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11/16/2016 COOK, CROOK AND CROC Free verseaddiction,angst,beautiful
8/11/2016 AGELESS Free verseart,beautiful,bio,birth,b
8/11/2016 NO GOODBYE Free versebeautiful,beauty,care,cha
8/11/2016 THE PATH Free verseart,courage,culture,happi
8/11/2016 A BLOSSOM Free verseappreciation,art,beauty,b
8/11/2016 BONELESS TONGUES Free verseadventure,appreciation,ar
8/11/2016 PLEASE Free verseallah,art,best friend,blu
8/11/2016 POETRY TO MY BEING Free verseart,beautiful,confidence,
8/11/2016 INK Free verseart,beauty,bio,birthday,c
8/11/2016 RISE Free verseage,appreciation,birth,ch
8/11/2016 ME, NO MAN OF THE IRON MASK Free verseanalogy,appreciation,beau
4/12/2016 A PATH TO AGREE Free verseangst,anxiety,appreciatio
3/16/2016 PAMPERED SMILES Free verseadventure,art,beautiful,b
3/14/2016 TODAY IS YOUR DAY Free verseart,beautiful,beauty,bio,
3/11/2016 A WAY OF SEA CURRENTS Free verseaddiction,adventure,allah
1/25/2016 EVERYONE IS PART OF A WHOLE Free verseadventure,analogy,appreci
1/25/2016 MESSAGE FROM THE SKY Free verseadventure,art,beautiful,b
1/25/2016 NO WAY OUT Free verseadventure,appreciation,ar
1/25/2016 RECITING WITH THE SKY Free verseappreciation,art,caregivi
1/25/2016 JUNGLE OF DEATH Free verseadventure,angst,anxiety,a
1/25/2016 THE RIGHT PLACE IS THE HEART Free verseappreciation,beautiful,bi
1/25/2016 THEY ARE NOT Free verseanxiety,art,blue,celebrit
1/25/2016 STORY OF A DEAD LIFE Free verseage,angst,anxiety,betraya
1/25/2016 SINGS MY FREEDOM Free verseaddiction,appreciation,ar
1/25/2016 HARDSHIP IS EASE Free verseart,character,community,c
1/24/2016 TEACHER AND RECORDER Free verseanxiety,art,character,col
1/24/2016 TALKING TO ANTS Free verseadventure,art,blessing,ch
1/24/2016 MY LYRIC TO THE MOON Free verseappreciation,art,beautifu
1/24/2016 WHAT LIMIT IS Free verseappreciation,beautiful,bi
1/24/2016 MY HEART SEES Free verseappreciation,courage,frie
1/24/2016 SEES NO COLOR Free verseart,beautiful,best friend
1/24/2016 I NEED A CHANGE, NOT TIME Free verseallusion,appreciation,art
1/24/2016 THINK METAPHORICALLY Free verseaddiction,adventure,analo
1/24/2016 PLEASE RISE Free versecare,caregiving,change,ch
1/24/2016 STAB ME NOT BY YOUR TONGUE Free verseallusion,anger,angst,anxi
1/10/2016 TO DO IS DOING Free verseage,analogy,appreciation,
1/8/2016 THE RIGHT PLACE IS THE HEART Free verseappreciation,beautiful,be
1/5/2016 RECITING WITH THE SKY Free verseadventure,angel,anniversa
1/3/2016 HERE COMES THE RIVER Free verseadventure,allusion,anxiet
12/31/2015 MASTER OF THE OTHERWORLD Free verseaddiction,adventure,appre
11/30/2015 EVERYONE IS PART OF A WHOLE Free verseaddiction,adventure,appre
11/30/2015 BOOK, SOUL OF HUMANITY Free verseadventure,appreciation,ar
11/30/2015 IN A SAIL, I EMBRACE FREEDOM Free verseadventure,age,appreciatio
11/30/2015 MESSAGE FROM THE SKY Free verseadventure,art,beautiful,b
11/1/2015 BOMBS ARE NOT BLIND Free verseabuse,addiction,allegory,
11/1/2015 FRIENEMY Free verseappreciation,art,august,b
11/1/2015 OPINION IS RIGHT Free verseabsence,addiction,age,art
9/6/2015 LISTEN, LISTEN TO ME Free verseanger,angst,anxiety,beach
6/25/2015 FASTING AND ME Free verseart,desire,devotion,drink
6/24/2015 CRYING THE NAME Free verseadventure,appreciation,ar
6/23/2015 WIND SINGS Free versebio,blessing,care,career,
6/23/2015 COFFEE VALLEY Free verseadventure,appreciation,bi
6/23/2015 REMEMBERS HOPE Free verseaddiction,adventure,appre
6/23/2015 EARTHS EYES Free verseappreciation,bio,bird,bir
6/23/2015 MONKEY DOVES Free verseabsence,addiction,adventu
6/23/2015 OUR TIME NO BONDS Free verseaddiction,adventure,analo
6/23/2015 PLURALITY CO-EXIST Free verseadventure,angst,anxiety,a
6/22/2015 LET THE PATH READ Free verseaddiction,art,beauty,bird
6/20/2015 BLANKET OF BROKEN TEARS Free versebio,birthday,blessing,car
6/20/2015 DIVIDE AND CONQUER Free verseage,allegory,anger,angst,
6/20/2015 SONG FOR THE DIVINE Free verseart,august,best friend,bi
6/20/2015 LET OTHERS BE Free verseallah,angel,art,beautiful
6/20/2015 THE NAME THEY HAVE Free verseabsence,analogy,anger,ang
6/20/2015 I WOULD RATHER BE Free verseadventure,art,beach,beaut
6/20/2015 NOSTALGIA Free verseart,beauty,best friend,bi
6/20/2015 SELL FISH Free verseadventure,age,analogy,anx
5/16/2015 PEAK OF SUCCESS Free verseappreciation,art,beautifu
5/15/2015 OCEAN WIND Free versebaby,beauty,cool,earth,li
5/14/2015 BROKEN SORROW Free versecourage,dedication,deep,d
5/13/2015 SEEDS GROWING Free verseadventure,appreciation,ar
5/10/2015 GRAVE OF HERITAGE Free verseadventure,birth,class,com
5/10/2015 MY PLAYGROUND Free verseabsence,addiction,adventu
5/10/2015 UNTIL YOU WIN Free verseaddiction,adventure,beaut
5/10/2015 FROM SULU TO CORREGIDOR Free verseadventure,anniversary,anx
5/10/2015 WHEN WE MISS OUR HOME Free verseart,baby,class,community,
5/10/2015 NOW I SEE YOU Free verseaddiction,adventure,art,b
5/10/2015 EARTH HOUR Free verseadventure,beautiful,beaut
5/10/2015 NEVER WILL Free verseadventure,art,baby,beauti
5/8/2015 MUSIC NEVER BREAKS Free verseaddiction,adventure,angel
5/8/2015 GOD SAVE NEPAL Free verseallah,angel,beauty,birth,
5/8/2015 GOD Free verseage,art,beautiful,beauty,
5/8/2015 HUMANITY IS DEAD Free verseadventure,anxiety,art,bea
5/7/2015 BLUE DOVE Free verseart,baby,beach,beautiful,
5/7/2015 SAILING FLY Free versecaregiving,environment,fa
5/7/2015 NOT A FLOWER Free verseadventure,angel,baby,beau
5/7/2015 FAITH IS THE BEST Free versefaith,family,feelings,fir
5/7/2015 KILLING FIELD Free verseleadership,leaving,life,l
5/7/2015 NEVER IN PAIN Free versebirth,home,hope,how i fee
5/7/2015 NATURE OF LOVE Free versejoy,language,leadership,l
5/7/2015 CAPTURING LIGHTS Free verseadventure,angel,appreciat
5/7/2015 GRAVE OF REALISM Free verseadventure,analogy,anger,b
5/7/2015 PEACEFUL TUNNEL Free verseaddiction,adventure,birth
5/5/2015 PLAIN OF HOPE Free verseage,allah,analogy,birth,b
5/5/2015 CULTURAL SENSITIVITY Free verseheart,religious,rights,so
5/5/2015 CONTEMPLATING LIFE Free verseaddiction,adventure,analo
5/5/2015 CORNER OF PEACE Free verseadventure,art,beautiful,b
5/5/2015 I LOVE GOD Free verseaddiction,adventure,allah
5/5/2015 RAINBOW IN THE WIND Free verseadventure,appreciation,be
5/5/2015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY RATU Free verseanniversary,appreciation,
5/5/2015 COUPLING CLOUDS Free verseaddiction,adventure,beaut

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