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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/5/2012 Zrome Land Dramatic Verseimagination,beauty,beauty
9/28/2011 Entwined Dramatic Versemusic,dance,night,dance,m
9/28/2011 The Poet Rambles Free versededication,life,life,poem
9/21/2011 Sea Light Dramatic Verseadventure,light,light,me,
9/21/2011 Goddess Kali's Revenge Free verseadventure,
6/10/2011 Truth Colors I do not know?happiness
6/10/2011 Polka dot bikini I do not know?happinessblue,
6/7/2011 kittens I do not know?animals
6/7/2011 The Hundred Year Flood I do not know?death
6/7/2011 Totally Me I do not know?adventureme,me,
6/7/2011 Life As A Charm Bracelet I do not know?happiness
6/7/2011 Invitation to the funny faced moon I do not know?happinesslight,light,moon
1/25/2011 Pulse of Life I do not know?peace
1/25/2011 Mommy dearest without love I do not know?mother
1/25/2011 Mommy Mills I do not know?business
1/25/2011 Tangible Frost I do not know?nature
1/25/2011 Our Love I do not know?adventure
1/25/2011 Torrential Destiny I do not know?caregivinglove,
1/25/2011 If you can see the best be into me I do not know?historywoman,love,
1/25/2011 Pillows Divine I do not know?fantasy
1/25/2011 Sugar Water I do not know?nature
12/26/2010 Peach Tree Tankanature
12/26/2010 Glitter Glory Kissed Tankanature
12/26/2010 The Sun Rose Tankanature
9/9/2010 O' Desire I do not know?loveme,me,
9/7/2010 Reiterate Our Love Alliterationromancesweet,red,love,red
9/3/2010 A Snazzy Day Rhymededication
9/3/2010 A Letter From My Angel (Part II) I do not know?religionlight,light,
9/3/2010 A Letter From My Angel (Part I) I do not know?faith,religion,
9/2/2010 Pink Paradigm Rhymelife
9/2/2010 Surrender and Gratitude Rhymerecovery from...sweet,lif
8/23/2010 The Tiny Room I do not know?on writing and words
8/18/2010 Stars I do not know?inspirationalstar,star,
8/18/2010 Eastern Blues Gone South I do not know?song-lyricheart,heart,
8/12/2010 L-O-V-E is Our Route I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriendme,lo
8/12/2010 Melt I do not know?food
8/12/2010 Poetess I do not know?on writing and words
8/12/2010 Breathe Monokulife
8/12/2010 Leaping Faith Personificationfaith
8/12/2010 Naked Bubbly Quatrainnature
8/12/2010 The Artist Saw White Senryuart
8/12/2010 Ballet Lanternelife
8/12/2010 Ruffling Leaves Haikunature
8/12/2010 Inner Self Renowned Free versehealthself,me,self,
8/12/2010 Caramel Coated Promise Free versehealth,cancer,endurance,
7/28/2010 The Onamonapia I do not know?funnylove,
7/28/2010 The Naturalist Tankanature
7/28/2010 Waves I do not know?nature
7/28/2010 The Poet Senryuon writing and words
7/28/2010 A poet is.... Senryuon writing and words
7/28/2010 Yellow Chakra Senryuintrospection
7/28/2010 Dimples Senryufunny
7/27/2010 Also Free versedevotion
7/27/2010 Do Do Birds Limericknature
7/27/2010 Delightful House Acrostichappiness
7/27/2010 Cowboy Coffee Senryucowboy-western
7/22/2010 Oil Spilled Out Free verseangst
7/20/2010 Sanquine Bear Tankahope
7/20/2010 Pickled Earth Haikunature
7/20/2010 Quenched Water Haikunature
7/20/2010 Spritely Dewed Haikunature
7/20/2010 Boyfriend Didacticgirlfriend-boyfriend
7/20/2010 Mom Didacticmother
7/20/2010 Daughter Didacticdaughter
7/16/2010 Love is a Powerful Creature Trioletgirlfriend-boyfriendlove,
7/16/2010 Madam Radar Namenature
7/16/2010 Soft Caresses Sit On No Evil Stars Personificationmusicevil,
7/16/2010 A Beautiful Couch ABCchildhood
7/16/2010 Maintenance I do not know?funnyme,sun,
7/16/2010 Taking Care of You, Whose Taking Care of Me I do not know?caregivingcare,care,
7/15/2010 Othello's Heart Tankalove
7/15/2010 Drum Toys Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend
7/15/2010 You Should Never Charge A Poor Woman Free verseeducationwoman,
7/15/2010 Love Class 101 Rhymelovefear,love,
7/15/2010 Laughter Yoga Rhymefunnyself,self,
7/15/2010 Begins We Haikugirlfriend-boyfriend
7/15/2010 Seafoam Bath towels Haikunature
7/15/2010 Jellyfish at the Beach Haikunature
7/15/2010 Heil Valley (Lyons, Colorado) Rhymenature
7/8/2010 Awesome Acrosticinspirational
7/8/2010 She's a Gemini Rhymededication
7/8/2010 Find Our Way Free versehopesong,song,
7/8/2010 Candlelit dreams I do not know?loveriver,
7/8/2010 Aspiration's Love Song Free verselovelove,
7/2/2010 Skeleton I do not know?angst
7/2/2010 Blankets I do not know?inspirational
7/2/2010 Rosey Garden I do not know?for childrenrose,
7/2/2010 Uninhibited Rhymefantasy
7/2/2010 Gazing Irises I do not know?nature
7/2/2010 Citizen I do not know?on writing and words
6/25/2010 Integrity Acrosticdevotion
6/25/2010 She did LOVE I do not know?romance
6/18/2010 If Humans Chirped Imagismfunnysound,sound,
6/18/2010 Where is My White Picket Fence? Narrativehappinesshappy,happy,
6/18/2010 Bended Color Bolts Rhymelovefuture,love,me,
6/2/2010 Sahara Desert Tankanature
6/2/2010 A Feminist "Can't" Free verseon work and workinglife,m
6/2/2010 Reflection of Kindness Free versecaregivinglife,
5/28/2010 Nirvana's Form Tankareligion
5/28/2010 Specialtea ABC's I do not know?funny

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