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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/29/2013 Death of love Free verselove,
5/19/2013 Day light Free verselife,
5/16/2013 Multiple faces Free verselife,
4/26/2013 Stop Free verselife,
12/4/2012 Why are Question Free verseimagination,life,philosop
1/6/2012 Syd Barrett Tribute Poem Free versemusic,
12/26/2011 Behind the fence Free verselife,write,me,write,
9/26/2011 Happy Birthday Free verseanniversary,life,lost lov
8/9/2011 Pause Free verselife,
7/24/2011 In her eyes I do not know?lovelost,lost,
7/24/2011 Trust Free verselifetrust,
7/24/2011 A shelter Free verselost love
7/24/2011 A new beginning Free verselifetime,
7/10/2011 I wish I do not know?lifenight,night,i love yo
7/10/2011 Wait I do not know?life
7/10/2011 May be Free verselifelost,lost,
7/10/2011 End of the road Free verselife
7/10/2011 Saddened thoughts Free verselost love
7/10/2011 Goodbye Free verselost love
6/24/2011 A part of me I do not know?life
5/29/2011 Words Of wisdom I do not know?life
4/30/2011 The Forbidden Beauty I do not know?loss
4/20/2011 Empty Words Free verselifewords,
4/20/2011 Arrogance Free verselife
4/12/2011 Untitled I do not know?life
4/5/2011 The way you wanted me to be I do not know?lost loveheart,heart,
4/5/2011 Capture the moment I do not know?life
3/25/2011 Diamond Heart I do not know?love
3/25/2011 Sunshine I do not know?nature
2/1/2011 Oh I love this day Free verselife
2/1/2011 A simple reflection Free verselife
1/15/2011 Meaning Free verselifelost,lost,
11/17/2010 The Fallen angel Free verseimaginationbeautiful,beau
11/16/2010 The morning sun Free verselove
11/15/2010 Spectacular Free verselovemetaphor,sky,stars,
11/15/2010 Everyday Free verseme,lost,change,lost,me,i
10/23/2010 Floating with the waves of the melody Free verselifedream,dream,
9/26/2010 The burning won't hurt Free verselost loveme,
8/31/2010 If she were with me I do not know?love
8/29/2010 With the empty glass in my hand Free verseimagination
8/25/2010 I'll write it down, and just leave her to rest Sonnetnature
8/1/2010 Happy friendship day! I do not know?friendship
8/1/2010 Smile forever I do not know?lifemay,smile,
8/1/2010 Interwoven thoughts I do not know?lost loverain,rain,
7/25/2010 Imagination I do not know?imaginationsmile,
7/20/2010 I I do not know?love
7/18/2010 For I thought the love I loved shall be mine Sonnetloveheart,heart,me,
7/16/2010 Lesson Free verselifevoice,voice,
7/16/2010 Freedom Free verselife
6/18/2010 Roadkill of the last love's train Free verselost love
6/17/2010 Rain I do not know?naturerain,rain,
6/17/2010 Exam I do not know?education
6/6/2010 Assassinating beauty I do not know?love
6/6/2010 I do not know?lovebeautiful,me,lost,bet
6/6/2010 Assassinating beauty I do not know?lovebeautiful,me,lost,bet
4/19/2010 Lost I do not know?lovepain,lost,cry,lost,
4/19/2010 The imagination of contemporary poet I do not know?lifemay,
3/15/2010 If you thought I do not know?lost lovelove,me,
3/15/2010 Story I do not know?life
3/15/2010 To hold you I do not know?lost loveheart,heart,me,
3/15/2010 Paranoia I do not know?lifeme,
3/15/2010 War of words I do not know? 
3/15/2010 Dynamic I do not know?life
3/15/2010 Living as a misanthrope I do not know?lifecare,care,
3/15/2010 The path I do not know?life
3/15/2010 Reality Free verselifeworld,
3/13/2010 You ask me Free verselost love
2/21/2010 The sun I do not know?natureme,me,sun,
2/5/2010 For you Free verseloveworld,love,time,
12/28/2009 Happy anniversary Acrosticloveday,
12/28/2009 Memory of ages Free verseloveday,moon,
12/6/2009 Traveling back in time Free verselife
11/21/2009 Dead Thoughts Free verselife
11/21/2009 Cruel World Free verselifeworld,
11/21/2009 The day Free verselifeday,change,day,
11/21/2009 As I leave Free verselife
11/21/2009 A mistake Free verselife
11/14/2009 Hungry men I do not know?life
11/14/2009 Battery man Free verselifewife,
11/7/2009 Never enough I do not know?imagination
10/28/2009 Title I do not know?naturenature,beauty,beaut
10/28/2009 A Vengeance Free versedeath
10/28/2009 Land of the dead I do not know?death
10/28/2009 Time I do not know?time
10/28/2009 Nature Free versenaturesky,
10/26/2009 School Days I do not know?schoolworld,change,
10/26/2009 A journey Free verselifeme,friend,me,
10/26/2009 Tell me Free verselifeme,me,
10/26/2009 The Silhouette of the trees Free versedeath
10/14/2009 The difference I do not know?lifehate,
10/14/2009 The time is near I do not know?lifeme,me,time,
10/14/2009 The land of war I do not know?deathstar,star,
10/14/2009 Treacherous world I do not know?lifebetrayal,life,
9/24/2009 The dark lord I do not know?deathdark,dark,time,
9/24/2009 Retribution I do not know?deathpain,dark,dark,
9/24/2009 A kiss inside a dark tomb I do not know?deathheart,day,heart,
9/24/2009 Six feet under I do not know?deathheart,light,heart,li
8/31/2009 Broken away Lyriclost love,loveheart,heart
8/22/2009 What can I do I do not know?imagination
8/22/2009 Un-understandable I do not know?imagination

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