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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/12/2016 let kratom live Limerickaddiction,pain,drug,
9/9/2016 one for the poets--just revised Limerickheartbreak,life,poetry,po
7/27/2016 Inane and Insane - or is it the other way around Limerickamerica,bereavement,betra
5/26/2016 Alma Mater II Limerickfunny,humorous,parody,sch
5/21/2016 Alma Mater Limerickhumor,
4/23/2016 Credit or debit Limerickfunny,
3/19/2016 Tribute III Limerickmoney,
3/19/2016 Tribute II Limerickcheer up,funny,humorous,m
2/13/2016 Tribute I Limerickdeath,humor,political,sat
1/28/2016 limerick joke VI Limerickfunny,humor,
1/28/2016 limerick joke V Limerickfunny,humorous,
1/2/2016 urinalysis Limerickpsychological,
12/26/2015 limerick joke IV Limerickdrink,humor,
12/21/2015 limerick joke III Limerickfunny,humor,
12/19/2015 blow back happens Limerickanger,anti bullying,
11/11/2015 We've got a groovy thing goin' Limerickhumor,sad,
11/4/2015 a successful resuscitation Limerickhumorous,
10/19/2015 wake up Limerickmoney,
10/17/2015 PTSD with an extra P Limerickhealth,
10/10/2015 a second limerick joke Limerickhumor,ireland,
10/4/2015 blue and on wheels Limerickcar,humor,political,
9/29/2015 Not a rabbit, golf, jetta but something else Limerickbusiness,green,pollution,
9/21/2015 apology to misguided feminists Limerickclass,horror,political,tr
9/6/2015 our oral fixation Limerickfood,humor,
8/13/2015 the root cause Limerickbusiness,
8/2/2015 who will be calling the shots Limerickbetrayal,corruption,lust,
7/26/2015 what happens when there is no news drama Limerickanimal,funny,natural disa
7/18/2015 Ode to Bobby Pickett Limerickbeautiful,funny,judgement
7/1/2015 OCD II Limerickaddiction,humorous,men,wo
6/28/2015 a new confederacy at long last Limerickdiscrimination,money,poli
6/28/2015 A ''small'' improvement Limerickjudgement,political,
6/28/2015 words matter Limerickfunny,humor,simile,words,
5/31/2015 An R-rated limerick for laughs Limerickfun,
5/31/2015 Homeland Security Limerickjudgement,political,
3/23/2015 The fox is hunting us Limerickabuse,power,scary,
3/15/2015 An ego to brag about Limerickcrazy,
2/28/2015 the twist of the needle Limerickfunny,health,humorous,sci
2/13/2015 Romance Foiled Limerickhumor,valentines day,
2/6/2015 They will never be like us Limerickphilosophy,war,
1/1/2015 New Year's Resolution inspired by John Cameron Swayze Limerickanniversary,appreciation,
12/30/2014 the political spectrum Limerickphilosophy,political,
12/21/2014 My favorite republican for 2016 Limerickfunny love,
12/21/2014 faster and faster Limerickphilosophy,
11/26/2014 A question of value Limerickabuse,bullying,culture,hu
9/6/2014 You only have to know where to look Limerickfunny,humorous,
8/27/2014 The next red hot real estate market Limerickearth,earth day,funny,hum
4/13/2014 Sevastopol USA Limerickhumor,political,
3/23/2014 Breakfast lethal Limerickfood,
1/1/2014 A blessing for 2014 Limerickholiday,humor,rude,
10/12/2013 House of fools Limerickpolitical,
10/5/2013 Capitol Offense Limerickbereavement,
9/15/2013 The astonishing disappearing act Limerickconfusion,funny,health,hu
9/8/2013 Horsepower makes us proud Limerickhome,house,humor,identity
9/6/2013 It's all in how you say it Limericksatire,technology,war,
8/27/2013 Hawaiian Tropic of Cancer Limerickadventure,allegory,americ
7/29/2013 How to give a guy a premarital suitability exam Limerickfunny,marriage,men,psycho
7/29/2013 life of pie Limerickfood,
7/21/2013 A myth and proverb united Limerickallegory,candy,mythology,
7/14/2013 common sense corona Limerickculture,drink,science,wis
7/8/2013 creepy crawlies Limerickbetrayal,writing,
6/24/2013 In need of help from above Limerickallegory,beauty,emotions,
6/23/2013 hawkers Limerickabuse,baseball,basketball
6/21/2013 ''Sicilia'' your breaking my heart OR his final ''hit'' Limerickcar,eulogy,humor,
6/13/2013 Mother nature's son Limerickearth,environment,farm,na
6/1/2013 a med-it-ation Limerickhumor,writing,
5/21/2013 Some thoughts come in code Limerickallegory,dream,wisdom,
5/21/2013 Your flushed Limerickmoney,
5/19/2013 a weird cooking misadventure Limerickclothes,humor,
5/18/2013 The forgotten language Limerickdream,language,
5/4/2013 05-04-XXXX Limerickhumor,
4/29/2013 Woosh vs Zroooom--a limerick joke Limerickculture,funny,humor,irony
3/31/2013 I can only hand it to you Limerickcomputer-internet,humorou
3/31/2013 You can't have one without the other Limerickhumorous,marriage,politic
3/31/2013 The reluctant companion Limerickfunny,marriage,time,
3/31/2013 The ''Dirty Old Man'' syndrome song Limerickfunny,travel,
3/31/2013 Chelyabinsk Limerickbusiness,funny,humorous,s
3/24/2013 Tone it down to ''at least for the duration'' Limerickallegory,business,funny,h
3/17/2013 36 left, 12 right, 41 left Limerickallegory,humorous,
3/16/2013 Eating out Limerickallegory,food,funny,peopl
3/14/2013 Accounts Limerickearth day,loss,nature,
3/1/2013 Victoria's Secret Limerickadventure,allegory,beauty
2/19/2013 The pen versus the sword Limerickallegory,humorous,war,
2/19/2013 Put it all together Limerickhumorous,write,
2/14/2013 The birthday's mixed blessing Limerickbirthday
2/14/2013 Valentine's Day Sweets Limerickhumorous,valentines day,
2/10/2013 Hark--an Angel--The harbinger of all things good Limerickallegory,angel,business,f
2/2/2013 Save me now Limerickallegory,humorous,
1/19/2013 The gun and god combo Limerickfaith,funny,humorous,reli
1/19/2013 Economics 101 Limerickfunny,tribute,
12/3/2012 OCD Limerickallegory,funny,journey,
12/2/2012 like it or not--it's here to stay Limerickfunny,introspection,life,
12/2/2012 What is it all about Limerickdeath,funny,life,love,sat
11/25/2012 This ones for the gals Limerickfunny,satire,social,sport
11/21/2012 Now this is real pressure Limerickfunny,nature,
11/21/2012 How young people can get ahead Limericksatire,school,
11/21/2012 December 21, 2012 Limerickbusiness,funny,holiday,ph
11/19/2012 Voldemort, by contrast, was vanquished easily Limerickallegory,business,funny,h
11/15/2012 Thanksgiving in the mirror Limerickconfusion,funny,holiday,p
10/19/2012 Lemmings never pay the phone company Limerickbusiness,funny,life,philo
8/21/2012 A day in the near future Limerickallegory,faith,food,funny

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