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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/4/2014 Erwin's princess lulu Blitzangel,anniversary,
11/26/2014 resurrection Balladanalogy,christian,
11/23/2014 father time Classicismanalogy,angel,
11/23/2014 messege for me Coupletchristian,
11/23/2014 sercret agent Balladamerica,angel,christian,
11/23/2014 prayers for my childern ABCallegory,analogy,art,bles
11/23/2014 battles Acrosticallah,angel,bible,blessin
11/23/2014 your dying friend ABCdeath of a friend,
12/12/2013 to them Balladangel,faith,
11/17/2013 a word form your angel father Concreteangel,
10/4/2013 meaningful words Balladgod,inspiration,love,
10/4/2013 she left Diamantebetrayal,children,marriag
9/29/2013 government lies Epigramamerica,sympathy,
9/27/2013 prayer 1 Elegybeauty,god,
9/25/2013 words of wisdom Dramatic monologuebeautiful,care,universe,
9/25/2013 word too god from a soldier Crystallinewar,
9/20/2013 mighty magic Blank verseanalogy,
9/19/2013 dragon slayer Crown of Sonnetscourage,eulogy,
9/13/2013 that night Bioangel,science fiction,
9/11/2013 wizard knight Classicismeulogy,journey,success,
9/9/2013 haunted forest Versedeath of a friend,evil,dr
9/9/2013 images of the dead Coupletdeath,sorrow,
9/9/2013 universal angels Acrosticangel,beauty,universe,
8/31/2013 jason Balladfriendship,heart,
8/25/2013 out the corner Classicismfaith,
8/25/2013 please Crystallineconflict,devotion,earth,e
4/9/2013 a good fight Concreteadventure,art,time,
4/7/2013 saving a angel Classicismangel,beauty,me,jesus,me,
4/7/2013 helen Concretebeauty,love,god,me,god,lo
3/31/2013 genselah Dramatic monologuebeauty,faith,love,angel,a
3/31/2013 dream slave Crystallinedepression,dream,me,me,
3/31/2013 jeknee Dramatic Versebeauty,love,
3/29/2013 selah Classicismbeauty,me,love,me,
3/26/2013 dove Epicdad,miss you,love,miss yo
3/14/2013 get them Crystallineadventure,i love you,
3/13/2013 forgive me Crystallinefather,growing up,
3/13/2013 an angels cry Dramatic Versedepression,me,angel,angel
3/12/2013 rain Dramatic Versewater,rain,rain,today,
3/12/2013 carrol's secertary Dramatic monologuebeauty,romantic,
3/12/2013 to dissapear Crystallinegod,me,
3/12/2013 demon flee Crystallinecourage,dedication,faith,
3/12/2013 weather change Crystallineart,dedication,faith,god,
3/12/2013 ginger bread company Crystallineadventure,people,
3/11/2013 i work for god first Crystallineadventure,work,love,work,
3/11/2013 thruth Crystallinefreedom,me,me,
3/11/2013 angels in space Dramatic Versebeauty,love,
3/10/2013 great sprit send me visions Crystallinechristian,faith,me,me,
3/10/2013 come and get me Crystallinededication,me,me,
3/10/2013 please help my family Dramatic monologuefamily,me,
3/10/2013 land of blue rays Imagismbeauty,me,blue,light,blue
3/9/2013 by the blood Enclosed Rhymebeauty,
3/9/2013 moon of light Epicadventure,visionary,me,ni
3/9/2013 hell Dramatic Verseholocaust,god,pain,god,me
3/9/2013 words spoken Dramatic monologuegrief,happiness,words,me,
3/9/2013 hearing voices Dramatic Versemystery,me,me,
3/9/2013 to put a face on evil you can see Crystallinechristian,god,evil,
3/9/2013 water enchantment Crystallinegod,water,me,water,
3/9/2013 crazy homeland sercurity Epicadventure,
3/8/2013 intellegents agent Classicismadventure,
3/8/2013 witch hunter Crystallineadventure,
3/8/2013 lighting araise Classicismmiracle,me,light,light,me
3/8/2013 grow Classicismangel,name,life,love,name
3/8/2013 relam warrior Acrosticadventure,light,light,
3/7/2013 apoligy to god Alliterationfather,me,people,love,me,
3/7/2013 a soliders last stand Alliterationadventure,
3/7/2013 dear beloved president barrak Qasidanative american,urdu,god,
3/7/2013 civil war Verseadventure,anniversary,dru
3/7/2013 spirit go home Sonnetcaregiving,inspirational,
3/7/2013 prison rythem Pantoumadventure,god,me,god,me,
3/7/2013 angelic beam ekphrasisgirlfriend,me,me,
3/7/2013 store romance Romanticismgirlfriend,me,people,day,
3/7/2013 demon haunting Heroic Coupletsfear,me,me,
3/6/2013 arch angel Classicismadventure,angel,angel,
3/6/2013 my mother Crystallinemother daughter,love,
3/6/2013 my father god Rhyme royalbaptism,me,
3/6/2013 cleary Light Poetrygirl,me,love,me,
3/6/2013 mark and mark Epicfamily,me,i love you,
3/6/2013 selah Romanticismfamily,love,me,
3/6/2013 sarah Romanticismfamily,me,love,me,i love
3/6/2013 alfred coleman Limerickdad,love,me,time,
3/6/2013 letter to god Imagismadventure,me,
3/6/2013 a slaves words ABCadventure,me,
3/5/2013 allah ABCallah,allah,allah,jesus,
3/5/2013 homeland Personificationfamily,
3/5/2013 my angels Romanticismangel,me,
5/24/2011 Allison I do not know?loveme,love,me,
5/19/2011 haunted by a demon I do not know?lifegod,god,me,
3/8/2011 Hatti I do not know?inspirationalgod,god,
1/15/2011 battle of good and evil I do not know?warme,me,
1/15/2011 resurrection I do not know?faith
1/3/2011 true prayer I do not know?friendshiplife,father,me,
12/17/2010 rainy days I do not know?timelost,lost,
12/16/2010 pilot and Jesus I do not know?religion
12/16/2010 pilot and Jesus I do not know?religion
11/17/2010 Christmas time I do not know?holidaytime,
11/17/2010 soldier I do not know?anniversary
11/17/2010 My Daughter I do not know?daughterprayer,
11/17/2010 today was the day I do not know?daughter
10/30/2010 figfure I do not know?animals
10/26/2010 Angel of death I do not know?adventureme,

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