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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
1/10/2014 BEVERLY WRITTEN Sonnetdedication,
11/12/2013 UNDOMESTICATED Acrosticanger
10/20/2013 TATTOOED CHICKS: thee queen Italian Sonnetdedication
10/20/2013 TATTOOED CHICKS: thee queen Italian Sonnetdedication
10/20/2013 TATTOOED CHICKS: thee queen Italian Sonnetdedication
10/19/2013 6X12 STACKED RHYME I do not know? 
10/19/2013 INSTAGRAM 6x12 CHALLENGE I do not know? 
9/21/2013 FIRE TRUCK Italian Sonnetdedication,lust,
8/26/2013 TATTOOED CHICKS Italian Sonnetart,
8/13/2013 ANOINTED DISAPPOINTMENT Coupletwriting,
8/13/2013 8312012 Sonnetintrospection,
5/11/2013 THE TERRI GROOMS acrostic-Italian Sonnet Acrosticdedication
1/22/2013 ENGLISH SONNET for RIAMICHELLE Sonnetdedication,girl,
12/18/2012 MY LAST MISTAKE I do not know?song,
11/21/2012 UNAPPRECIATING 11-20-2012 acrostic-ENGLISH Sonnet Sonnetintrospection,time,
11/17/2012 FEMI IBIM SONNET 11-16-2012 Italian Sonnetdedication,
11/17/2012 THE QUINTESSENTIAL QUINN 11-17-2012 acrostic-ITALIAN Sonnet Italian Sonnetdedication,
11/14/2012 THE RACHEL QUINN 11-14-2012 acrostic-ITALIAN sonnet Italian Sonnetdedication,words,
11/9/2012 THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic-Italian sonnet 11-8-2012 Italian Sonnetdedication,
11/8/2012 THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic-Italian sonnet 11-7-2012 Italian Sonnetdedicationme,
11/6/2012 THE SOUNDGARDEN: Blow Up The Outside World acrostic-Italian sonnet Italian Sonnetdepression
11/5/2012 STACKED RHYME: TRY TO CREATE A STACKED RHYME I do not know?on writing and words
11/3/2012 WHEN YOU LOOK INSIDE MY EYE I do not know?angst,me,me,
11/2/2012 STACKED RHYME: WHEN I GO TO PAY MY RENT I do not know?angst,introspection,
11/2/2012 STACKED RHYME: WALK A MILE IN MY TWO SHOES I do not know?introspection,
11/2/2012 THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic sonnet Sonnetdedication,
11/2/2012 MISS TINKER BEL acrostic italian sonnet Italian Sonnetdedication,
10/31/2012 disappointment: STACKED RHYME 10-30-2012 I do not know?angst
10/30/2012 DISAPPOINTMENT acrostic English sonnet Acrosticangst,
10/24/2012 ONLY THE LONELY Italian Sonnetangst
10/24/2012 I HAVE NO WIND Iambic Pentameterangst
10/23/2012 AMERICAN BEAUTY Acrosticlove
10/22/2012 ONCE WENDY Italian Sonnetdedicationlove,
10/20/2012 I DIED AGAIN TODAY Iambic Pentameterangst,
10/18/2012 10182012BARS17THROUGH32 I do not know?angstpain,
10/18/2012 10182012BARS1THROUGH16 I do not know?angst
10/14/2012 WHILE MY EYES WERE WATCHING GOD I do not know?angst
10/12/2012 I CAN HEAR THE WATER CRY I do not know?angstwater,water,
10/4/2012 FEMI IBIM SONNET Italian Sonnetdedication,
10/2/2012 MORE THAN JUST A FACE I do not know?song-lyric
9/17/2012 THE DEFINITION OF JOI I do not know?dedication
7/22/2012 ASHLEY WILLIAMS couplets Acrosticdedication,me,me,
7/19/2012 ASHLEY WILLIAMS ITALIAN SONNET Acrosticdedication,smile,
7/19/2012 ASHLEY WILLIAMS english sonnet Acrosticdedication,me,
4/30/2012 MY MIND SAID NO Sonnetlove,
4/30/2012 MY HEART SAID YES Italian Sonnetlove,friend,
4/17/2012 MY GREATEST FEAR Sonnetintrospection,words,
4/16/2012 KNOW YOURSELF Sonnetintrospection,
4/16/2012 A SURVIVOR'S HEART Sonnetintrospection,
4/12/2012 Just Something To Think About Sonnetblack-african amergiving,
4/12/2012 What If We Shot Back Sonnetblack-african amer
9/16/2011 Telicia Merricks BEAUTIFUL SMILE Sonnetdedication,smile,
8/23/2011 A KISS FOR KIKI Italian Sonnetdedication,
8/22/2011 CANDICE'S SONNET Italian Sonnetdedication,
8/15/2011 VANISHA DAILEY'S Italian Sonnetdedication,
7/30/2011 ALEXIS FANTROY'S Acrosticdedication,
7/12/2011 DISAPPOINTMENT Acrosticdepressionpeople,life,peo
7/4/2011 A SONNET FOR NADJA Italian Sonnetdedication
6/3/2011 ABOUT ALEXANDRA 2 Italian Sonnetdedicationbeauty,beauty,
6/3/2011 ABOUT ALEXANDRA Italian Sonnetdedication
5/21/2011 FAITHFUL LONELINESS Italian Sonnetlife
5/20/2011 IMPOVERISHMENT Acrosticlife
5/20/2011 FORTYEIGHT BARS an ode to hip hop Acrosticdedication
5/18/2011 SEXUALIZATIONS 6 Italian Sonnetlove
5/18/2011 SEXUALIZATIONS 5 Acrosticlove
5/18/2011 SEXUALIZATIONS 4 Italian Sonnetlove
5/18/2011 SEXUALIZATIONS 3 Acrosticlove
5/18/2011 SEXUALIZATIONS 2 Italian Sonnetlove
5/18/2011 SEXUALIZATIONS Acrosticloveme,
5/18/2011 IMPOVERISHMENT Italian Sonnetlife
5/16/2011 TRANSFORMATION Italian Sonnetlife
5/15/2011 RESPONSIBILITY Italian Sonnetlife
5/14/2011 WELCOME EZZELLE Acrosticdedication
5/13/2011 IDENTIFICATION Italian Sonnetlife
5/10/2011 UNCOMPROMISING Italian Sonnetlife
5/9/2011 TRAUMATIZATION Italian Sonnetlife
5/6/2011 STAY ENCOURAGED Italian Sonnetlife
5/6/2011 DISAPPOINTMENT Italian Sonnetlifelife,me,
5/4/2011 THE LAWS OF POWER Acrosticlife
5/2/2011 STAY ENCOURAGED Acrosticlife
4/20/2011 FORTY-EIGHT BARS an ode to hip hop Acrosticdedicationme,
4/18/2011 THE INFATUATION 5 Acrosticdedicationfish,
4/17/2011 EXISTENTIALISM 1 Acrosticlifeme,me,
4/16/2011 THE INFATUATION 4 Acrosticdedication
4/15/2011 THE INFATUATION 3 Acrosticdedication
4/14/2011 THE INFATUATION 2 Acrosticloveday,
4/14/2011 THE INFATUATION Acrosticlove
4/13/2011 FOREVER ATLANTA Acrosticlife
4/12/2011 FOREVER ATLANTA Acrosticlifeeaster,
4/8/2011 THE SHORTEST DISTANCE I do not know?life
4/4/2011 THE DAILY REPORT in english 040220111159pm Acrosticlife
4/4/2011 THE DAILY REPORT in english 040120111159pm Acrosticlife
4/1/2011 THE DAILY REPORT in english 04012011115pm Acrosticlife
4/1/2011 THE DAILY REPORT 04012011845am Acrosticlife
4/1/2011 THE DAILY REPORT 033120111010pm Acrosticlifelove,time,
3/31/2011 THE DAILY REPORT 03312011249pm Acrosticlifeme,
3/31/2011 THE DAILY REPORT 033020111159pm Acrosticlifeme,me,planet,
3/31/2011 THE DAILY REPORT 033020111158pm Acrosticlifetime,
3/30/2011 THE DAILY REPORT 03292011945pm Acrosticlife
3/29/2011 THE DAILY REPORT 03292011605pm Acrosticlife,nature

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