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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
8/31/2016 Deviation Prose Poetryimagery,introspection,phi
8/30/2016 This is my Battleground Prose Poetrygod,imagery,inspiration,j
8/29/2016 Melancholy Thoughts Prose Poetrydepression,imagery,intros
8/28/2016 This is my transformation t Prose Poetrygod,introspection,jesus,p
8/27/2016 Let the battle cries begin over and over again Prose Poetrychristian,god,imagery,jes
8/27/2016 Broken mirrored shards Prose Poetryimagery,imagination,poems
8/27/2016 Broken Madness of Mirrored Shards Proseemotions,imagery,imaginat
8/21/2016 A Little Black Coal Prose Poetryfaith,feelings,god,imagin
8/21/2016 Just looking within this storm Free verseemotions,imagery,imaginat
8/20/2016 But the Night is not Over Prose Poetryfaith,god,imagery,jesus,
8/17/2016 Where his insanity is replaced with echoing song Prose Poetrybible,god,introspection,
7/14/2010 Like a painting poem Free verseimagination,visionary
7/14/2010 Her heart spilling over Free verselost love,love
3/24/2010 Kneading my brain Free verseimagination,inspirational
3/24/2010 Princess: Stepping into your painting Free verseimagination
1/9/2010 Poem: Heaven is just around the corner I do not know?death,life,love
1/5/2010 Prose : Black and white world Prose Poetryfantasy,imagination,lifew
1/4/2010 Prose : bathroom of fantasy Prose Poetryfantasy,imagination,intro
1/3/2010 Poetry : Prose : One long night in space Prose Poetryfantasy,imagination,life,
12/31/2009 poetry prose : within me -hope you enjoy Prose Poetryangst,fantasy,life,love,s
12/30/2009 Prose : The world I live in, there's no sunshine - Hope you enjoy! Prose Poetryfantasy,imagination,scien
12/29/2009 I'm dying one death at a time Free versedeath,depression,life,sad
12/28/2009 A Robot's Thoughts Free versefantasy,imagination,intro
12/26/2009 Mother Nature's Waltz I do not know?fantasy,imagination,natur
12/26/2009 Soulmates love poem Free verseimagination,life,love
12/6/2009 TWITTER SONG that I write. Lyricart,epic,funny,imaginatio
12/3/2009 Haiku's that I wrote while I was away. Hope you enjoy. Haikuimagination,introspection
10/11/2009 The Human Heart I do not know?loveangel,angel,
8/26/2009 10+ year old poem of mine. "The Little Key" Free verseimagination,lifewriting,w
8/12/2009 A nature haiky for once Haikudeath,nature
8/10/2009 Darkness outside glass Haikuanimals,life,nature
8/10/2009 soul from leaving me Haikulife
8/10/2009 Erasing my mind's structure Haikulife
8/8/2009 Demons Serenade Haiku Haikulife
8/8/2009 Gallons of Heart-ache Haiku Haikulife
8/8/2009 Lost Roads Past Detours Haiku Haikulife
8/8/2009 Outside of my Box Haiku Haikulife
8/8/2009 Existence Next-Door Haiku Haikulife
8/8/2009 Scholars of darkness Haikulife
8/8/2009 yesterday's remains Haikulife
8/8/2009 to steal my hungry soujl Haikulife
8/8/2009 inhaling the stars Haikulife
8/8/2009 Unable to slow Haikulife
8/7/2009 Limited Options Haikulife
8/7/2009 Tossed into the world Haikulife
8/7/2009 Faith is dwindling Haikulife
8/7/2009 4 haiku's Haikulifespace,
8/6/2009 Love with all my heart Haikulife
8/6/2009 To Destory or Save Haikulife
8/6/2009 What's left afterwards Haikulife
8/5/2009 3 haikus Haikulife
8/5/2009 Cut them off of me Haikulife
8/3/2009 Group of 26 various haikus Haikuimagination,inspirational
7/30/2009 Our Pastures Free verselife
7/29/2009 Our kids Free versechildhoodmay,
7/29/2009 The dynamism of power Free verselifepower,
7/28/2009 A word of memories and dreams Free verseintrospection
7/27/2009 What is strength? Free verselife
7/27/2009 Emotionless intelligence Free verseintrospectionangel,angel,
7/25/2009 Questions repeating Haikuintrospection
7/25/2009 Stargazing meteor lights Haikunature
7/25/2009 Space traveling man Haikupeopleold,old,
7/25/2009 Dying inside change Haikuinspirational,people
7/25/2009 Dying inside change Free verseinspirational,introspecti
7/25/2009 unnamed class remains Haikulife,people
7/24/2009 Mandolin slicer Haikusad
7/24/2009 Lion cloud spirits Haikuanimals,nature
7/24/2009 two haiku's about perceptions Haikuinspirational,introspecti
7/24/2009 Haiku's about life's journeys Haikuinspirational,introspecti
7/22/2009 Villains in our lives Free versedeath
7/21/2009 intellectual rejects Haikulife
7/20/2009 Heart's lyrical Love Haikulove
7/20/2009 Lyrical Love Lyriclove
7/19/2009 Reflected thruogh the shadows Tankaphilosophy
7/19/2009 Everyday we think Tankalife
7/19/2009 Boiling Hatred Haikulife
7/19/2009 Inescapable Haikupeople
7/19/2009 Fate's Continuum Tankalife
7/19/2009 Love's continuum Tankalove
7/19/2009 Can't live forever Tankahope
7/18/2009 our maturity Tankalife
7/18/2009 To become my heart's content Tankaintrospection
7/18/2009 Vibrating moments Haikuphilosophy
7/18/2009 Infinite Knowledge Haikuphilosophy
7/18/2009 Bury us alive Haikulife
7/18/2009 Beyond our urges Haikuintrospection
7/18/2009 His forsaken world Haikusad
7/15/2009 Beyond Illusion Haikulife
7/14/2009 Collage of memories Rhymelife
7/14/2009 Reality's soul Haikulife
7/13/2009 Propagates reality Haikudeath
7/12/2009 Cats don't die on sundays : my own form dedicated to my dead cat I do not know?animals
7/12/2009 Her one last meow : Haiku dedicated to my dead cat. Haikuanimals
7/12/2009 Inescapable Haikuphilosophy
7/12/2009 Why do people hate? Haikuphilosophy
7/11/2009 Just can't sleep anymore Haikuangst
7/11/2009 Death and I just stare Haikudeath
7/11/2009 Time changes Haikuphilosophy
7/11/2009 Where is the meaning? Tankalife
7/10/2009 I have two read hearts Senryulove

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