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The Scorpion and The Frog
Date Posted: 9/16/2011 9:45:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/16/2013 Don't Pass By Blank verselife,love,people,
8/23/2013 The Sun Rhymefeelings,friendship,growt
2/19/2013 Kindness Blank versepeople,
2/5/2013 A Different Way Rhymelife,
2/5/2013 Want Blank verselife,people,words,name,de
2/2/2013 Then Again Blank versejourney,love,
12/22/2012 We'd Just Be Fine :alternative: Rhymelost love,love,
11/28/2012 Rain Blank verseintrospection,life,people
11/19/2012 Hungry Free verseintrospection,life,people
10/24/2012 A Look Blank verseintrospection,people,
9/19/2012 What To Say Acrosticlost love,love,
9/7/2012 Dawn Rhymelife,hair,
6/14/2012 Sorry I Was Thinking About Something Prose Poetryfear,imagination,life,lov
5/1/2012 Ground Dead Free verselife,
4/5/2012 Learn Rhymepeople,slam,song-lyric,ti
4/4/2012 We'd Just Be fine Rhymelove,song-lyric,
3/12/2012 Even Flow Free verseintrospection,people,
12/8/2011 I'm The Same Way Rhymelife,love,
12/7/2011 I Spoke Rhymefear,friendship,life,
11/9/2011 Why Now Rhymeintrospection,life,
11/7/2011 Never Mine Rhymelife,love,
11/7/2011 Always Wish You Well Rhymefriendship,
10/26/2011 Time In Hand Rhymelife,song-lyric,time,old,
10/26/2011 Interrupt Rhymeintrospection,
9/23/2011 Let Me In Free verseconfusion,friendship,song
9/19/2011 Hole Blank verseallegory,life,day,
9/13/2011 SideWalk Blank verseintrospection,life,words,
7/13/2011 Without Prose Poetrylife
7/4/2011 Oh look Rhymelife,people
5/31/2011 Wondering Acrosticintrospection,people
3/26/2011 It Was A Wednesday Free verselife,peopleday,me,
3/14/2011 Sun Has Gone Down Shapelife,sadheart,heart,
3/14/2011 Nonsense Acrosticconfusion
3/13/2011 Grow Rhymeimagination,naturenight,n
3/13/2011 Guitar Strums Free verselove
3/13/2011 The Inside Thought Free verseintrospection,lifemuse,
3/12/2011 Shakespeare Doesn't Like Your Emo Poems Rhymefunny,slamme,write,life,l
3/11/2011 That Decision Crystallinelife,people
3/10/2011 A Thousand Times Free verseconfusion,lovedark,chocol
3/10/2011 Love I Acrosticloveme,love,me,
3/10/2011 ouR Beat Quintain (English)lovelonging,
3/10/2011 Can't Buy Me Love Dodoitsufunny,girlfriend-boyfrien
3/9/2011 A Little Wierd Free verseallegory,confusion,intros
3/9/2011 Raven Stares Haikulost love,love
3/8/2011 O How I Love You So Acrosticlove
3/8/2011 Slant Shapelife,lost love
3/7/2011 Cigarette Man Free verseallegory,lifeme,fire,fire
3/7/2011 Just Another Day Free verselife,lost lovelight,light
2/14/2011 Kindle Rhymeloveme,
2/14/2011 Triple X Youth ABCpeople
2/14/2011 The Kiss That Wrote Free verseallegory,love
11/17/2010 Messed Up Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
11/17/2010 And I Lingered There Rhymedeath,love
10/22/2010 Sorry I Had... Acrostichealthtime,
9/21/2010 Every Day Acrosticlife,sadlife,life,sun,tim
9/21/2010 Tilted Rhymelost love
9/20/2010 Two Fools Rhymelost love
9/16/2010 His Warmth Pantoumlovewrite,goodbye,goodbye
9/16/2010 Follower Senryupeople
9/16/2010 Shall we dance? Rhymelife,people
9/13/2010 Lady Starlight Pantoumlife,mysteryme,heart,hear
9/13/2010 Brush Your T-T-Teeth Alliterationfor children
9/13/2010 Braver Is The Lonely One Acrosticallegory
9/13/2010 Switch Free versepeoplelight,girl,light,
9/13/2010 Felt List life,love
8/13/2010 Goodbye Haikunature,romance
8/11/2010 Memory Locked List life
8/11/2010 Maze Free verseconfusion,introspectionwo
8/11/2010 The Meadow Rhymedeath,lifeme,
8/11/2010 Leave It In My... Acrosticconfusion,life,
8/11/2010 It Did Not Happen Light Poetryconfusion,sadme,
8/11/2010 falling Shapesad
8/11/2010 Only In The Dark Light Poetryconfusion,mystery
8/11/2010 Waiting For Love Sonnetimagination,loveme,longin
8/10/2010 RESTART Burlesqueangstme,
8/10/2010 Unlocked Rhymeconfusion,sadme,me,
8/8/2010 sOmething Free verselifeme,
8/7/2010 Seek Senryufaith
8/7/2010 I Love To Have... Acrosticnature
8/6/2010 New Day Haikunature
8/6/2010 O 'Morrow Coupletdevotion,love
8/6/2010 Luck Nonethope
8/6/2010 Quiet Is The Night Personificationallegory
8/6/2010 Beautiful Liar Tankalost love
8/4/2010 U n r a v e l Shapelost love
8/3/2010 What If? Fibonaccilife
8/3/2010 Melt List love
8/3/2010 Each Part Free versehappiness,love
8/3/2010 Silent Kiss Haikulove
8/3/2010 While You Are Away Shapeconfusion,loveheart,heart
8/1/2010 Grandfather Hubbard Rhymefamily,for children,funny
8/1/2010 Greatest Transport Monorhymehappiness
8/1/2010 White and Black Rhymefunny,people,social
8/1/2010 Silence Pantoumloss,sad
8/1/2010 The Unknown Free verseallegory
7/31/2010 Ah Light Poetryhappinessme,
7/31/2010 Bell Monorhymelifeme,
7/31/2010 Kinky Monty Limerickfunny,people
7/31/2010 Already Taken Tetractyslife
7/30/2010 Bad Play Monorhymelife,people

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Fav Poems

LAST NIGHT I CRIED Lyriclost love,love,night,pass
Summer girl I do not know?black african american,pe
day Haikunature
The Sound of Nothing Rhymelifesound,sound,
Disguised Rhymephilosophy
LIFE? I do not know?life
Heroes Soon Forgotten Rhymedeath,depression,hope,lif
The Meaning Free versephilosophy
Borrow My Sorrow Rhymelifewords,lost,people,los
Brazen Heart Sonnetloveheart,heart,love,
Powerless Free verse 
Inspired by Philip Glass's Violin Concerto, Movement 1 Free verseart,music
Jesse Free versedeath,life,loss,sad,sympa
Sam Tetractyspolitical
The Writing on the Wall Rhymelife
Breathe Tonight I do not know?heart,dream,dream,heart,
Never...O.k. maybe one more time...and then never Coupletcaregivingold,old,
"The Shore" Haikuplaces
Gamble Quatrainintrospection
THE OLD MAN WITH HIS PLATE Rhymesad,sorryold,old,
6-28-12 Prose Poetryimaginationlife,

Fav Poets