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A Pondering Poet~

Echoing Resolve


Easy river run
down vast beauty light
in morning dawn
crest before my eyes

For autumn rain has gone
sparking light of silver grace
now lay peaceful strokes
on hillside of new day

Each thought still remain
in splashed hues of poetic verse
a quenching bath of love
upon soft sky of birth








I See -

Blog Posted:5/7/2012 4:45:00 PM

Now, don't think I'm nuts


Have you ever layed silent

resting in bliss

and, with eyes closed

looked through your lids

There's A Realm Out there

If you have a hard time doing it........Then close your eyes and look at a bright object / The Sun / a light Bulb / etc.........until you learn to SEE / your eyes might try to open...It's an art to keep them closed and see

When you lie down at night give it a try

let your eyes focus on the energy realm

it's out there.

(Through your eye lids)

I, myself, can see my energy shell with my eyes arms, my stomach, my legs

I'm not kinding.......


I see Purple clouds


white dots of light

and images

You can laugh and disregard...or truly look out and beyond

God bless

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  1. Date: 5/14/2012 4:15:00 PM
    spooky at night..David

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  1. Date: 5/9/2012 10:11:00 PM
    Yes, we can see weirdly thru our closed lids!!! not that I try doing it a lot but I have noticed some weird patterns doing that!

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  1. Date: 5/8/2012 3:27:00 PM
    Love that word Ruben YOU write me a poem about that okies??

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  1. Date: 5/8/2012 3:26:00 PM
    I bet YOu are NOT KIDDING! either ;) yes you are seeing aura's it is an aspect of CLAIRVOYANCE..the following are other CLAIRES [which means clear seeing!] ;) Clairsentience (feeling/touching)/ Clairaudience (hearing/listening)/Clairalience (smelling) 6.4 Claircognizance (knowing) 6.5 Clairgustance (tasting)

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  1. Date: 5/8/2012 7:52:00 AM
    hey Rick this is something I have been doing all of my life, at night in the pitch black, it's amazing what you see..David

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  1. Date: 5/8/2012 5:31:00 AM
    rick, i feel with you.. when i meditate or simply close my eyes in silence, a kind of light forms on the forehead and up the crown... or when i do focus on a bulb a similar image flashes when i slit my eyes... the chakras align and the energy field vibrates as one; it is a spiritual experience for me... such bliss!... thanks too for appreciating my " fire" piece... huggs to you!:)

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  1. Date: 5/8/2012 5:29:00 AM
    wow Rick, you will not believe this, but since my eye ttoubles began, i see permanently like that. ha ha, you've made my day.problem is even the evil amongst us are wearing a halo. harry

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  1. Date: 5/8/2012 12:34:00 AM
    I'm glad I decided to read the blogs today and I'm so happy to read what you've described here, Rick :) Wow! With your eyes closed? That is amazing! I can see these 'energies' too, but not with my eyes closed...I don't think you are nuts and yes it is beautiful. So very beautiful!

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 11:31:00 PM
    I understand where your coming from Ruben. It's not exactly what I'm talking about..It's tough to explain, but, it's beautiful!Thanks for the input!!!God bless you and yours

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:59:00 PM
    "I see people closing their eyes!"LOL!

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:58:00 PM
    This phenomenon of seeing light without light actually entering the eye is called: phosphene... induced by mechanical, electrical, or magnetic stimulation of the retina. You can also "see" it by rubbing your closed eyes, or from a sneeze, or blowing your nose...When you “see stars” after a blow on the head...that's a phosphene! Ruben

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:46:00 PM
    By the way Chris, could you whip that into a short verse!!!LOL

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:45:00 PM
    Get some rest Dan. (lol) Hope you enjoyed the "Ponder"

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:44:00 PM
    O.K. Chris............You got me laughing and pondering the facts.........Thanks for the input!!!I'm enjoying a cool H20 as we speak...

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:34:00 PM
    Ignore wot I typed below. It is all fiction. People who see a supposed "energy realm" should filter their tap water ha ha!

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:30:00 PM
    "Do you see wot I see?" Hehe - yeah, I am not sure if this is the same thing, but after doing copious amounts of magic mushrooms, I "see" auras around everything, including trees. Magic mushrooms tear open your pineal gland(third eye - size of a pea, located in the centre of the two hemispheres in your brain). Once the pineal gland has dilated, changing shape, so that the wings open up(one wing per hemisphere), your sixth sense picks up all of the energy around. Obviously every living organism has a current flowing through and from it. Higher order mammals emit brain waves from their skulls at quite a distance, depending on the type of wave/frequency. Our brains can receive waves just as strongly as transmitting them. Even something quirky like a duckbilled platypus strictly hunts and evades other animals by feeling out the wave frequencies emitted - they don't use sight, touch, hearing or smell to "read" the surrounding environment, but instead, pick up magnetic/energy fields(although the platypus' sense of sight and smell is far more heightened than a human's). They are simply amazing receivers, with an electro-magnetic receiver built into their bill. The human brain has all of the hardware required to properly receive and categorize wave frequencies. To begin reading these energy fields as colours, is just a baby step towards harnessing the pure potential of our brains.

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 8:14:00 PM
    *quiet, ominous whisper* - "I see....dead people."

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:58:00 PM
    Our Spirit .........Our bodies..........Our amazing, I'm speachless!!

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:39:00 PM
    The astral planes is a lovely place to spend time Rick..It's where I go through meditation..To connect with the atmosphere around you is truly an amazing gift.. Hugs Tracie xx

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:24:00 PM
    Hi P.D..........I thought I might tempt your curiousity. Thank you.....and God bless you-

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:22:00 PM
    OK. one last thing.........I'm risking everything by telling you this.....LOL (Just Kidding)O'K' start at you feet working towards your crown. Wrap your body in ropes of light...all the way up both your legs, around your mid-stream....up and down each arm...up the neck..and over the head........If you are one to Pray, NOW is a good time!!!!Healing......Healing ...Healing....God bless

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:15:00 PM
    ha.... this is an emergency broadcast....................... that is why we love you.... thank you..pd

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:13:00 PM
    I thought Guzzi would be pokin around.............'-@

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:10:00 PM
    Paul and JoAnn, I hope you well SEE......and I have also learn't to release all the energy in my legs when I lie down. Release, relax- turn your legs into dead weight. (they hold lots of stress) (Lots of people tighten up and flex their legs..Never learning to release the energy!!!God bless ~/ Thanks Carrie for the input.....U Nut....

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 7:05:00 PM
    Ladies, Make sure you look out into that energy.....FOCUS....through closed eyes. And yes it is the "Third Eye" Catie. I believe it to be the spirit realm/energy realm/ it is just amazing. Don't worry Mandy, I "BELIEVE" you

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 6:55:00 PM
    Paula, I also have difficulty sleeping, and go in 2-3 hour naps. Rick, I see colors with my eyes closed, but then still see them with my eyes open. It is a genetic disorder that eventually will cause me to go blind. These are bright colors, like light, and they often flash off and on. Then i know I must lay down, but I still see them for hours. This is probably not what you meant.

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 6:38:00 PM
    Yes!! I have done exactly that, and first will see the "negative" of whatever I had been looking at, then....I can see a the (as you called it) energy realm. No you are not "nuts"! If you are...then I too am Nuttier than a fruitcake!

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  1. Date: 5/7/2012 5:49:00 PM
    You may not believe it but i have always been able to see with my eyes closed, I can lie their as you say just looking and it is amazing what colours are in your head the fantastic burts of light, take it a step further, hold you hand up and look at it with closed eyes, move it, you will be able to see it, I thinks its because the mind is so clever it knows what to form even down to the wiggling fingers. I am an insomniac as well so get plenty of time to practise xx

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