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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
8/9/2012 We Went To a Movie Today Couplethappiness,love,
8/7/2012 My Neck Is Red, My Arms Are Tan Coupletintrospection,me,
8/6/2012 If I Find I Am Soon To Die Coupletlove,me,me,
2/10/2012 My lovely Muse Coupletlove,me,me,
1/2/2012 New Year's Cruise Coupletlove,
11/21/2011 This Year, Underneath the Tree Enclosed Rhymelove,
10/6/2011 Steve Jobs, Apple's Core Coupletdeath,world,jobs,
9/27/2011 Mixed Marriage Coupletromance,me,me,
9/24/2011 No Way Out Coupletintrospection,love,time,m
9/17/2011 Summer Dies Coupletfunny,may,
9/17/2011 Madly Iridescent Coupletintrospection,me,wife,lif
9/11/2011 Art Feeds My Soul Coupletart,me,beauty,longing,bea
9/7/2011 Worse Than Christine Coupletfunny,
9/3/2011 Love Slave Rhymelove,me,
8/13/2011 Your Expiration Date Coupletintrospection,life,
8/13/2011 I Dare Not Tell You How Much I Love You Quatrainlove,me,love,me,
8/13/2011 I Will Cry at My Wedding Coupletwedding,
8/13/2011 Words, Like Crawling Babies, Creep Coupletintrospection,me,me,
7/30/2011 My Treasure Within Coupletnature,me,life,me,
7/27/2011 You Call Me Your Crazy Man Coupletlove,me,crazy,love,me,
7/27/2011 A House Is Not A Home Without You Coupletlove,
7/24/2011 You Make Me More Than I Was Coupletloveme,love,me,
7/21/2011 The Masque Coupletfunnysilver,
7/21/2011 Looking For Love Coupletlovelove,may,
7/13/2011 Life Is Mortal Combat Coupletinspirational
7/12/2011 Big Brother In My Pocket Coupletfunny
7/11/2011 Transmogrification Coupletfunny
7/10/2011 There Is But One True Color of A Rose Coupletlife
7/8/2011 The Miracle of You Coupletlovelove,me,miracle,
6/20/2011 Powerless Coupletloveworld,love,
6/20/2011 Fools Rush In Coupletintrospectionme,
6/18/2011 Now that I Am Sixty Four Coupletlovelove,
6/17/2011 My Love and I Shall Ever Be Coupletloveme,love,me,
6/6/2011 To Live Together Coupletfunny,girlfriend-boyfrien
6/1/2011 Dark and Gray Coupletlovelife,me,
5/24/2011 my Confession Coupletlovelove,
5/23/2011 Forever More Coupletlovelove,
5/22/2011 Eco-Friendly Vehicles Coupletsocialme,me,
5/20/2011 Check Mate Coupletlove
5/20/2011 The Fire of Love Coupletlove
5/14/2011 Another You Coupletloveme,
5/13/2011 A New Ferrari Coupletlovewedding,wedding,
5/13/2011 Soul Mate Coupletloveheart,heart,me,
5/9/2011 The Blessing of You Coupletloveme,me,
5/8/2011 Hondo Died Yesterday Coupletdeath
5/8/2011 Rebirth Coupletlovemoney,
4/14/2011 The Proposal Couplethappiness
4/13/2011 The Fortune Cookie Couplethopefood,me,
4/12/2011 The Only One Coupletlove
4/11/2011 All of My Wishes Have Come True Coupletloveme,love,me,time,
4/7/2011 My Greatest Pleasure Coupletloveme,me,time,
4/5/2011 So Glad We Can Finally Meet, Carolyn Devonshire Coupletfriendship
4/5/2011 My Heart Is No Longer Mine Coupletloveheart,heart,
4/4/2011 The Fortune Teller Coupletlove
4/3/2011 The Missing Piece Coupletlovemissing,love,missing,
4/3/2011 The Wizard Coupletlovelife,me,
4/1/2011 I Keep You in My Heart Coupletloveme,love,me,time,
3/28/2011 Sherry, The One That Got Away Coupletlost loveheart,song,heart
3/27/2011 The Sundress, As A Marital Aid Coupletfunnyhappy,me,woman,happy
3/26/2011 The Precious Gift of Love Coupletlovebeautiful,beautiful,l
3/24/2011 Love Transcends Space, And Time Coupletloveheart,woman,heart,me,
3/16/2011 Jim Morrison Slammed The Doors Coupletdeath
3/16/2011 Our Wedding Day Coupletweddingheart,heart,
3/15/2011 True Romance Does Not Involve Your Pants Coupletromanceromance,romance,
3/15/2011 I Swoon In Spring-My 200th Quintain (English)romanceme,
3/14/2011 Unique Love Coupletlove
3/10/2011 If God Made Me Immortal Coupletlovegod,me,angel,heaven,a
3/10/2011 Another Chance Coupletloveme,
3/9/2011 Love Runs Through It Coupletlovelove,
3/7/2011 Killed By The Ferrari I Never Had Coupletlossfamily,heart,dream,dr
3/7/2011 My March Madness Coupletlovelife,life,
3/7/2011 Take My Hand, And Be My Love Coupletloveheart,epic,heart,love
3/5/2011 My Doctor Told Me Coupletloveme,me,time,
2/27/2011 Real Life Coupletlovelove,
2/21/2011 An Angel, Sent From Above Coupletloveme,life,me,
2/18/2011 Rick For Short Enclosed Rhymeinspirationalme,name,chan
2/14/2011 Life Is What Happened Coupletloveme,
2/13/2011 Valentine Mine Coupletlove
2/13/2011 Children-Cinquain Cinquainfamily
2/12/2011 Whatever Coupletfunny
2/12/2011 Wheels And Friends Coupletfriendship
2/7/2011 Doesn't Play Well With Others Coupletlovelove,
2/6/2011 Nocturnosolophobiantism Coupletfunny
2/6/2011 You Are My Sun Coupletlovewinter,me,winter,
2/4/2011 I Am So Thankful Coupletthank youtime,thanksgivin
2/4/2011 Love's Last Dance Enclosed Rhymelovemay,
2/3/2011 Love Is Life Coupletlovelost,life,lost,love,
2/2/2011 Serendipity Coupletlove
2/2/2011 I Will See My Love Tonight Coupletlove
2/1/2011 Sudden Death Coupletlove
1/31/2011 Dutch Girl Coupletlove
1/30/2011 The Best Day of My Life Coupletloveday,day,future,me,
1/30/2011 The Tax Man Picks My Pocket Coupletfunny
1/30/2011 I Win Coupletfunny
1/29/2011 Evil Woman Coupletlove
1/29/2011 Singularly Blessed Coupletfunnyme,me,
1/29/2011 Death Holds No Fear Coupletloveme,love,me,drug,
1/28/2011 This Time Of Life Coupletlovetime,
1/27/2011 I Loved You Before We Met Coupletlovelove,
1/26/2011 Twice A TEN Coupletloveme,love,me,

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