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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/29/2012 Crosses Cover Me Free verseintrospection,
10/25/2012 Graceful, Disgrace Free verselife,people,
9/27/2012 The Vintner's Daughter Free verselove
9/25/2012 How The Night Changes Enclosed Rhymeintrospection
9/23/2012 AZ Free versefriendship
9/16/2012 To Bed, To Pieces Free verselove,passion,
9/14/2012 Crave Coupletlove,
9/14/2012 Claim Your Shape Enclosed Rhymehope,love,
8/28/2012 Lost To The Sea Free versefriendship,sea,
8/24/2012 This World Of Distance Rhymefriendship,love,time,trav
8/24/2012 Misspent Sundays Free verseintrospection,life,religi
8/16/2012 He Thought She Was A Magpie Rhymelove
8/10/2012 Tense Free verselove,
8/1/2012 Beat, Rest Free verseimagination,life,love,
7/15/2012 Air, Aligned Quatrainimagination,life,love,
7/15/2012 About The Author Rhymelove,on writing and words
7/13/2012 Questioning Rest Enclosed Rhymeintrospection,love,time,
7/9/2012 Trace Rhymelove,passion,
7/7/2012 Carved To Last Free verseintrospection,love,romanc
7/6/2012 Biter Or Worse Enclosed Rhymedevotion,love,passion,
7/4/2012 Cut From The Same Enclosed Rhymelove
6/29/2012 Eyes Say Everything Enclosed Rhymelove,
6/21/2012 Les Mers Free verselove,sea,
6/19/2012 Le Monde A l'Envers Rhymeimagination,life,places,
6/15/2012 Enough Free verselove,love,
6/6/2012 Writing You Free verselove,on writing and words
6/4/2012 Not Awake, Alive Free verseimagination,love,life,
6/3/2012 Tu Me Manques Enclosed Rhymeintrospection,love,me,
6/2/2012 Miles Ahead Haikudevotion,life,love,
6/1/2012 Chaos Closed Off Rhymehappiness,love,
6/1/2012 Ash To Snow Rhymeimagination,inspirational
5/30/2012 Limit Quatrainlove,
5/28/2012 Best And Beast Quatrainconfusion,introspection,l
5/24/2012 Solaced, Saved Free verseintrospection,love,
5/22/2012 Reasoning For Writing Free verseintrospection,life,love,p
5/19/2012 What The Sun Saw Haikulove,
5/17/2012 Bridges - Commissioned by Hannah Shapedepression,loss,love,
5/12/2012 Forecast Quatrainlove,
5/5/2012 Catch The Moon Haikulove,nature,
5/3/2012 Billet Doux, Oiseaux Romanticismlove,nature,
4/29/2012 Questions Will Come Coupletintrospection,love,
4/29/2012 Tulips Grace The Table Dramatic monologuehope,life,love,
4/28/2012 The Birds Begin Quatrainhappiness,hope,love,trust
4/26/2012 Spine Free versehope,love,
4/19/2012 Brass That Masquerades Sonnetintrospection,love,philos
4/19/2012 Break Free verselove,
4/13/2012 Harlequin Rhymeangst,
4/9/2012 To Show, To Share Free verselove,nostalgia,places,
3/26/2012 Ramble Dramatic monologuefaith,love,
3/6/2012 Fragment Fifteen Free versehope,introspection,love,w
3/6/2012 Planting Seeds In My Sleep Free verselove,nature,
3/5/2012 Brighton Rhymeimagination,introspection
3/5/2012 Finding Something Burning Haikuconfusion,introspection,
2/29/2012 Suffice To Say Enclosed Rhymedevotion,happiness,love,
2/29/2012 To Die Upon A Kiss Rhymedeath,love,
2/29/2012 Dear Dactyl Of Adoration Enclosed Rhymedevotion,hope,love,
2/26/2012 Beholder Free verseintrospection,love,nature
2/25/2012 Loud As Empires Free verseintrospection,love,on wri
2/24/2012 For Every, Each, And Always Free versedevotion,hope,love,time,t
2/21/2012 You're Morphine Free versehealth,love,passion,
2/17/2012 The Tale Of Mr Sagittarius And Lady Libra Balladfantasy,introspection,lov
2/16/2012 Mobile In Memories Free verseimagination,introspection
2/14/2012 Hold Shapehope,loss,love,
2/14/2012 Little Miss Brittle Free versesad,
2/14/2012 In Good Time Quatrainlove,time,
2/14/2012 Pause Free versededication,hope,introspec
2/14/2012 Can't Not Cry Free verseconfusion,introspection,l
2/14/2012 Irony, Valentine Enclosed Rhymedevotion,love,day,love,
2/14/2012 Eternal Blue Free verselove,nature,
2/12/2012 1071 Quatrainhope,love,time,
2/11/2012 Runaway Day Free versehappiness,love,places,day
2/10/2012 Always, Almost, Here Free verseintrospection,love,romanc
2/7/2012 Owning Now Free verseintrospection,love,time,
2/6/2012 Only Journey Free verseimagination,introspection
2/4/2012 Half To Share Tail-rhymelife,love,
2/3/2012 Under Sky Understanding Rhymelove,nature,peace,
2/2/2012 Dear Love, Deer Heart Free verseanimals,imagination,love,
1/30/2012 She Believes Rhymelove,sea,
1/30/2012 My Colours Come From You Rhymelove,nature,seasons,
1/30/2012 Fire With Fire Quatrainintrospection,love,
1/30/2012 Discovery Diminished Hexaverseintrospection,love,thank
1/27/2012 Proudest Scar Rhymehope,inspirational,intros
1/26/2012 Moving Millstones Rhymecaregiving,devotion,love,
1/24/2012 Most Familiar Face Free versedevotion,happiness,love,l
1/24/2012 Words Fail Me Enclosed Rhymelove,on writing and words
1/22/2012 Vibrant Blood And Quiet Bones Enclosed Rhymelove,nostalgia,peace,roma
1/22/2012 Preview Of Perfection Quatraindedication,hope,love,roma
1/20/2012 Dusk Chorus Enclosed Rhymehope,love,nature,
1/17/2012 Your Best Shot Quatrainlove,passion,me,
1/16/2012 Walking With You Free versedevotion,love,
1/11/2012 Reading Reid Free verselove,on writing and words
1/8/2012 Locket Free verseintrospection,love,
1/7/2012 Early Birds Rhymeintrospection,love,nature
1/6/2012 Finding My Beginning Free verseintrospection,life,love,
1/1/2012 Best When Broken Free verselove,passion,me,me,
12/26/2011 Elementary Free verselove,nature,metaphor,
12/19/2011 Safe In The Knowledge Free versedevotion,happiness,love,
12/19/2011 When Two Hands Fit Like Ours Do Coupletintrospection,life,love,r
12/19/2011 A Frozen Flower Thaws Rhymelove,nature,romance,
12/15/2011 Salt And Gold Quatrainhappiness,hope,love,roman

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Fav Poems

Empty Church Verselife,lost love,love,sad,w
Quiet Girl Biolife,social,teen,me,me,
Amor Eterno Free versedevotion,lost love,love,m
Not Real Free verseangst,confusion,sad,me,bo
Reality (Age: 12) Verseangst,life,social,world,
Paint me Free versechildhood,imagination,ins
Broken Record Sickness Free verselovelonging,time,
Sex and Men Rhymepeople,
Spring Tide High I do not know?nature,night,spring,light
Wading Light Poetrylife,

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