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Happy christmas
Date Posted: 12/11/2009 1:19:00 AM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/11/2016 End Alliterationanti bullying,
5/30/2016 3000 Alliterationage,
5/23/2016 nazis Chokaage,
5/22/2016 the truth about the world Balladeanger,
5/20/2016 2040 Balladeblessing,
5/20/2016 the truth about adults Bioart,
5/15/2016 Jail Biobio,prison,
5/15/2016 England will shake Blank verseenvironment,
5/15/2016 The enigma of Hitler Blank versehistory,
3/26/2016 Brick walls Biobooks,
3/26/2016 Brick walls Biobooks,
2/29/2016 we are living just after christs return Alliterationage,
2/29/2016 land of eternal darkness Alliterationabsence,
2/23/2016 destruction is on its way Alliterationadventure,
2/22/2016 art and dreams Acrosticage,
2/22/2016 this is the universe of infinite pain Alexandrineabortion,universe,
2/22/2016 apocalypse Alliterationage,
2/22/2016 the rape of the moon Alliterationanalogy,
2/21/2016 heresy Alliterationadventure,
2/21/2016 love Alliterationbeautiful,
2/21/2016 the world does not exist Alliterationangel,
2/19/2016 judgement day Alliterationabortion,
2/17/2016 now Alliterationabortion,
2/17/2016 nexus Alliterationaddiction,
2/15/2016 pit of hell Alliterationabortion,
2/15/2016 quantum leap Alexandrineage,
2/14/2016 eternity Balladabuse,
2/14/2016 intelligent life Alliterationafrica,
2/14/2016 the oldest soul Alexandrineanalogy,
2/14/2016 birdsx Alliterationbird,
2/14/2016 two people Alliterationabuse,analogy,
2/14/2016 spring Alliterationadventure,
2/13/2016 feet Alexandrineanniversary,
2/13/2016 strictly BC Alliterationabuse,
2/13/2016 child porn Alliterationabortion,
2/13/2016 men Alliterationanalogy,
2/13/2016 2000 and insect Balladebetrayal,
2/13/2016 worst case scenario Alliterationbio,
2/12/2016 telescopes Alliterationanger,
2/12/2016 21st century artist Alexandrineamerica,
2/12/2016 the most precious thing to exist Alexandrinebeautiful,
2/12/2016 downtrodden Alliterationabuse,universe,
2/12/2016 downtrodden Alliterationabuse,universe,
2/12/2016 game over Alliterationage,
2/11/2016 fly by night Balladeage,
2/11/2016 genocide of mental ill in europe Alliterationabsence,
2/11/2016 ignorance Balladabortion,
2/10/2016 freed Bioangel,
2/9/2016 Vincent the difference Bioart,
2/9/2016 Im the child you love to kill Balladabuse,
2/7/2016 the second coming Acrosticart,
1/27/2016 build your own universe Alliterationadventure,universe,
1/27/2016 Acrossthe universe Alexandrinebeautiful,universe,
1/20/2016 devilschoice Alliterationanger,universe,
1/19/2016 the year 7000 Alliterationbible,
1/18/2016 the system Alliterationcar,city,
1/17/2016 The universe god threw away Blank verseabsence,universe,
1/16/2016 what the world iis Alliterationabortion,
1/16/2016 what the world iis Alliterationabortion,
1/14/2016 21st century memory Biocharacter,
1/14/2016 Let it be Blank verseangel,
1/12/2016 The world Blank verseallusion,
1/12/2016 Adultery Blank versebooks,
1/12/2016 Artbook Blank verseart,
1/12/2016 intrepiduniverseenterprises Blank verseadventure,universe,
1/11/2016 The uselessverse Balladeabuse,
1/10/2016 Her majesty Balladblessing,
1/10/2016 Because Blank versebeautiful,
1/10/2016 She came in through the bedroom window Blank verseallusion,
1/9/2016 Polythene Pam Carpe Diembest friend,
1/9/2016 Sun King Balladage,
1/9/2016 Here comes the sun Balladart,fun,
1/9/2016 Octopus's estuary Balladanimal,deep,
1/9/2016 Oh darling Balladabsence,
1/9/2016 Maxwell's silver tongue Balladafrica,beauty,bio,blessin
1/8/2016 britain Acrosticabuse,
1/8/2016 Nazis Balladfreedom,
1/8/2016 Auchwitz Blitzabuse,
1/8/2016 the world is an eternal hell Bioangel,
1/8/2016 Something Free verselost love,
1/8/2016 You always put it on me Bioautumn,bio,
1/8/2016 Come together pt2 Balladallegory,allusion,
1/8/2016 Come together Classicismmagic,
1/7/2016 this one starts rather galaxyr Blank verseafrica,america,
1/2/2016 Golden Slumbers Blank versei love you,
1/2/2016 The End Biobio,
12/31/2015 Mean Mr Mustard Bioangel,
12/29/2015 Carry that weight Bioabuse,
12/22/2015 Orion Blank verseanxiety,children,
12/22/2015 The hunt begins Blank verseanxiety,
12/16/2015 the death of reality Blank verseabuse,universe,
12/16/2015 I have a dream Blank verseblack african american,fr
12/16/2015 I have a dream Blank verseblack african american,fr
12/13/2015 ode to a mental patient Bioanger,
12/9/2015 god is a nazi Blank versebetrayal,
12/8/2015 Little girl lost Quatrainlost love,
12/5/2015 Babylon II Blank versebible,epic,universe,
12/4/2015 The Violet Wind Quatrainanger,beautiful,film,
12/4/2015 Aborosphorus Quatrainallegory,art,
11/19/2013 Karmic Money Blank verseepic,mythology,

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