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Blog Posted:4/1/2013 5:09:00 PM

This picture shows a stone basin found inside the Eastern passage of the central mound at Knowth. Legend claims it to be the Cauldron of Bounty which once belonged to the Denann High King, the Dagda. It is said that the Cauldron never ran out of food, that no-one left it 'unsatisfied'. It could supply whatever one needed. It even had the power to regenerate life.


The basin is carved from a huge chunk of granite. The interior is decorated with a rayed solar design. The outside has a band of seven horizontal grooves running around it, and is bisected on the front by an engraving of a circular solar or lunar motif. There are also four vertical grooves carved on the outer right hand side of the cauldron.


Whether this vessel is actually the real Cauldron of Bounty cannot be proved, but it is nice to think so. Some say the circular design represents a map of Atlantis. Archaeologists say it is a vessel constructed to hold the cremated remains of the dead. No-one knows for sure.

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