter,father daughter,
1/18/2016 Showtime Iambic Pentameterart,confusion,new york,st
1/17/2016 Everything Lyricbeautiful,love,marriage,s
1/15/2016 It Takes A Village Idiot Sonnetpolitical,
1/15/2016 Dublin Gallows Lyricabuse,ireland,
1/14/2016 WITH APOLOGIES TO ROBERT FROST Iambic Pentameterhorror,muse,
1/14/2016 Forgetting You Free verseheartbreak,
1/14/2016 The Dance Free versedance,french,paris,
1/14/2016 SHE Lyricbeautiful,beauty,girl,wom

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