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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/5/2016 My life after 80 Free verseage,life,
6/29/2016 I trust you Free versepain,
1/15/2016 Adult Love Free versei love you,
10/5/2015 You Free versecute love,
8/25/2015 The Moon I do not know?care,
8/25/2015 Over and Over I do not know?boyfriend,men,
8/12/2015 Nasty love Free versebreak up,
8/11/2015 Confused Free verseconfusion,
8/11/2015 When it rains Light Poetryhow i feel,
3/30/2015 Winter Free versewinter,
3/11/2015 Frustration Free versefeelings,life,
3/11/2015 ILove you Free versei love you,
11/15/2014 My only love Lyricbeautiful,
1/8/2013 Control Free versehappiness,love,me,
1/8/2013 Blue bird Free versefreedom,friendship,me,blu
12/25/2012 Lost IN Love I do not know?lost love,me,heart,heart,
12/14/2012 When you left Free versehappiness,time,me,me,
11/11/2012 A Stranger Free versechildhood,growing up,hist
9/22/2012 You are gone I do not know?confusion,death,depressio
9/18/2012 LIES I do not know?lost love,me,love,me,i lo
5/26/2012 Lavender Boy Free versehappiness,me,me,boy,
5/20/2012 Before I Free verselost love,happy,me,heart,
5/10/2012 Mirror I do not know?life,love,me,
5/9/2012 Bleaching my guilt Free verseforgiveness,me,heart,hear
5/7/2012 Animal Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
4/16/2012 Just Breathe Free versehappiness,hope,life,beaut
4/15/2012 You won't reach me Free verselife,heart,heart,me,
4/15/2012 Apple heart Free verselove,me,heart,heart,me,
12/24/2011 Waiting Free verseinspirational,me,me,
12/24/2011 Lonely I sit Free versehope,me,me,
10/31/2011 Home is always Home I do not know?family,happiness,imaginat
10/31/2011 One dance I do not know?happiness,love,dance,me,m
10/29/2011 My relaxing pill Free versehappiness,love,words,me,c
10/29/2011 You I do not know?love,lost,lost,me,
9/30/2011 Secret Temptation Free versefantasy,imagination,inspi
8/22/2011 Hunger Rhymeloss,people,sad,sympathy,
8/22/2011 Say you are sorry Rhymedepression,forgiveness,in
8/21/2011 Once Again Rhymedepression,lost love,hear
8/5/2011 A piece I do not know?hope,life,love,
8/5/2011 Leave me I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend,lost
2/22/2011 Loneliness Free versesadlonely,me,
2/12/2011 Who are you Free verseloveangel,angel,
12/6/2010 Forever Me and You Free verseloveme,lost,lost,me,
12/6/2010 We both lied Free versesadme,
12/2/2010 I still Rhymelove,sad,me,heart,heart,m
11/8/2010 Winner Free verseme,
9/24/2010 You believe in destiny which I dont Free verseangstme,heart,heart,me,si
9/20/2010 Desperately in love Free verselost loveheart,heart,love
9/12/2010 Past, Present, Future Free verselife
9/12/2010 You Rhymeinspirationalme,me,
9/10/2010 Drawn thoughts Rhymelost loveme,me,
9/10/2010 When it rains Rhymehappiness,seasons,dance,r
9/5/2010 Dengel face!! Rhymelost loveanniversary,me,a
9/1/2010 Acerora Latte Rhymefantasyday,me,dream,day,d
8/30/2010 Smooth As Silk Rhymedevotionme,voice,me,voice
8/30/2010 My Spanish Guitar Rhymeart,happiness,inspiration
8/29/2010 We better off Rhymeloveme,song,love,me,song,
8/29/2010 For Angry People I do not know?happiness
8/28/2010 My favorite color Acrosticart,happiness,
8/28/2010 I want to be.... Rhymeimagination
8/27/2010 I don't want I do not know?imaginationme,me,
8/27/2010 Wrong love Rhymelost loveheart,heart,love
8/27/2010 Don't fall in love Rhymelost lovecare,care,love,m
8/27/2010 Victim Senryulost love
8/22/2010 SUN!!keep Shining on me Rhymehappiness,inspirational,n
8/21/2010 Gentle but Dangerous Rhymeseasound,love,sound,
8/21/2010 Miracle Senryuwork
8/19/2010 All I know Free verseforgivenesslove,
8/19/2010 When I'm the bride I do not know?happiness,hope,wedding,
8/19/2010 The Perfect Man Rhymehappinessme,heart,heart,l
8/18/2010 Before I go to Bed Free verselife
8/18/2010 Beauty Senryuinspirational
8/17/2010 I Smile Free versedevotion,life,beautiful,b
8/17/2010 A forced lesson Rhymefunnyme,woman,me,
8/16/2010 Beautiful sun Senryuhappiness
8/16/2010 I,Me,Myself Senryulife
8/15/2010 you are... Rhymelost loveme,me,
8/7/2010 Anonymous Angel I do not know?fantasy,happiness,hope,im
8/6/2010 Would It be?! I do not know?imagination,life,mystery,
8/6/2010 Freedom Rhymefaith,hope,war,me,world,m
8/6/2010 When I Senryugirlfriend-boyfriend
8/6/2010 The moment Senryulove
8/5/2010 I wonder I do not know?naturesound,fear,sound,
8/5/2010 Because you taught me I do not know?motherme,life,love,me,
8/5/2010 The perfect one (So near but So far) Rhymeloveme,drug,
8/4/2010 Love VS Money I do not know?lost lovesick,
8/3/2010 a touch of sadness Rhymedepressionme,
8/3/2010 All I want is one day Rhymelost loveday,love,
8/2/2010 Give me a break Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriendme,lo
8/2/2010 Life Rhymelifebeautiful,world,peopl
8/2/2010 A girl that is in love with her Rhymeimaginationbeautiful,me,b
8/2/2010 Change Rhymehopechange,me,
8/1/2010 Love from one side I do not know?lost lovecare,me,care,giv
8/1/2010 You said it Free verselost loveme,love,me,

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