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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/11/2012 Worth remembering Free versehope,imagination,life,pra
2/11/2012 Worth reflecting Rhymededication,faith,friendsh
2/11/2012 Worried to get home Concreteadventure,seasons,travel,
2/11/2012 Words in the dictionary Concretededication,faith,on writi
2/11/2012 With the presence of a shenfu Pastoraldevotion,faith,father,hop
2/11/2012 With gratitude to God Pastoralfaith,life,people,god,god
2/11/2012 Winter snow Concreteintrospection,seasons,tim
2/11/2012 What keeps me in the race Pastoralhope,imagination,introspe
2/11/2012 Weekend events Rhymefamily,friendship,hope,im
2/11/2012 Wedded to the past Narrativefaith,imagination,introsp
2/11/2012 Vodka Concretefaith,food,health,life,li
2/11/2012 Vivas in Deo, Live in God Pastoralfaith,life,peace,
2/11/2012 Vayikra of Moses Narrativeadventure,faith,hope,life
2/11/2012 Under my roof Narrativefaith,hope,introspection,
2/11/2012 Un beso de despedida Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
2/11/2012 Betwixt food and human relationship Narrativededication,faith,family,f
2/11/2012 To live in a community Rhymededication,devotion,life,
2/11/2012 Timeline as a chapter opener Narrativehope,imagination,life,tim
2/11/2012 Through thick and thin Rhymefaith,hope,introspection,
2/11/2012 The wealth of friendship Rhymefriendship,hope,introspec
2/11/2012 The way we live Rhymefaith,introspection,life,
2/11/2012 The unspoken fear Narrativedeath,faith,friendship,ho
2/11/2012 The state of my heart Narrativeallegory,faith,hope,intro
2/11/2012 Toir, a quest Narrativehope,life,god,me,god,me,
2/11/2012 The season s icon of celebration, Christ Rhymefriendship,hope,life,peac
2/11/2012 The scars of losing my parents Narrativefaith,hope,introspection,
2/11/2012 The road still beckons Rhymehope,life,
2/11/2012 The new pope, Benedict XVI Narrativededication,faith,father,h
2/11/2012 The magic of Christmas Narrativefaith,inspirational,place
2/11/2012 The long walk home Narrativefamily,history,introspect
2/11/2012 The language of migration Pastoralhistory,hope,life,peace,p
2/11/2012 Introspection Narrativefamily,introspection,love
2/11/2012 The Indian Ocean Tsunami Narrativeangst,death,history,hope,
2/11/2012 The hungry spirit, a comparison Concretehistory,hope,life,
2/11/2012 The gospel of hospitality Narrativefaith,history,hope,life,p
2/1/2012 The frenzy of holiday season Light Poetryhistory,hope,imagination,
2/1/2012 The familiar phrase, The Windy City Narrativefaith,happiness,history,i
2/1/2012 The familiar cadence in autumn Narrativeimagination,introspection
2/1/2012 The Apple City New York Narrativehappiness,hope,imaginatio
2/1/2012 Take it easy Rhymeplaces,seasons,time,
2/1/2012 Stymied by moral transgressions Narrativeangst,faith,history,hope,
2/1/2012 Strong echoes Narrativefaith,hope,life,sad,work,
2/1/2012 Strapped for cash Rhymeangst,hope,life,
2/1/2012 Stentorian in our hearts Narrativeangst,hope,life,religion,
2/1/2012 Steeped in memories Narrativefaith,family,history,hope
2/1/2012 Staten Island Ferry Narrativepeople,travel,time,time,
2/1/2012 Spotlight Concretelife,
2/1/2012 Some old memories to recall Rhymedepression,introspection,
2/1/2012 Some mental notes about the poor Narrativefaith,hope,introspection,
2/1/2012 Smiling summer faces Rhymefaith,family,food,holiday
2/1/2012 Shyness Narrativelife,prayer,
2/1/2012 Shift in mood Narrativedevotion,faith,hope,inspi
2/1/2012 Shadowed by guilt and shame Narrativefaith,history,hope,life,r
2/1/2012 Sequim may still beckon Narrativededication,faith,hope,ins
2/1/2012 Sense of freedom Narrativefaith,imagination,life,mu
2/1/2012 Scores of malapropisms Narrativefaith,life,
2/1/2012 Road trip Narrativeangst,introspection,life,
2/1/2012 Reliance on God Narrativehope,life,world,faith,me,
2/1/2012 Redemption Narrativefaith,hope,introspection,
2/1/2012 Quite a piece of work Rhymeangst,life,work,prayer,wo
2/1/2012 Quake-stricken town in China Narrativeangst,death,devotion,fait
2/1/2012 Poverty through the eyes of a missionary Narrativefaith,hope,introspection,
2/1/2012 Painting the agony Narrativeangst,faith,introspection
2/1/2012 Over God's love Rhymehope,inspirational,life,p
2/1/2012 Over a cup of coffee Concretefaith,hope,life,time,life
1/30/2012 Our Living Antiphon Rhymefaith,life,prayer,
1/30/2012 Orlando, Florida Narrativetravel,
1/30/2012 Optimism Concretehope,life,philosophy,may,
1/30/2012 Opening a hornet s nest Pastoralfaith,hope,imagination,in
1/30/2012 Open doors Rhymefaith,introspection,life,
1/30/2012 On your birthday Concreteanniversary,faith,friends
1/30/2012 On the holiest day marks Ashoura Narrativefaith,history,hope,intros
1/30/2012 On the heels of a free market Rhymehope,imagination,inspirat
1/30/2012 On Thanksgiving Day Narrativeanniversary,dedication,fa
1/30/2012 On cobblestone street Narrativefaith,history,hope,intros
1/30/2012 On Ash Wednesday Narrativefaith,life,religion,life,
1/30/2012 Oh, Mary, the Immaculate Conception Pastoraldedication,devotion,faith
1/30/2012 Of homecoming Narrativefaith,family,hope,imagina
1/30/2012 Not for personal gain or glory Narrativefaith,history,hope,imagin
1/30/2012 Mystical experience Pastoralfaith,inspirational,uplif
1/30/2012 My pasta shape of choice Rhymefood,imagination,
1/30/2012 Music in its interiorized tone Rhymehappiness,imagination,mus
1/30/2012 A visit in Munich, Germany Narrativefriendship,imagination,in
1/30/2012 Moments in time Pastoralfaith,hope,inspirational,
1/30/2012 Mo Ghile mear Rhymecaregiving,inspirational,
1/30/2012 Ministry Pastoraldedication,faith,hope,int
1/30/2012 Memorial Day Rhymeanniversary,faith,family,
1/30/2012 Memoirs of Pope John Paul II Narrativedeath,dedication,faith,ho
1/30/2012 Manhattan, NY Rhymefriendship,imagination,in
1/30/2012 Mane Nobiscum Narrativefaith,hope,
1/30/2012 Love in brevity Concretefaith,life,
1/30/2012 Lost without you Rhymeimagination,inspirational
1/30/2012 Looks like a tall order Rhymehope,life,me,me,
1/30/2012 Looking to my future Narrativededication,faith,history,
1/30/2012 Listening to God Pastoralfaith,inspirational,
1/30/2012 Like grated cheese in the sieve Rhymefaith,inspirational,relig
1/30/2012 Like a sibling soul Rhymehope,life,me,
1/30/2012 Life in reality Concretelife,
1/30/2012 Let compassion step up to the plate Pastoralfaith,hope,inspirational,
1/30/2012 The Beatitudes Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,

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