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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/11/2012 Monsters Rhymegrowing up,
8/21/2012 my big dreams Free verseimagination,life,me,
8/20/2012 the end Rhymelove,me,
8/20/2012 In my pain Free verselife,
8/16/2012 Looking for love Free verselove
8/16/2012 Mr Handsome Free verselife,love,
8/16/2012 Substituting life with my own reality Free verseimagination,life,
8/16/2012 Nightmares Free versefear,
8/16/2012 Past present future Free verselife
8/15/2012 Suffering inside myself Free versedepression,music,music,
8/10/2012 blissful in your arms Free verselove,romance,
8/10/2012 Summer fling or a real thing Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
8/10/2012 silly summer love Free verselove,
3/15/2012 Self destructible because youre unattainable Rhymelove,
3/15/2012 I love you because you are colorful Free verselove,love,passion,
3/12/2012 Past, Present, Future Rhymelife,love,
2/26/2012 Maybe more than just a memory Free verselove,
2/19/2012 How I became a woman Free verselife,
2/19/2012 Legendary women in my life Free verseblack african american,fa
2/9/2012 Just temporary pain Free verselove,
12/28/2011 my dreams Free verselife,me,
12/1/2011 life's gift to me Free verselife,me,people,love,me,pe
11/11/2011 a place only i know Free verselife,
11/9/2011 You made me feel beautiful Free verselove,
9/30/2011 I am Free verseblack african american,li
8/1/2011 a confession Free verseblack african american,de
8/1/2011 my decay Free versedepression,life,people,wo
5/23/2011 twisted heart Free verselifeme,
5/23/2011 battle within Free verseloveheart,heart,me,
5/4/2011 I misread you Free verseloveme,
4/25/2011 when you said goodbye Free verselife,love
4/25/2011 her silence Free versedepression
4/25/2011 my human curse Free verselife
3/29/2011 Finally moving on Free verselife,love
3/28/2011 I know you're broken Free verseloveheart,heart,
3/9/2011 pre med stinks especially chemistry Free verselife
3/9/2011 you can be good for me Free verseloveme,
2/14/2011 fail Free verselifeworld,
1/5/2011 Love Free verselovelove,
1/5/2011 a sarcastic thank you Free verselovethanks,thanks,
1/5/2011 a reason for love Free verselove
12/31/2010 Fearless dreamer Free verselifeme,day,me,
12/23/2010 nothing is what it seems Free verselifehate,love,
12/17/2010 you let me down Free verseloveme,
12/17/2010 sad ending Free verselost love
12/16/2010 fairys die where reality rules Free verselove
12/16/2010 your my fairytale, my fantasy, just make believe Free verselovemiss you,miss you,
12/16/2010 waiting Free verseloveme,me,
12/11/2010 If I give you my everything Free verselove
12/11/2010 is it too much to ask Free verseloveme,
12/11/2010 I miss you Free versefriendshipme,friend,me,
12/11/2010 miss you Free verselove
12/11/2010 drowning Free verselove
11/25/2010 in your arms Free verselove
11/25/2010 need Free verselove
11/24/2010 now what? Free verseloveme,
11/23/2010 Friends Free versefriendship
11/22/2010 miss you Free verselove
11/7/2010 this damn attraction Free verseloveme,hate,hate,love,me,
10/29/2010 regrets Free verselove
10/27/2010 fool Free verselove
10/26/2010 dead end Free verseloveme,me,
10/23/2010 tread carefully Free verselove
10/23/2010 high on you Free verseloveme,me,
10/5/2010 where is this going? Free verselove
10/4/2010 sometimes I hate myself Free verselife
10/2/2010 you scare me Free verseloveme,me,
9/30/2010 just one of those days Free verselife
9/29/2010 when your holding me Free verselove
9/25/2010 Dex Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend
9/25/2010 race to my heart Free verseloveme,
9/25/2010 someone I can fall inlove with Free verseloveworld,me,
9/25/2010 Boston university 2014 baby! Free verseschool
8/2/2010 my exception Free verseloveme,me,
7/12/2010 Hands Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend
6/26/2010 new boy Free verselife
6/10/2010 the final bell Free verseschool
6/10/2010 fear Free verselife
6/10/2010 shattered Free verselife
6/10/2010 gravity Free versepeopleme,me,
6/7/2010 there it goes Free verselife
6/6/2010 little girl, don't play with me Free versepeopleme,me,prejudice,
6/4/2010 bye i don't need to you Free versefriendship
6/3/2010 you must get away Free verselifeheart,heart,
5/11/2010 truth screams Free verselife
5/11/2010 look at me and see me Free verselove
5/11/2010 I refuse to choose you Free verselife
5/11/2010 Dead flower Free verselife,nature
5/5/2010 Love you mommy Free versemotherme,me,
5/3/2010 the nightmare you wish was a dream Free verselovelost,lost,love,
4/29/2010 history repeats but I only have one heart Free verselove
4/29/2010 my broken wings Free verselifeheart,fairy,heart,
4/29/2010 love: Free verselove
4/25/2010 I want Free verselove
4/23/2010 loves language Free verselove
4/22/2010 My poems, my words, my life Free verseon writing and words
4/22/2010 hollow Free versepeople
4/22/2010 I hate myself Free verselifewords,write,write,
4/18/2010 lifes not fair Free verselife
4/10/2010 human punching bag Free verselifeme,

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