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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/9/2016 silence Versefather,
2/21/2016 The good old days Versedream,
12/20/2014 exotic nights Versesensual,
12/20/2014 dancing shoes Versedance,
9/15/2013 as one love Versebeautiful,
9/15/2013 divine Verseangel,
9/15/2013 passing hours Versebeautiful,
9/15/2013 rain Verseday,
9/15/2013 The calling Versefarewell,
6/16/2013 glory days Verseemotions,
6/13/2013 My angel graced my sole Versecelebration,
1/22/2013 my forever snowflake Versewife,heart,heart,love,
1/22/2013 quite times Versethank you,happy,beautiful
1/22/2013 autumns love Verselove,sweet,autumn,autumn,
1/22/2013 the world i see so happy for me Verselove,world,angel,angel,lo
1/22/2013 rivers rain Verselove,rain,home,longing,ho
1/22/2013 Ceizar souza Verselove,beautiful,me,beautif
9/25/2011 pure love Verselove,love,
9/25/2011 the skies alight through this light Versehappiness,love,beautiful,
9/25/2011 poems for couples in love Verselove,sun,
9/25/2011 they gave me you Versehappiness,love,beautiful,
7/21/2011 between love Versehappinessheart,pain,light
7/21/2011 love in the distance Verseloveheart,heart,love,
7/18/2011 forever making Verselovelove,
7/18/2011 days so good Verselovenight,love,night,pass
7/18/2011 a thousand words Verselovebeautiful,heart,miss
7/18/2011 dinner by candlelight Versehappinessdance,words,danc
7/18/2011 a passing cloud Verseloveme,angel,angel,love,m
7/18/2011 two heart become one Verselovebeautiful,heart,sweet
7/18/2011 powerful kiss Verselovebeautiful,light,beaut
7/18/2011 a beautiful day Versehappinessday,beautiful,ni
7/18/2011 i will be their Versefaithbeautiful,me,beautif
7/18/2011 a moments time Versefaithbeautiful,beautiful,
7/18/2011 ouir days forever Verseloveme,children,love,me,s
7/18/2011 love the piano Versehappinesslove,
5/28/2011 i love you so much Verselovelove,me,smile,
5/28/2011 books turn of love Verselovedance,beautiful,voice
5/28/2011 when i talk to my duncan Verseloveme,voice,me,voice,
5/28/2011 my love my ceizar Verselovelove,passion,
5/28/2011 a golden heart of love Verseloveheart,flower,flower,h
5/28/2011 dinner by candlelight Verselovedance,words,dance,pas
3/30/2011 When two souls meet Verselovejoy,love,may,time,tog
3/30/2011 tearsfall for your touch Verseromanceheart,night,body,h
3/30/2011 i love my family Versefamilyhappy,dance,beautif
3/30/2011 you are my great love forever Verselovecandy,love,
3/30/2011 as one love Verselovebeautiful,night,light
2/18/2011 love will build my angel Verselovelove,
2/18/2011 delivering my love to you miss ceizar Verseloveday,lost,light,angel,
2/18/2011 real dreams Versedevotionbeauty,beauty,
2/18/2011 you are my light my ceizar Verselovesweet,sweet,
2/18/2011 keep strong my ceizar i will return Versehappinessheart,day,heart,
2/18/2011 loving you my ceizar souza Verselovemiss you,love,me,miss
2/18/2011 my dear duncan Verselovelonging,longing,
1/21/2011 moonlights love Verseloveheart,cry,heart,love,
1/18/2011 just cant help but love you my ceizar Verseloveday,miss you,night,da
1/18/2011 this is a true poem for you my dear ceizar Verselovecry,love,i love you,
1/18/2011 our love as one heart ceizar Verselovebeautiful,heart,beaut
1/18/2011 real feeling for you ceizar Verselovehappy,pain,cry,happy,
1/18/2011 wind sweep ted shores Versehappinessnight,angel,ange
1/18/2011 summer rain Verselovebeautiful,heart,dream
1/18/2011 your bedroom window with a view Verselovehappy,beautiful,beaut
12/28/2010 the true me to you ceizar Versedevotionme,heart,day,hear
12/28/2010 this is not a joke ceizar souza Versepassionbeautiful,light,be
12/28/2010 binding together my angel Versefaithheart,sweet,angel,an
12/28/2010 My tears for you ceizar Versehappinessnight,day,love,n
12/28/2010 I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU Versethank youme,beauty,beauty
12/28/2010 lady souza Verseloveheart,home,light,hear
12/28/2010 real dreams Versefaithbeauty,beauty,
12/14/2010 my angel of the light ceizar Verselovebeautiful,light,angel
12/14/2010 nothing will get in my way my dear ceizar Verseloveday,heart,miss you,da
12/14/2010 i,m sending my love to my ceizar souza Verseloveheart,sweet,light,hea
12/14/2010 eternity my ceizar Verselovebeautiful,light,beaut
12/14/2010 my sunshine duncan Verseloveme,
12/14/2010 you showed me true love my angel Verselovebeautiful,me,light,an
12/14/2010 eternal love Verselovedream,dream,life,love
12/12/2010 from my heart true words to you my ceizar of love Verseloveworld,heart,light,hea
12/12/2010 i have found my love ceizar Versehappiness
12/10/2010 the harp Verseloveme,light,sound,light,
12/6/2010 distant love Verselovewords,me,
12/6/2010 heart felt love Verseloveme,heart,heart,love,m
12/2/2010 for my love Verseromancelove,me,
11/29/2010 ceizars dream Versehopechristmas,christmas,
11/27/2010 candle light Verselovebeautiful,beautiful,i
11/21/2010 misty falls Verseheart,light,body,heart,li
11/21/2010 winds dreams Verselove,
11/21/2010 from me to you Verselove,beautiful,beautiful,
11/14/2010 days Verse 
11/14/2010 you Versesorry,heart,lost,heart,lo
11/14/2010 christmas thoughts Versechristmas,christmas,
11/13/2010 lady Verselost love,heart,pain,nigh
11/13/2010 question to you. Verseloss,
11/7/2010 Blame the shadows Verselost love,
11/6/2010 night comes around Versefaith
11/4/2010 blood of my pain Verse 
11/4/2010 Freak Versefaithpain,
11/4/2010 Story for all ???? Versemystery
11/3/2010 a wonderful dream for you Verse 
11/2/2010 written for me duncan Versethank you,friend,peace,fr
10/31/2010 blue eyes Verse 
10/31/2010 First Verselost love,heart,pain,hear

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