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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/22/2012 Favorite Things Narrativehope,inspirational,
12/22/2012 Walking in the Wind Narrativeintrospection,life,me,me,
12/22/2012 Twenty Six Quatraindeath,hope,light,light,
12/4/2012 Trapped in the Night Narrativeintrospection,life,
12/4/2012 My Soul Starts to Feed Quatrainlife,
12/4/2012 The Fog Rolls in Narrativehope,introspection,christ
11/24/2012 Perhaps Tomorrow Narrativehope,introspection,life,
11/24/2012 The View from Today Quatrainlife,seasons,life,
11/24/2012 A Penny for your Thoughts Quatraininspirational,introspecti
11/24/2012 What, When and Where Rhymeintrospection,life,
11/12/2012 Reflections and the Mirror Narrativeintrospection,life,life,m
11/12/2012 Will We Remember Quatrainlife,
11/12/2012 You Never can be Certain Quatrainhope,introspection,life,m
11/12/2012 One More Try Quatrainintrospection,life,moon,s
11/1/2012 The day Passes By Narrativetime,day,day,me,sun,
11/1/2012 I Am Quatrainintrospection,
11/1/2012 In a Perfect World Quatrainintrospection,life,world,
10/16/2012 Tears from Heaven Narrativephilosophy,
10/16/2012 Rainbows and Raincoats Quatrainintrospection,
10/16/2012 I Am Quatrainintrospection,life,
10/6/2012 A Wandering Soul Narrativeintrospection,life,rain,r
10/6/2012 Ascend Quatraininspirational,
10/1/2012 Remembering the Names Rhymeintrospection,life,sun,
10/1/2012 Driving into the Light Narrativeintrospection,life,day,da
10/1/2012 Somebody to Love Quatrainhope,life,love,
9/15/2012 A Place on the Page Quatrainintrospection,on writing
9/15/2012 The Trees Cry Narrativenature,tree,day,tree,
9/15/2012 Loving All Life Acrosticlife,life,life,
9/15/2012 One More Day Quatrainintrospection,nature,me,s
9/8/2012 A saturday Wit Lobsters Narrativeadventure,change,me,sky,t
9/8/2012 All that I know Quatrainhope,life,change,me,sky,t
9/8/2012 The Wisdom I see Narrativelife,words,life,
9/8/2012 Nowhere else to go Quatraininspirational,introspecti
8/6/2012 My heart has a mind of its own Narrativepassion,me,heart,heart,lo
8/6/2012 Clouds up in the sky Quatrainimagination,introspection
8/6/2012 I drift into the night Narrativeimagination,inspirational
7/28/2012 The world Outside Narrativehope,introspection,life,w
7/28/2012 A Smile to get Into Quatrainhope,lost love,words,lost
7/28/2012 Reality versus Dreams Narrativeintrospection,life,dream,
7/24/2012 Only Love Can Break Your Heart Quatrainintrospection,life,love,l
7/24/2012 A Dragon's Tale Narrativeepic,for children,imagina
7/20/2012 Bridges Burn Narrativelife,life,
7/20/2012 What You'll Get In The end Quatrainhope,introspection,life,m
7/20/2012 The clouds get in my way Acrosticintrospection,life,sun,
7/20/2012 A simple prayer Quatrainhope,peace,me,peace,love,
7/20/2012 Inside My Heart Narrativehope,introspection,peace,
7/9/2012 What people say Quatrainhope,inspirational,world,
7/9/2012 A little more sleep Quatrainlife,prayer,hope,life,
7/9/2012 Life Stew Narrativeintrospection,life,life,m
6/11/2012 Hope is Quatrainhope,introspection,hope,
6/11/2012 Heaven can wait Monorhymeintrospection,life,heaven
6/11/2012 Catch a Rainbow Quatrainnature,rainbow,
5/20/2012 I Can't Explain Quatrainlife,lost,lost,
5/20/2012 Smile Quatrainhappiness,light,light,me,
5/15/2012 The Finer Things Quatrainintrospection,life,may,
5/15/2012 As I Open My eyes Quatrainfaith,hope,life,hope,sun,
5/7/2012 Where do you go Quatrainnature,life,moon,stars,su
5/7/2012 Talk to you Quatraininspirational,life,
4/29/2012 This state of confusion Narrativeintrospection,life,time,
4/29/2012 In these words Quatrainhope,hope,sun,
4/25/2012 I start to write Rhymenature,sun,
4/25/2012 I remember a time Narrativeintrospection,life,lost,t
4/25/2012 Just from a seed Quatrainimagination,life,beauty,b
4/23/2012 Try to catch the wind Quatrainlife,sun,
4/23/2012 Vision Quatrainintrospection,life,
4/12/2012 Then Came the Storm Quatrainintrospection,life,time,m
4/12/2012 I hope for change Quatrainhope,hope,
4/12/2012 I try to find peace Quatrainhope,life,peace,peace,sun
4/9/2012 The seasons of life Quatrainnature,life,life,sun,
4/9/2012 Worlds Apart Narrativefaith,life,life,
3/31/2012 Love is blindness Quatrainintrospection,love,
3/31/2012 Hearts and Thoughts Quatrainintrospection,life,
3/28/2012 It's not my cross to bear Quatrainintrospection,life,
3/28/2012 Still memories haunt Narrativeintrospection,lost,lost,
3/28/2012 Spring's on the way Quatrainlife,
3/9/2012 Take anything you want Quatrainintrospection,life,loss,f
3/9/2012 The end of the line Narrativehope,life,
3/9/2012 Flowers Can Be Acrosticintrospection,nature,sun,
3/5/2012 Into the fog Quatrainimagination,nature,me,
3/5/2012 a place called home Narrativeintrospection,passion,hea
3/2/2012 Circles of Life Narrativeintrospection,life,dream,
2/29/2012 A trip to the sea Narrativenature,sky,
2/27/2012 If you're not busy Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
2/27/2012 I used to think Quatrainintrospection,life,
2/26/2012 I can't cry anymore Quatrainintrospection,life,cry,
2/24/2012 Take it all back Narrativelife,time,time,
2/24/2012 I see change Quatraininspirational,introspecti
2/19/2012 All I seem to doubt Dramatic Verseintrospection,lost love,f
2/19/2012 Small wonders Quatrainintrospection,life,me,mor
2/16/2012 No expectations Narrativeinspirational,introspecti
2/16/2012 The Wind Haikuimagination,nature,
2/16/2012 Cold winds blow Narrativenature,winter,home,home,s
2/14/2012 Imagine a World Quatrainhope,imagination,world,
2/13/2012 It Was Once upon a Time Narrativeintrospection,lost love,t
2/12/2012 What words can become Quatrainintrospection,words,toget
2/12/2012 I'm losing you Narrativelife,words,
2/11/2012 Too Many Things Quatrainintrospection,life,
2/7/2012 If I were a river Narrativeimagination,water,journey
2/7/2012 The sun shall rise Narrativeinspirational,light,light
2/6/2012 A trip to New York City Narrativeinspirational,introspecti

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