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Thank you from my heart
Date Posted: 2/15/2009 4:10:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/17/2014 God's Special Choice Rhymedeath,dedication,
8/6/2010 For the Wings of an Angel Rhymeinspirationalangel,angel,
1/28/2010 What is it? Rhymeinspirational
1/3/2010 A Dreamer's Beat Rhymeinspirationalblue,
11/19/2009 Remnants Of The Past Rhymeinspirationalnature,time,
11/5/2009 The Time Has Come Rhymeinspirationaltime,
10/31/2009 Halloween's Cry Rhymeholidaytime,
8/20/2009 Every Day Is a Struggle Rhymeinspirationalgod,pain,god
4/29/2009 Buildings Go Up Rhymeinspirational
3/18/2009 Just One Day Rhymeinspirationaltime,
3/18/2009 Circle Of Life Rhymeinspirational
2/16/2009 The Heart Of An Angel Rhymeinspirationalheart,heart,
2/3/2009 Miles Apart Rhymeinspirationaldream,dream,
11/25/2008 Twas A Month Before Christmas Rhymefunnywriting,poems,poetry
11/24/2008 I'm Only One Person Rhymeinspirational
11/24/2008 If I Had Just One Wish Rhymeinspirational
11/24/2008 I See In His Eyes Rhymeinspirationalme,
11/24/2008 The Hardest Part Rhymeinspirationalsong,song,
10/12/2008 No Hugs From Daddy Rhymeinspirational
10/12/2008 Do You Remember When Rhymeinspirational
10/9/2008 I Looked At Myself Rhymeinspirationalme,heart,hea
10/8/2008 A Halloween Night Rhymeholidayhalloween,dark,dar
10/6/2008 Today I discovered Rhymeinspirationalwords,me,pai
10/6/2008 Angels With No Name Rhymeinspirationalwords,me,hea
10/6/2008 Beneath A Glass Bubble Rhymeinspirationalworld,hallow
10/6/2008 On The Wings Of An Eagle Rhymeinspirational
10/6/2008 When God Made Me Rhymeinspirationalgod,me,god,m
10/6/2008 Special Parents As You Rhymeinspirationallove,me,sorr
10/6/2008 The Need To Be Rhymeinspirationallonging,desi
10/4/2008 I'm No Stranger To Pain Rhymeinspirationalme,
10/3/2008 I Have Some Friends Rhymeinspirationalwords,me,me,
9/24/2008 We're Always In A Hurry Rhymeinspirational
9/23/2008 It Only Takes A Moment Rhymeinspirational
9/23/2008 Mr. Winter Rhymeinspirational
9/23/2008 Just A Plain Rock Rhymeinspirational
9/23/2008 She's Still Here Rhymeinspirational
9/22/2008 I Write From The Heart Rhymeinspirationalwords,write,
9/20/2008 I Wish I Wish Rhymeinspirationalme,me,moon,
9/20/2008 I Remember Rhymeinspirationalgod,me,angel
9/20/2008 I Need The Strength Rhymeinspirationalstrength,
9/20/2008 I Believe I Can Fly Rhymeinspirational
9/17/2008 Do You Hear What I Hear Rhymeinspirational
9/16/2008 The Way To Someone's Heart Rhymeinspirational
9/16/2008 He's Always Been There Rhymeinspirationalme,me,
9/16/2008 Fall's Own Rainbow Rhymeinspirationalrainbow,time
9/15/2008 It Seems Like Only Yesterday Rhymeinspirationaltoday,
9/15/2008 In The Wake Of The Holidays Rhymeinspirational
9/15/2008 The Gift Of Christmas Rhymeinspirationalchristmas,ch
6/29/2008 I'm Not Cinderella Rhymeinspirational
5/1/2008 I Just Want To Be Me Rhymeinspirationalpeople,peopl
5/1/2008 I Had A Dream Rhymeinspirationaldream,dream,
5/1/2008 I Believe in Angels Rhymeinspirational
4/28/2008 The Face Of A Hero Rhymeinspirational
4/28/2008 The Heroes Among Us Rhymeinspirational
4/28/2008 Angels Are Born Rhymeinspirational
4/28/2008 Memories Without A Face Rhymeinspirational
4/28/2008 On This Day Till Forever Ends Rhymeinspirationallove,
4/28/2008 You Put A Song In My Heart Rhymeinspirationalheart,song,h
4/28/2008 God's Greatest Work Of Art Rhymeinspirationalwork,art,art
4/28/2008 Sometimes Rhymeinspirational
4/28/2008 I Never Had The Chance Rhymeinspirationaltime,time,
3/31/2008 Take Time Rhymeinspirationaltime,time,pr
3/12/2008 I Am The Eagle Rhymeinspirationalme,

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Fav Poems

Take My Hand Rhymehope,people
The Romance of Nature Rhymelove,nature
The Black Rose Rhymedeath,loss,lost love,love

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