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  1. Date: 10/8/2012 6:21:00 AM
    You have given yourself a very hard task :) in judging it is easiest to judge if everyone uses the same form [apples to apples] I almost never require only 1 form BUT it is easier to judge. If you have 3 different verses in 3 different forms for each poet wowser! That's alot of thinking for you! I too like the idea of doing this BUT...just out of curiosity if 2 are GREAT and 1 stinks how will you judge that against a person who wrote 1 GREAt poem?

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  1. Date: 10/7/2012 8:06:00 AM
    I just saw you tell Shaz "you can enter UP to three poems" I had believed that we HAD to enter three. I did see someone do only one poem which was very good, so that means they were ok? I hope so!!

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  1. Date: 10/7/2012 8:04:00 AM
    Anthony, WILL DO!!!!! I love your contest idea and have enjoyed the poems I am reading.

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  1. Date: 10/7/2012 7:59:00 AM
    Ienjoyed your contest - coming up with three different visions of whiteness, and reading other poems. Thanks.

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  1. Date: 10/7/2012 3:49:00 AM
    sounds exciting Anthony...I can enter more than 1 poem ..yes?

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/22/2016 somewhat Free versebaby,death,
10/20/2016 THE WALL Shapeword play,
10/15/2016 the cutter Rhymerelationship,
10/15/2016 autumn berries Rhymedeath,nature,
10/12/2016 bullets Acrosticcity,funeral,
10/12/2016 cribs and mustard seeds Rhymebible,dark,
10/7/2016 bruised not broken Rhymehope,
10/3/2016 Hurricane Haiti Free versenatural disasters,
10/1/2016 Flint Monkeys Free versedream,
9/30/2016 myku Haikunature,
9/30/2016 bird house blues Rhymenature,
9/22/2016 When Bees Make More Than Honey Free verseadventure,
9/18/2016 Just a Cloud Free verseimagination,
9/18/2016 crayons and city buses Free versecity,people,
9/9/2016 Barqs Like a Chicken Prosememory,
9/3/2016 bearded brats Rhymerelationship,
9/2/2016 nothing Free versework,
9/2/2016 Bottle Cap Sunday Prose Poetryfather son,nostalgia,
8/28/2016 prophets of Death Rhymeanger,community,
8/26/2016 games harlots food Free versefood,games,women,
8/18/2016 wobbly clowns Rhymelife,time,
7/31/2016 diamonds and piss Rhymeadventure,
7/29/2016 pom pom mountain Rhymepain,youth,
7/25/2016 Midnight moth Free verseangst,
7/25/2016 Footbridges of The Mind Rhymelost,
7/19/2016 the art of rolling leaves Free verseanalogy,
7/10/2016 interview with an artist Free verseart,
7/9/2016 scented ash Rhymeanalogy,
7/8/2016 a fresco promise Rhymeappreciation,
7/4/2016 bait ball Rhymedeath,freedom,
7/2/2016 unborn song Didacticbird,
7/2/2016 march of the mirrors Free versemen,women,
7/1/2016 INTEGRATION Free verserace,
7/1/2016 the intentions of clouds Free verseimagery,
6/18/2016 red dish poem Free versered,silly,
6/13/2016 when hell slammed into Orlando Rhymeangst,
6/11/2016 The Immaculate Hike Rhymenature,
5/28/2016 Crows of the Common Senses Rhymeadventure,
5/22/2016 sandbar Rhymeadventure,
5/22/2016 brown recluse dream Rhymedream,stars,
5/22/2016 box canyon heart Rhymepeace,
5/20/2016 To a Little Brown Flier Rhymebird,death,
5/14/2016 Orange Peels and Baby Stars Free versefaith,stars,
5/12/2016 Cherry Bombs and Paper Souls Rhymelife,
4/30/2016 Tiger God Rhymeabsence,art,
4/30/2016 Black Pearls For The Taking Rhymeanalogy,
4/24/2016 A Crag Called Me Free verseblessing,
4/19/2016 Temporary Gems Senryupoverty,
4/11/2016 myku Haikuflower,storm,
4/9/2016 Aunt Lucy and the Bee Rhymeangel,eulogy,
4/9/2016 silly little sun song Free versesong,sun,
4/8/2016 The Clack of Time Rhymefor her,
4/4/2016 boomerang heart Rhymelost love,
4/4/2016 A Pillow Case Narrativegarden,
4/1/2016 weathered Rhymeweather,
3/28/2016 boxing gloves and dead sea scrolls Free verseheart,hurt,
3/25/2016 Unhatched Poem Haikubird,
3/19/2016 Little Wings Rhymeabuse,
3/13/2016 Sky Horse Rhymehope,horse,
3/8/2016 Teaching Sincerity Free versesin,
2/16/2016 an odd little poem or two Free versedeath,funny,life,
2/16/2016 infinity path Rhymelife,
1/15/2016 Egg tooth Free verseabsence,
12/8/2015 above the gray Rhymedestiny,
12/1/2015 this poem is about winter -not a person Coupletwinter,
10/20/2015 I Dream in Tornado Elegymother,nature,pain,
4/26/2015 Walking Stones Shapenature,
1/11/2015 Origami Tigress Rhymebaptism,desire,earth,
1/4/2015 Peaceful Illusions Prose Poetryearth,war,
12/21/2014 Armless Nation Rhymeusa,
12/18/2014 Star 51 Rhymeabuse,earth,
12/6/2014 A Sparrow Poem Rhymerelationship,
12/6/2014 Barometer Deer Narrativedeath,miracle,planet,
12/4/2014 Popcorn Carolyn Free verseaddiction,confusion,
12/3/2014 CrissCrossed Rhymelife,
12/1/2014 Oh Ferguson Free versecommunity,conflict,confus
11/30/2014 Winter Wizard Beach Haikubeach,winter,
11/22/2014 enoughs Rhymepeople,
11/14/2014 the rarity of recognition Rhymebaptism,
10/29/2014 love Leaves Rhymelost love,
9/13/2014 petrified feathers Free verseabsence,
9/12/2014 ugly poem Free verseabsence,war,
9/8/2014 Blue Seals Rhymeadventure,
9/3/2014 mud star Free verseabuse,
8/31/2014 kilns and violins Rhymecrazy,life,
7/4/2014 bloodhound nose Rhymebereavement,
6/2/2014 Black Fingered Pond Free versedeath,grandmother,
4/17/2014 An Enchanted little Poem Rhymehope,nature,
3/23/2014 The Lost Flight of Hope Free verseallegory,space,
3/20/2014 Avalanche Preoccupied Rhymearabic,art,feelings,natur
3/17/2014 grave heart Rhymeanger,death,
3/3/2014 snow egg Senryubird,family,snow,
2/24/2014 Yellow-fins Rhymeallegory,business,conflic
2/12/2014 Huddling Senryuwinter,
2/8/2014 Crows feet Haikudeath of a friend,
2/7/2014 winter crumbs Haikunature,
10/12/2013 Uluru Haikunature,
10/11/2013 Eden's Graffiti Narrativeabuse,garden,
10/6/2013 Cloudburst Free versenature,
10/6/2013 Turtle Hand God Free versedeath of a friend,

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Fav Poems

Upon the sand Rhymelost love,
The Darkroom Free verseintrospectionme,red,
Obscurity in the twilight hours Narrativelovenight,night,
Forever Verona Sonnetlove
The silent cry Free verseconfusion,emotions,farewe

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