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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/21/2012 I CHANT TO YOUR SOUL Rhymeinspirational,love,
2/21/2012 50 TRILLION CELLS Rhymeinspirational,change,
2/21/2012 THE LAW OF EVERYTHING AND THE POWER OF INFLUENCE Rhymeinspirational,missing,wor
2/21/2012 IT'S JUST BECAUSE YOU STOPPED Rhymeinspirational,
2/21/2012 THE TIME IS NOW Rhymeinspirational,time,time,
2/21/2012 FALLING APART Rhymeinspirational,world,
2/27/2011 THE HABIT Rhymeinspirational
2/15/2011 THE GIFT OF KNOWING Rhymeinspirational
2/14/2011 HONEY SUCKLE CANDY KISS Rhymelove
2/14/2011 BE CREATIVE Rhymeinspirational
2/9/2011 STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING Rhymeinspirational
11/21/2010 Dedication to Lena Townsend Rhymededicationangel,angel,
10/22/2010 IT'S JUST BECAUSE YOU STOPPED Rhymeinspirational
9/26/2010 WATER Rhymeinspirationalwater,change
9/5/2010 YOU NEED TO KNOW Rhymeinspirationallife,
9/5/2010 YOU NEED TO KNOW Rhymeinspirationallife,
8/17/2010 SMILE! Rhymeinspirational
8/3/2010 THE GIFT....If Only You Knew Rhymeinspirationallife,inspira
8/2/2010 THE TIME IS NOW Rhymeinspirationaltime,time,
7/29/2010 FALLING APART Rhymeinspirationalworld,
6/17/2010 GREAT IDEAS Rhymeinspirational
6/16/2010 YOU! Rhymeinspirational
6/14/2010 WHAT IF ? Rhymeinspirational
6/11/2010 Computer Revolution Rhymeinspirational
6/1/2010 OUR THOUGHTS Narrativeinspirationalwork,life,wo
5/29/2010 PEACE AND LOVE Rhymeinspirationalwords,
5/27/2010 Hey Adam! Rhymefunnyme,
5/21/2010 Brim Your Minds Cup Rhymeinspirationallife,power,
4/26/2010 WISH YOU ALL THE BEST (dedication to JAMES FRASER Rhymededication
4/26/2010 Be The Hero Or Heroine Of Your Life I do not know?inspirationalpeople,hero,
4/21/2010 THOSE LOVING EYES I do not know?loveme,me,
4/20/2010 BRIM YOUR MINDS CUP Rhymeinspirationallife,power,
4/8/2010 DESTINY Rhymeinspirationalme,
3/30/2010 FOCUS WITH A PASSION Rhymeinspirationalme,
3/26/2010 MAINTENANCE Rhymeinspirationalme,
3/19/2010 YOUR LIFE IS NOT WITHIN YOUT HANDS Rhymeinspirationallife,life,
3/16/2010 I LOVE IT HERE ( TAG TO JOHN FREEMAN) Rhymesocial
3/14/2010 Dedicated to Linda- Marie Bariana Rhymeplaces
3/14/2010 MOTHERS DAY Rhymesocial
3/12/2010 ATTITUDE WITH STYLE Rhymeinspirational
2/27/2010 FERTIILE MIND Rhymeinspirational
2/24/2010 THINK POSITIVE Rhymeinspirational
2/21/2010 TAKE TIME AND NOTICE Rhymeinspirationalnight,night,
2/16/2010 Peace and Love I do not know?inspirationalwords,
2/13/2010 THE TRUTH I do not know?inspirationaltruth,
1/20/2010 THE GIFT Rhymeinspirationallife,inspira
11/27/2009 Listen I do not know?inspirationalheart,heart,
11/25/2009 2012 I do not know?faithme,
11/20/2009 TRANQUIL PARADISE I do not know?loveme,
11/14/2009 SUN SET I do not know?nature
11/12/2009 HONEY SUCKLE CANDY KISS Rhymelove
11/11/2009 BE YOUR OWN BOSS Rhymeinspirational
11/11/2009 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND Rhymeinspirational
11/1/2009 KIBBLES MY CAT Rhymeanimalsme,cat,life,me,
10/27/2009 WHEN YOU I do not know?inspirationaltime,time,
10/27/2009 WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR Rhymeinspirationalpower,
10/26/2009 BRIM YOUR MINDS CUP Rhymeinspirationallife,power,
10/26/2009 WILL POWER Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 YOUR TOOLS I do not know?inspirational
10/26/2009 30 DAYS AFTER Rhymeinspirationalday,life,
10/26/2009 30 DAY TEST PART ONE Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 ALL WHO THINK AND FEEL I do not know?inspirational
10/26/2009 OBSESION Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 BE HAPPY Rhymeinspirationalhappy,happy,
10/26/2009 THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 RELAX Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 MAINTENANCE Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 I AM THE SOURCE Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 I AM WELL Rhymeinspirationalbody,
10/26/2009 THESE POEMS Rhymeinspirational
10/26/2009 CREATOR Rhymeinspirational
9/27/2009 BY WAY OF THINKING Rhymeinspirationallife,
9/27/2009 JUST WOKE UP Rhymeinspirational
9/25/2009 THE GIFT Rhymeinspirationallife,inspira
9/25/2009 OPEN DOOR Rhymeinspirationalworld,me,
9/25/2009 INSPIRATION Rhymeinspirationalinspiration,
9/23/2009 THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Rhymeinspirational
9/23/2009 PAY THE PRICE Rhymeinspirationalhappy,happy,
9/23/2009 THE LAW Rhymeinspirational
9/23/2009 HAPPINESS Rhymeinspirational
9/23/2009 GRATITUDE Rhymeinspirational
9/21/2009 THINK POSITIVE Rhymeinspirational
9/21/2009 FEEL IT Rhymeinspirational
9/20/2009 ONE HUNDRED MEN Rhymeinspirationalmen,men,
9/20/2009 I BLINKED AND HE WAS THERE Rhymeinspirationallove,
9/20/2009 CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE ARE YOU Rhymeinspirationallife,
9/19/2009 ATTITUDE WITH STYLE Rhymeinspirational
9/19/2009 DECISIONS Rhymeinspirationallife,
9/19/2009 TAKE TIME AND NOTICE Rhymeinspirationalnight,night,
9/17/2009 FOCUS WITH A PASSION Rhymeinspirational
9/17/2009 DESTINY Rhymeimagination
9/17/2009 INDIVIDUALITY Rhymeinspirationallife,
9/17/2009 ITS ALL WITHIN YOUR MIND Rhymeinspirationallife,life,
9/17/2009 A CLARITY OF VISION Rhymeinspirational
9/15/2009 FERTILE MIND Rhymeinspirational
9/15/2009 YOUR SOUL YOUR SPIRIT IS REALLY YOU Rhymeinspirational

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