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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/4/2016 LOVE BRINGS PEACE I do not know?god,love,
6/11/2016 GODS KINGDOM A SPIRITUAL PLACE Prose Poetrygod,spiritual,
5/16/2016 PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THE TIME I do not know?love,
5/16/2016 LOVE WITH NO WHERE TO GO I do not know?love,
4/16/2016 COME RUNNING I do not know?god,
4/6/2016 THIS WORLD Prose Poetrygod,jesus,
3/24/2016 JESUS THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE Prosejesus,love,
3/17/2016 GODS LOVE IS HERE TO STAY I do not know?god,love,
3/17/2016 JESUS I HAVE YOU I do not know?jesus,
3/17/2016 I WILL HIDE IN YOUR HANDS I do not know?god,jesus,
3/5/2016 LORD IF ONLY I do not know?jesus,love,
2/28/2016 HIS REST A PLACE UNSEEN I do not know?jesus,relationship,
2/22/2016 WHAT STOPS YOU NOW I do not know?inspirational,peace,
2/17/2016 MEMORIES OF THE PAST Verselost love,
2/12/2016 A BEAUTIFUL WORLD Versebeautiful,god,world,
2/12/2016 WHERE THERE IS TRUE LOVE Verselove,
2/12/2016 BE TOUCHED BY HIS SPIRIT I do not know?god,
12/31/2015 DRAW CLOSE TOGETHER Verselove,
12/7/2015 TRUTH Versetruth,
12/5/2015 IT IS TO ME YOU BELONG I do not know?god,pride,
11/16/2015 A MAN WITH GODS LOVE IN HIS HEART I do not know?love,
11/16/2015 WHERE ARE YOU I do not know?love,
11/16/2015 DO WE FAIL TO REMEMBER I do not know?jesus,world,
11/16/2015 TIME TO MAKE UP OUR MINDS I do not know?god,
10/26/2015 ONLY GOD KNOWS OUR HEART I do not know?god,heart,
10/26/2015 I HAVE SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW I do not know?jesus,men,
10/26/2015 I FEEL YOUR PEACE I do not know?jesus,peace,
9/26/2015 DONT LOOK BACK TO WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN I do not know?feelings,heartbreak,pain,
9/26/2015 CAN TRUE LOVE SPREAD IT'S WINGS ACROSS THE SEA I do not know?friendship,hope,love,
8/23/2015 EVERYWHERE I TURNED I WAS SLAPPED IN THE FACE I do not know?jesus,sad,
8/2/2015 BEFORE WE WERE BORN OUR LIFE WAS PLANNED Prose Poetryjesus,life,
7/26/2015 I LIKE BOYS BETTER THAN GIRLS Prose Poetrylonely,sad love,boy,
7/26/2015 YOUR LOVING ARMS AROUND ME LORD I do not know?jesus,
7/26/2015 THE DOOR IS OPEN TO THE SPIRITUAL PLACE I do not know?god,
7/26/2015 LOVE ALWAYS THINKS ABOUT THE OTHER I do not know?love,
7/26/2015 SO LONG SO LONELY I do not know?lonely,love,
6/10/2015 HEARTS JOINED TOGETHER BY GODS OWN HAND I do not know?god,love,
6/10/2015 BE CAREFUL OF THOSE WHO WISH CONTROL I do not know?care,
6/10/2015 ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU WILL SEE I do not know?god,
1/5/2015 A HUGE WAVE OF LOVE IS COMING OUR WAY Prosegod,love,
10/18/2014 SO MANY WAITING JUST TO BE LOVED Prosejesus,love,
8/29/2014 IT IS NOT ABOUT COUNTRIES AND CREEDS Prosejesus,love,
8/29/2014 DO NOT FEAR REST IN JESUS Prose Poetryjesus,
7/31/2014 LOVE BRINGS PEACE I do not know?love,peace,
7/31/2014 I THOUGHT THEY WERE MY FRIEND I do not know?betrayal,jesus,sad,
7/6/2014 LOVE AND BEAUTY RETURNS TO EARTH I do not know?beauty,faith,love,
7/6/2014 FATHERS BRINGING THE NEW I do not know?god,jesus,
6/25/2014 TOO MUCH ANGER TOO MUCH RAGE I do not know?anger,god,
6/19/2014 YOU LEFT I do not know?lost love,sad,
6/19/2014 HURT FEELINGS I do not know?feelings,hurt,sad,
6/19/2014 TRUE LOVE GIVES I do not know?love,
4/29/2014 SOW LOVE Proselove,
4/29/2014 DOWN ON BENDED KNEE Proselove,marriage,
4/29/2014 THE PATHWAY TO FATHER Prosefather,god,
4/29/2014 DO NOT CONVICT THEM LOVE THEM FOR ME Prose Poetryjesus,
4/5/2014 WHERE THERE IS TRUE LOVE Proselove,truth,
4/5/2014 THE WAYS OF THE WORLD Prosedark,light,world,
3/21/2014 THINGS CLOSE TO OUR HEARTS I do not know?heart,love,
3/21/2014 SO MANY OUT THERE SHOWING LOVE TO THE LONELY I do not know?heartbroken,lonely,pain,
3/21/2014 IT IS THE SIMPLE THINGS THAT MEAN SO MUCH I do not know?love,simple,
3/9/2014 WHY TAKE THE DRUGS WHY DRINK THE WINE I do not know?addiction,jesus,drug,
3/7/2014 HOW MANY OF US HAVE HAD OUR HEARTS BROKEN I do not know?lost love,love hurts,
3/1/2014 VIOLENT AND ANGRY PEOPLE I do not know?anger,inspirational,drug,
3/1/2014 REAL LOVE I do not know?inspirational,love,
2/23/2014 TWINS I do not know?children,
2/23/2014 IT IS TIME TO LOVE OTHERS NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY I do not know?christian,love,
2/23/2014 GRANDCHILDRENS OVERNIGHT STAY I do not know?grandchild,
2/23/2014 IT IS NOT ALLRIGHT TO BE ABUSIVE OR BULLY I do not know?anti bullying,
2/9/2014 WHISPERS OF LIGHT Rhymelight,
1/30/2014 CAN YOU TRUST AGAIN I do not know?forgiveness,
1/18/2014 IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT I do not know?sad,stress,
1/18/2014 EVERY TWIST AND TURN IN LIFE I do not know?lost love,
1/16/2014 VOICES ARE RAISING VOICES OF PRAISE I do not know?god,
1/16/2014 A TIME FOR LOVE TO CROSS THE MILES I do not know?love,
1/16/2014 FATHER GOD NEVER CONTROLS US I do not know?god,
1/13/2014 SO MANY IDOLS WORSHIPPED AND ADORED I do not know?god,
1/13/2014 ALL THE THINGS THAT CAUSE DIVISION I do not know?jesus,
1/5/2014 USHERING IN OF GODS KINGDOM I do not know?god,
1/5/2014 LORD I KNOW THERE IS SOMEONE I do not know?love,
1/3/2014 WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT I do not know?god,
12/29/2013 WE NEED TO SOW LOVE AND PEACE NOT WAR I do not know?peace,
12/29/2013 IT IS TIME TO TRUST GOD FOR EVERYTHING I do not know?god,
12/29/2013 IT IS NOT ALL RIGHT TO BE VIOLENT I do not know?violence,
12/21/2013 A TIME TO BE PEACEFUL A TIME TO SHOW LOVE I do not know?christian,
12/4/2013 I LONGED FOR LOVE I do not know?jesus,love,
12/3/2013 JESUS WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOU I do not know?jesus,
11/23/2013 THE SPIRIT IS RISING ACROSS OUR LANDS I do not know?god,
11/23/2013 JUST ONE WITH JESUS NO ONE IN BETWEEN I do not know?jesus,
11/12/2013 THERE WAS NEVER A TIME LIKE THIS BEFORE I do not know?christian,
11/12/2013 THE FRESH BREATH OF LIFE I do not know?christian,
11/12/2013 I WILL GATHER THEM UP I do not know?god,
8/31/2013 SHOW PEOPLE WHO JESUS IS I do not know?jesus,
8/31/2013 THERE IS ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE I do not know?love,
8/31/2013 WE CAN NOT CHANGE OTHERS I do not know?jesus,
6/14/2013 THERE ARE TIMES WHEN YOU WILL MISS HER I do not know?bereavement,
5/17/2013 LORD SHOW ME I do not know?jesus,

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