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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/1/2016 No Limit Free versedesire,writing,
9/7/2016 Need to Know Proseanger,war,
8/29/2016 American Lust Free verseamerica,anti bullying,mil
8/9/2016 All That Remains Free versescary,
7/22/2016 White Pride Free verseanger,anti bullying,black
7/8/2016 When I was 18 Free verseblack african american,fa
6/28/2016 Count the Love in Your Days Free verseabsence,age,depression,fa
6/7/2016 Roots Free verseafrica,america,beauty,bla
5/11/2016 Better Side of My Reflection Proseintrospection,life,parent
4/12/2016 A Scout's Farewell Free versework,
3/24/2016 Compensatory Illusions Free versebible,happiness,jobs,mone
3/11/2016 Afrocentric Part II Prose Poetryafrica,
3/9/2016 Afrocentric Free verseblack african american,pr
3/9/2016 Silk Laden Kisses Free versebutterfly,conflict,kiss,l
1/29/2016 Stroke Induced Prose Poetryconflict,faith,health,hum
1/29/2016 Sand Paper Harmony Free verselife,
1/1/2016 The Coxswain Prose Poetryamerica,black african ame
12/30/2015 Cheers Free versemetaphor,sexy,
12/17/2015 Stepping Stones Proseanxiety,war,perspective,
12/16/2015 You Dig Free versedepression,farm,how i fee
12/16/2015 Heart Strings Free verseirony,sensual,
12/16/2015 Rain's Disappearance Free verseapril,lust,romance,
10/22/2015 Unturnable Pages Proseafrica,black african amer
10/18/2015 Written Free versebody,desire,
10/2/2015 Collision Free verseaddiction,anxiety,car,
9/29/2015 Penumbrous Sky Haikuearth,moon,nature,
9/29/2015 Painted Horizon Prose Poetryallah,creation,nature,wri
9/24/2015 Love's Suicidal Free verseaddiction,conflict,love,
9/12/2015 One of the Boys Free versebrother,missing you,racis
9/12/2015 Best Sentences Proseabsence,eulogy,father,gra
9/12/2015 Writer's Anonymous Free versewriting,
9/12/2015 Parenting is a Balancing Act Prosechildren,parents,
9/12/2015 Intellect Free verselanguage,sensual,
8/31/2015 Butterfly Wings Free versebeautiful,beauty,life,nat
8/31/2015 Whispering Free versedestiny,for her,how i fee
8/31/2015 Golden Roads Free verseintrospection,
7/30/2015 Game Night Free versehow i feel,sexy,
7/15/2015 Jezebel's Son Free versekiss,symbolism,war,
7/11/2015 Rain's Precursor Free versedaughter,faith,inspiratio
6/27/2015 Ticking Free verseanti bullying,bible,black
6/20/2015 Bathtub Splashes Free versefathers day,
6/14/2015 Acclaimed Poet Free versepoetry,writing,
6/14/2015 Stargazing Prose Poetryfamily,father,fathers day
6/12/2015 A Rock and my Birthplace Free versefeelings,how i feel,love,
6/3/2015 Cloth and Dye Free verseamerica,appreciation,free
5/26/2015 Ol School TV Free versenostalgia,
5/23/2015 Anniversaries Proseanniversary,
5/23/2015 Detours and Forevermore Free verseanniversary,tribute,
5/10/2015 A Deep Reflection Prosecelebration,grandmother,m
5/7/2015 Class is in Session Prosebible,black african ameri
4/30/2015 Breakfast Puddin Free versebeauty,good morning,sexy,
4/27/2015 Freddy Gray Prose Poetryanti bullying,black afric
4/26/2015 Eta Carinae Free versedesire,light,longing,love
4/18/2015 A Mile and then Some Free verselonging,love,
4/15/2015 More Than Prose Poetryangel,anxiety,bible,confl
4/10/2015 Ella Mae Free versefarewell,grandmother,loss
4/3/2015 Backyard Emancipation Free versedream,introspection,
4/1/2015 Son Light Prose Poetryblack african american,ch
3/25/2015 Origins Prosehow i feel,identity,muse,
3/19/2015 At This Juncture Prosewar,
3/17/2015 Pyramids Prose Poetryblack african american,
3/8/2015 Mandate Prosemen,mentor,
2/26/2015 Love School Free versecelebration,fantasy,marri
2/26/2015 Write for Me Prosedeep,how i feel,muse,self
2/26/2015 Stringed Addictions Free verseaddiction,
2/24/2015 At the Movies Free versebody,candy,sin,
2/24/2015 Necessity Free versebeautiful,love,math,
2/22/2015 An Hour Glass Mind Free versebeauty,
2/19/2015 A Planted Idea Proseallah,life,planet,
2/14/2015 Valentine's Acrosticlove,valentines day,
2/12/2015 Possibilities Proseblack african american,
2/12/2015 Pocket Full of Stones Prose Poetryculture,humorous,introspe
2/1/2015 Forward Again Free versecelebrity,football,hero,l
1/30/2015 Lady Familiar Free versegrandmother,religion,
1/20/2015 Sweet Bye and Bye Free verseblack african american,ea
12/21/2014 Catch my Meaning Free versedeep,for her,muse,
12/11/2014 Give Love Instead Proseblessing,time,wisdom,
12/10/2014 Mind Altering Free versedesire,
11/29/2014 Better Than Drugs Free versedesire,drug,
11/12/2014 To be Continued Free versefor her,
11/10/2014 World Profound Free versebeauty,creation,heaven,
10/29/2014 Unclothed Free versebeautiful,beauty,desire,s
10/29/2014 What the Soul Sees Free versebeauty,
10/23/2014 I Spit This Free versepoetry,write,
10/20/2014 Flavored Rain Free versedesire,love,
10/17/2014 Smitten, Never Bitten Free verseaddiction,desire,feelings
10/16/2014 Thought Impregnated Free versedesire,
10/15/2014 Sunday Sermon Free verseblessing,for her,religiou
10/13/2014 Agape Redefined Free verseromantic,prejudice,
10/10/2014 Eagle's Preference Free verseirony,wisdom,
10/8/2014 Gospel Chronicles Free versedesire,
10/8/2014 Catching Glimpses Free versedesire,sexy,
9/27/2014 Introspection Free versegrowth,identity,
9/23/2014 I Found Him Free versegrowth,philosophy,power,
9/11/2014 Baskin Robbins Free verseanti bullying,desire,
9/2/2014 Parting is such Sweet Sorrow Prosewriting,
8/31/2014 Rescued Free versedesire,voyage,
8/29/2014 Right to Remain Silent Free verselust,
8/26/2014 Evolution Free verseearth,feelings,i love you
8/13/2014 The Poem Lives on Free versedesire,lust,

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IT'S NOT LOVE I do not know?lost lovelove,
A WORLD APART TOGETHER I do not know?friendship,natureme,world
Come Softly Love I do not know?imagination,inspirational

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