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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/10/2015 Animals Are The True Role Models Free verseanimal,friendship,i love
5/28/2013 Commence Rebirth Free versebeautiful,earth,friendshi
5/28/2013 Where Clouds Are Crying Free versenature,
12/20/2012 The World Is Ending On Your Birthday Free versebirthday,death,life,peopl
11/24/2012 Soaring For A Cup Of Love Free verseanimals,fantasy,imaginati
8/3/2012 My Keyboard Weeps Free verseon writing and words,sati
5/27/2012 Epiom Of Truth Free verselife,people,philosophy,so
4/2/2012 Unseasonably Warm The Light It Gives Free verseanimals,death,life,nature
3/27/2012 The Bullet, It Flashed Before My Eyes Free versedeath,funeral,loss,people
3/27/2012 Acid Dawn Rhymeanimals,death,health,intr
3/7/2012 Tales Of America Free versechildhood,family,life,peo
3/6/2012 Spring Is Wilting Free versedeath,hope,life,peace,peo
3/5/2012 The Ages Free verselife,nature,
8/28/2011 The Homeless Flower Free versenature,flower,flower,
8/19/2011 The Rose At The Edge Of Autumn Free verselife,nature,seasons,sun,
8/12/2011 Oh Woe, Oh Woe, The Sky She Knows Free verseanimals,imagination,life,
6/29/2011 The Fourth Of July: A Lie 'or The Star Spangled Banner I do not know?anniversary,funeral,histo
6/28/2011 Celebrating The Anniversary Of Freedom's Birth Of Death I do not know?anniversary,holiday,sad
6/7/2011 Creativity: The River That Sleeps I do not know?on writing and wordsriver
5/24/2011 Thus It Knocked 'Pon My Door I do not know?allegoryheart,heart,love,
5/20/2011 Tree I do not know?naturelove,
5/13/2011 Come First Midnight To Bury The Dead I do not know?death,life,nature,people,
5/9/2011 The Black Square I do not know?allegory,art,death
5/8/2011 Happy Mother's Not I do not know?anniversary,daughter,dedi
5/7/2011 Paint Thinner I do not know?art
4/8/2011 Oh The Bright Blue Sky I do not know?depressionpain,blue,blue,
4/2/2011 The Mascot Of Gregorian Spring I do not know?animals,death,life,loss,n
3/30/2011 When In Death I do not know?allegory,death,health,int
3/23/2011 The Graver Wound At North's Wall I do not know?death,depression,introspe
3/17/2011 Nuclear Armageddon Or Our Gravest Fear I do not know?deathworld,
3/11/2011 The Two Kings I do not know?life,peace,people,philoso
3/8/2011 Condescension I do not know?allegory,angst,depression
2/26/2011 Definition, I I do not know?allegory
2/23/2011 Aquatic Rapture I do not know?animals,death,nature,seaf
2/21/2011 Revolt I do not know?death,funeral,places,sad,
2/20/2011 Where The Clouds Are Weeping I do not know?nature
2/18/2011 The Hypocrites Have Come To Power I do not know?life,peace,people,places,
2/17/2011 March Satyrus I do not know?nature
2/16/2011 Borders In The Borderless Society I do not know?life,people,philosophy,pl
2/14/2011 Strike I do not know?angst,death,health,life,p
2/12/2011 The Darkening Pallet I do not know?imagination,nature
2/11/2011 Bless The Blessed Oust I do not know?hope,inspirational,life,p
2/10/2011 Valentines Of Pain Or The Blood Cocoa Bean I do not know?for children,holiday,life
2/6/2011 The Dance Of Poverty I do not know?life,people,sad,socialdan
2/3/2011 Does Sand Have A Memory I do not know?nature,sad
2/3/2011 Let Him End I do not know?political
1/25/2011 World Of Villainy I do not know?people
1/20/2011 Mr Spider I do not know?sad
1/20/2011 Monopoly Metropolis I do not know?social
1/19/2011 The Newest Welfare Queans Or The Attack On Public Workers I do not know?people,political,song-lyr
1/19/2011 The Free-est Form Of Transportation I do not know?nature
1/19/2011 The Man With A Bird's Nest On His Head I do not know?animals
1/19/2011 The Great Gerald I do not know?satire
1/16/2011 Take A Tour I do not know?on work and workingme,me,
1/16/2011 Toxic Ashes I do not know?places
1/16/2011 O Waiter At The River Styx I do not know?death
1/16/2011 Animal Real Estate I do not know?nature
1/14/2011 Beyond The Veil Of Yesteryear Lies An Epic Blue Path I do not know?allegory
1/12/2011 Grim Reaper In A Shiny Shell I do not know?political
1/6/2011 When The I Killed We I do not know?allegory
1/3/2011 Hypocrite O Hypocrite I do not know?people
12/27/2010 Tea With Orwell I do not know?allegoryme,me,
12/27/2010 The Passing Of The Current Year I do not know?holiday
12/20/2010 Release The Sun I do not know?naturefather,sea,father,s
12/10/2010 Gaia's Tears I do not know?allegory,nature,
12/7/2010 I warm myself near the trashcan fire I do not know?sadpeople,snow,lonely,peo
12/2/2010 Ivory Flies I do not know?nature
11/23/2010 Befallen Slave I do not know?people
11/21/2010 The Extinction Of Tigers I do not know?dedication
11/21/2010 Thanks! I do not know?holidaythank you,life,sic
11/9/2010 Village Without A Name I do not know?people
11/1/2010 Little Whistle I do not know?nature
10/30/2010 Dear Sanity I do not know?allegory
10/30/2010 The Sadist's Game I do not know?deathpain,write,life,writ
10/30/2010 Ablaze In Birch Prose Poetrynature
10/25/2010 My Lonely Birthday I do not know?depressionlonely,
10/23/2010 Interviewing For Demise I do not know?death
10/22/2010 The Plant's Equivalent Cyanide I do not know?nature
10/19/2010 First Frost I do not know?nature
10/19/2010 The Anniversary We All Share Narrativeholidayanniversary,people
10/17/2010 Equinox I do not know?holidaynight,day,night,un
10/15/2010 The Spirit Realm I do not know?holidaynight,night,red,
10/13/2010 El Presidente O Naturale I do not know?people
10/11/2010 Today Is Native American Day(Not Columbus Day!) I do not know?holidaycelebration,columb
10/5/2010 This Is Not An Essay Prose Poetryfuneralwords,
10/5/2010 Autumn From The Cranky Eye I do not know?natureautumn,
10/1/2010 In October I do not know?nature
10/1/2010 Stump The Lie I do not know?allegory
9/22/2010 Red On Top Of Green I do not know?sadsummer,summer,
9/22/2010 Sorrow's Dream Rhymesad
9/21/2010 The Picturesque Anachronism I do not know?allegory
9/20/2010 The Keyboard's Mightier Then Delete I do not know?on writing and words
9/11/2010 Little Droplets Of Rain I do not know?nature
9/1/2010 The Condemned Planet Dramatic monologuenaturedrink,planet,
8/21/2010 O' Mercy I do not know?sadme,heart,heart,me,mone
8/10/2010 The End Of Tuvalu I do not know?sadpeople,home,birth,home
7/12/2010 The Fountain Pen I do not know?nature
7/8/2010 The Grey I do not know?allegory
7/6/2010 The Lonely Cloud I do not know?nature
7/6/2010 I Just Want To Eat I do not know?sadme,

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