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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/18/2011 Never Forget Free verselost love,me,me,
7/17/2011 I Was at a Park at Night I do not know?angst
7/17/2011 To Do List I do not know?adventure
2/23/2011 Sunlit Room I do not know?angstworld,
2/15/2011 A Moment of Contentment I do not know?lovelove,
2/12/2011 I Am Free verselifewriting,writing,
1/21/2011 When I was a little Girl Free verseloveme,night,me,night,
1/11/2011 Burn I do not know?devotionheart,heart,smile
12/21/2010 Unspoken I do not know?angst
12/15/2010 I Don't Want to Wish for Yesterday Narrativelost lovesun,
12/14/2010 I Can't Seem to Write Anything that I Actually Feel I do not know?confusion
12/7/2010 Four Words, One reason Narrativedepressionhope,
12/7/2010 Ever After Light Poetrylife
12/7/2010 Bright Light Poetrylife
12/2/2010 Wishes and Kisses I do not know?lovebeautiful,lost,beauti
11/30/2010 The Last Thing Rhymelife
11/27/2010 Escaping the Sun I do not know?life
11/27/2010 To be Gone I do not know?lifegirl,girl,
11/25/2010 Blue Under Blue Light Poetryconfusion
11/23/2010 CJM Haikudevotion
11/23/2010 Distance and Other Thoughts of You I do not know?devotion
11/22/2010 Complete Bliss Light Poetryfriendshipme,
11/19/2010 Back To Semptember I do not know?life
11/9/2010 Because. Rhymeloveme,me,
9/19/2010 And if You Were Here I do not know? 
8/31/2010 Nearing You I do not know?lost,lost,
7/19/2010 Summer I do not know?happinessme,love,me,
5/3/2010 sad songs for happy people I do not know? 
4/26/2010 Highway I do not know?happiness
4/26/2010 Numb I do not know?lost loveme,me,
4/25/2010 In a Photo I do not know?dedicationme,
3/19/2010 beautiful nature I do not know?nature
3/1/2010 A family I do not know? 
2/25/2010 free I do not know? 
2/24/2010 Springs Arrival I do not know?time,
2/17/2010 The Winter's Wind I do not know?lifetime,
2/8/2010 I HATE YOU I do not know?hate,
2/8/2010 motzart I do not know? 
2/2/2010 ugh. I do not know? 
2/2/2010 flowers flow I do not know? 
1/24/2010 can't stop I do not know?art
1/24/2010 sometimes i wish you were here I do not know?love,
12/31/2009 tomorow is my funeral, today is my party I do not know?confusion,depression,happ
12/31/2009 the last year I do not know? 
12/15/2009 stigma I do not know? 
10/16/2009 In the Morning Light I do not know?nature
10/14/2009 Breathe Me I do not know?confusion,lost love
10/13/2009 wooden moon I do not know?fantasy,nature
10/13/2009 Broken Heart I do not know?love
10/10/2009 just trying to find me I do not know?confusionpain,love,
10/6/2009 beautiful I do not know?hope,naturebeautiful,beau
10/1/2009 As strong as you are I do not know?loveworld,love,
10/1/2009 Get out I do not know?confusion,girlfriend-boyf
9/30/2009 kevin I do not know?friendship,funny
9/30/2009 Your love I do not know?friendship,lovelove,
9/29/2009 Farewell I do not know?life,people,sociallife,lo
9/28/2009 Sitting on a park bench I do not know?hope,life
9/28/2009 If the clouds may fall I do not know?life,lovepain,may,
9/28/2009 As far as you may go I do not know?lovelove,may,
9/27/2009 My love I do not know?lovemay,
9/27/2009 No. I do not know?confusionlove,
9/27/2009 on a long road I do not know?happinesstravel,
9/26/2009 Never Again I do not know?life,love,social,teen
9/25/2009 how i feel I do not know?depression
9/24/2009 Jane I do not know?hope,life,loss,political
9/24/2009 take it away I do not know?hope
9/24/2009 we don't care I do not know?political
9/23/2009 Where are you? I do not know?life,loss
9/22/2009 Thank You I do not know?love,thank youme,love,me,
9/22/2009 Finally Here I do not know?nature
9/22/2009 Falling I do not know?hope,lost love
9/22/2009 can it be true I do not know? 
9/22/2009 Fear of a Hopeless One I do not know?lost love,lovefear,love,
9/22/2009 Green Eyes I do not know? 
9/21/2009 Find Her I do not know?hope
9/21/2009 Hello I do not know?friendship
9/21/2009 In thin Ice I do not know?death
9/21/2009 Forever and Always I do not know?lovelove,
9/20/2009 Two Fiqures by a Fountain I do not know?love
9/20/2009 American Heart I do not know?lifecare,care,
9/20/2009 fall I do not know?nature
9/19/2009 In just one hour I do not know?lost love
9/17/2009 Goodbye I do not know?death
9/14/2009 Fireflies I do not know?seasons
9/13/2009 untitled I do not know?lost loveme,love,me,
9/13/2009 you I do not know?lost love
9/12/2009 I am in love with you... I do not know?love
9/10/2009 Inside I do not know?love
9/10/2009 This Way I do not know?depression
9/8/2009 favorite time I do not know?devotion,lovelove,me,
9/6/2009 Walking I do not know?philosophyme,
9/5/2009 oh i see I do not know?hope,love
9/5/2009 indescribeable I do not know?confusion,depression
9/5/2009 hate this I do not know?loveme,
9/3/2009 Time I do not know?life,lovetime,time,
9/3/2009 Hey Annie I do not know?death,life,loss
9/2/2009 sick I do not know?funny,health
9/1/2009 You're the Reason... I do not know?life,love
8/29/2009 I see Life I do not know?adventure,naturelife,
8/27/2009 Johnny I do not know?death

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Fav Poems

Dark Vision Free verseinspirational,nature,seas
The end Rhymelost love
Autumn Pages Rhymeinspirational,nature,seas
The Black and the Red Rose Rhymehusband,life,wiferose,
Love I do not know?life,love
What a way to wake up I do not know?lost love,love
Days I Fight Free verseangst
Bright, Clear Picture Lyricallegory,life,nature

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