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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/10/2015 Almost Extinguished Rhymedepression,feelings,loss,
5/10/2015 Changes Free versechange,life,
12/21/2014 Holiday Living Rhymechristmas,
3/1/2013 For Many a Millennia Free verseintrospection,metaphor,na
3/1/2013 Emptiness Free verselost love,
3/1/2013 Sue Bird Free verselost love,love,old,bird,b
1/22/2013 Your Hurts Are My Hurts Free verselost love,sympathy,time,
1/22/2013 Touching and Touched Free verselost love,
1/22/2013 Half Empty Christmas Free verselost love,religious,heart
1/22/2013 3:42 Without You Rhymelost love,love,heart,hear
1/22/2013 120 Days Away Rhymelost love,love,life,hope,
1/22/2013 No You to Hold Onto Free verseangst,lost love,love,reli
12/24/2012 Adrift Again Through Time Free verselost love,love,love,trave
10/9/2012 The Invisible Man Acrosticangst,loss,lost love,sad,
10/9/2012 Wind for my sails Free verselove,sad,
10/9/2012 Life Storm Rhymeangst,lost love,life,hear
9/2/2011 The Still Darkness Free verseangst,introspection,love,
9/1/2011 Filling the Emptiness Rhymelove,loneliness,love,
9/1/2011 Morning Smile Rhymelove,me,love,me,
9/1/2011 No Replacement Free verselove,
9/1/2011 One Free verselove,
6/12/2011 Quartet: Distance and Time Free verseloveheart,heart,life,love
5/31/2011 Smiling Down On Me Rhymelove
5/23/2011 Our Bond Free verselovelove,
5/23/2011 We've Missed You Free verselove
5/23/2011 Like a Dream Free verseloveme,world,rain,me,rain
5/23/2011 Loving Hands Free verselovelove,me,
5/23/2011 New Years Tears Free verselovelove,new year,new yea
5/18/2011 Golden Locks Rhymelovelove,i love you,
5/16/2011 Break through Rhymelovelove,
3/27/2011 That Quiet Ache Free verseangst,love
3/27/2011 Interlude - May 1987 Free verseangst,lovelove,
3/27/2011 Roadmap to Love Free verselovelove,
3/27/2011 The Burn Free verselove
3/27/2011 Land Ho Free verseloveme,journey,me,
3/27/2011 Anchors Away Free verselost love,loveme,
3/27/2011 Come to Me Free verselove
3/21/2011 In the Light of the Moon Free verselovelight,light,
3/6/2011 Lonely Hearts Free verselovelove,
3/6/2011 Suddenly Free verselove
3/6/2011 I am Free verseintrospection,life
3/6/2011 depression 9 august 77 Free versedepression
3/6/2011 Personal Survival Free versedepression,life
3/1/2011 TOGETHER: Walking - Part 2 Rhymefriendship,lovespring,sum
3/1/2011 TOGETHER: Walking - Part 1 Rhymefriendship,lovewinter,win
2/28/2011 The Blossoming Rose Free verseallegory,faith,loverose,
2/28/2011 I Ache Free verseangst,love
2/28/2011 TOGETHER: Sleeping Free verseimagination,loveme,
2/28/2011 TOGETHER: Waking Free verselovegod,me,god,love,me,i
2/28/2011 Falling Free verselovelove,
2/28/2011 Crying with the Winds Free verseangst,loveheart,heart,
2/28/2011 Simple Love Free verselovetime,love,time,
2/28/2011 Chasing My Dream Free verseangst,family,love
2/28/2011 Life on Fire Free verseangst,lovegod,god,me,
2/28/2011 Hearts Apart Free verselovelove,
2/6/2011 Where the Road Ends Free verselovelove,
2/6/2011 The Calm Free verselove
1/31/2011 Crashing into my Reality Free verselove
1/31/2011 Laying Besides Air Rhymelovelove,
1/31/2011 The Cost Free verseloveme,love,me,time,
1/31/2011 One Hug Free verselove
1/31/2011 Raindrops and Tearfalls Free verseloverain,rain,time,
1/31/2011 Paper Love Free verselovelove,
1/30/2011 Together Free verselovelove,
1/30/2011 True Love Free verselost love,lovelife,love,
1/30/2011 Shower of Tears Free verseangst,faith,lovegod,god,l
1/30/2011 No Longer A Dream Free verselost love,lovedream,dream
1/30/2011 Bed Built for Two Free verseangst,lovesleep,
1/30/2011 Loving You 2010 Free verselost love,lovelost,cry,li
1/30/2011 Rain in the a m Free verseangst,faith,love
1/30/2011 Lifelines 2010 Free versefaith,love
1/30/2011 Believe Free verselove
1/30/2011 The Crying Free verseangst,loveme,
1/30/2011 A Different Vietnam Free verseangst,depression,lost lov
1/30/2011 It's Up to You Now Free verseangst,lost love
1/30/2011 Loving You Free verselove
1/30/2011 And so it goes Free verselost love,lovemay,
1/30/2011 Love Cry Free verseangst,depression,loss,lov
1/30/2011 Susan Free verseloveme,
1/30/2011 I Go Crazy Free verseangst,love
1/30/2011 You Free verselovelove,
1/30/2011 Lifeline 3 Free verselove
1/30/2011 Is the Search Over Free verseangst,love
1/30/2011 4:06 am Free verseangst,depression,lost lov
1/30/2011 A Waking Dream Free verselost love,love
1/30/2011 Lifeline 2 Free verseangst,depression,lovelove
1/30/2011 Roads Free verselove
1/30/2011 When Free versefriendship,loveme,
1/30/2011 Lifeline Free verseangst,lovelove,
1/30/2011 The Storm Free verseloveme,
1/30/2011 Adrift Through Time Free verselost love,lovegod,god,lif

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