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Iranian Poems

A list of poems using the phrase Iranian. Iranian Poetry.

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All Roads Lead To The Holy Land

Hundreds of years would pass by, 
and still the battles raged. 
Arab and Palestinian enemies, 
new wars would now be waged. 

The land of milk and honey, 
where riches do abound. 
Is where you can always find, 
some army hanging round. 

What man doesn't understand, 
he tries to take by force. 
What he doesn't like it seems, 
he tries to change its course. 

Internal struggles abound, 
of who owns what and when. 
To the death it seems to be, 
their religion they will defend. 

Of the Jews they suffer still, 
persecution and so much woe. 
No matter where in this world, 
they ever choose to go.

Not one small piece of land, 
are they allowed to own. 
With the creation of Israel, 
hatreds seeds were planted and sown. 

Add in the Iranians, 
and all those from Iraq. 
Sprinkle in Afghanistan, 
and we have today's rather sad fact. 

The fight lives on and on, 
until all are in their grave 
Or one to the other themselves
will soon become enslaved. 

So now we've come full circle, 
with the crusaders trying to defend. 
The rights of one religion and race,
now on them have come to depend. 

There has to be hypocrisy there, 
or have we learned the lesson well. 
Did history teach us the truth, 
only time will too soon tell. 

Or is it just the same old game, 
as Peter and Adolf will attest. 
Is oil the riches that we seek,
again to feather our own nest.

The truth is hard to find, 
and even harder to discern. 
For man's power and greed,
inside our souls does burn. 

Under the guise of religion
or protection of our homes. 
There are way too many buried, 
as we climb upon their bones.

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Pakistan is weeping now
weeping Burmese burnt dreams
weeping Cubans in Darfur
weeping Venezuelans
North Korea is weeping still
weeping Iranian uranium dream
weeping Chinese in Tibet
weeping Russians
the world wails
and We sleep to dream

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History Repeats it self in Iran

History reapets it self one more time,
Praying for those who protesters,
Wishing I was there,
Fighting for a country,
That I care,
I am happy to see brave Iranian people,
Fighting for there rights and there freedom,

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Heaven On Earth

Here am I in strange city
Strange it seems because I see
A serene.peaceful,beautiful city
With Iraqis walking hand in hand
Right with Americans hands together

I see Iranian hands over their weapons
Deadly weapons they held on to clearly
They willingly relinquished and surrender
The Sundanese all happy and joyful
As the rebels embrace peace

Then I was jolted by the alarm clock
My eyes opened for it was a dream
A dream I wish it was true
When life on earth would be war,hatred-free
As if heaven has come to stay with us

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Shakuni, the word-seller-H

(The scene from Movie Ulzhan, Drama/German screened at 2007 Festival de Cannes)

( English Style)

I met, Shakuni, in a foreign land
He was a seller of precious words
He travelled a lot and the words he sold.
I met, Shakuni,  in a foreign land.
Sold words like “Moksha” an Indian word
Meaning a peaceful death without bad deeds
I met Shakuni, in a foreign land
He was a seller of precious words.

I met Shakuni,in a foreign land
He was a seller of precious words
In words“O.K., Ciao,” not interested 
I met Shakuni,  in a foreign land.
He liked “saudade”, the Portuguese word
Meaning melancholy, longing andlove 
I met Shakuni, in a foreign land
He was a seller of precious words.

I met Shakuni, in a foreign land
He was a seller of precious words
Sold “Dharma” duty and law combined
I met Shakuni, in a foreign land
Sold“Tarof” an Iranian word,
Meaning to refuse something of wishes
I met Shakuni,  in a foreign land
He was a seller of precious words

Honorable Mention
Contest : The Troilet Movie scene of Andrea Dietrich
*Shakuni is a character in the Movie Ulzhan. Une Coproduction Franco-Germano-Kazakh.

*Shakuni is a villainous character in the Hindu Epic Mahabharata. Shakuni, a Sanskrit 
word means a cheat, very skilled in playing dice. 

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Magnolia Song

(for The Beloved and in honor of Arthur Rimbaud)
… the magnolias are far away – still, I sing, begging them for bridges to brood with stanzas of butterflies in the suffocation around and heat mocking the sea where once we walked the shore beneath the cruel commas of hawks showering seraphimic curses, pink roses upon storms flung upward from spotted, inverted baskets, northern Iranian mountains aching praying wandering the cavern between the olive-minuet of your eyes and mine absconding their color from above and knitted by anguished waves stumbling, floundering into lunar mercury, the slant of scouring rain throwing blue into our faces in cadences dribbling from lemons and leaves of tea, strong with riots of black peppers hurting our tongues along the central street of our knowing, speaking silence without riddles yet wrapped about our shoulders with brazen mysteries hovering above the staring magnolias which now have crowded in... … though I still sing and always will... … of you...

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after declining to succumb to the
romantic notions of
mr. majid mohavedi,
a once beautiful Iranian Woman,
ran from him
while he relentlessly stalked her for
two years until he found her &
threw a bucket of acid on her face,
melting all of her physical beauty away &
blinding her
completely in

after 17 surgeries,
she is still blind &
she will be for the rest of her life---
mr. mohavedi on the other hand,
still walks with both eyes viewing the world
which she can no longer see

good ol’ sharia law,
which was written by mortal MEN,
permits Amenah a qisa
which would have allowed her
to gain payback or “justice”
(if you believe that burning out another’s
eyes would compensate for your own
by having acid dropped in his eyes &
at the time of his trial,
she told the court in question that this was
exactly what she wanted

the punishment of mohavedi
was originally supposed to take place in
april of 2009,
but was delayed & put off until may of
this year,
when it was postponed indefinitely,
and even if it had occurred,
it should be noted that because the qu’ran states that
a woman is worth half of a man
(“...get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women” qu’ran, 2:282),
even if he had been punished,
he would have only lost ONE EYE

Amenah pardoned mohavedi,
so that he will not lose an eye &
while this decision is being hailed by
amnesty international and people around the
world as being the right moral thing to do,
it seems as if the issue of women’s rights & religion has yet again
circumvented &
the real catalyst of the events of these past 9 years
gets swept under the carpet again

the fact remains that if these backward &
violent ideas WRITTEN BY MEN &
were ceased altogether,
by throwing out beliefs based on a poorly written
work of fiction,
then the women living in the parts of the world
where these ridiculously misogynistic behaviors
still hold dominance
would not have to live uneducated &
with a much shorter life span,
hoping not to get their faces burnt off because they
simply declined a marriage proposal.

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transparency (another puppet in the puppet show)

when mr. hope & change ran for leader of the empire,
he filled those so desperate
with hopes that were ungrounded,
if not completely false---
for if you walk like a politician &
you talk like a politician,
far be it for this writer to doubt that you are anything but a
one who in this country that is decrepit, desecrated & drowning in debt,
has sold the very inner core of themselves to the
bloodiest & dirtiest hands,
on the way up the ladder,
either forgetting or simply denying that when you get to the
you will have to pay up,
that you will have to remember all those disgusting hands that helped you to your
pinnacle of power,
so as to perpetuate the system of corruption &
keep those that are running things happy---
one more excerpt in mr. hope’s CV came today
when his disciples sent forth the story of iran’s
alleged hiring
of a mexican drug cartel to kill off the
ambassador from saudi arabia---
saying that a military solution is not off the table
but ever so graciously saying that the empire will deal with this with
with mr. carney (mr. change’s prime tool)
speaking at a press conference
hinting to us american people that
“for a long time the iranian economy is not growing”---
if that remark was true, one wonders why that is?
could it be that no country in the region is allowed to think their own
thoughts without submitting the whole of their will to the
and perhaps because the US wants to strangle iran & then suck the oil right out of the land
without paying the people who actually live there a cent?
now mr. change & co. have begun to spread their own poorly woven
a la mr. bush’s WMD’s,
in order to dominate the region completely,
so that the empire can go on using the world’s natural resources within its own
remember how mr. change prided himself on his administration’s
remember how he assured the peasants in the empire that his
administration would be nothing like the past 8 years when he came to the
how transparent this leader’s transparency is,
another puppet in the puppet show.

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Three Hikers

They came home crying tears of joy,
Hugging their parents and loved ones,
And showing off an engagement ring as they
Smiled wide into the snapping cameras

They reluctantly gave interviews about their ordeal,
Their story of survival,
Choosing their words carefully, deliberately, 
to maintain political correctness
And delicate diplomacy:
All they wanted to see was the Ahmed Awa waterfall,
Nothing more, but somehow they wandered
Across the invisible line that separates Kurdish Iraq and Iran,
Then, they were arrested by Iran border patrol and called spies,
Then they were imprisoned for two years.

I saw them shake slightly on TV
Retelling this story over and over,
I wondered:
What were they doing there anyway?
What made them want to venture so close the border
Of an oppressive country that has never like Americans?
Will people ask them that question for the rest of their lives?

During those long days and nights a claustrophobic one room cell
Under the careful eye of an armed Iranian guard:
Did they pray? Consider going on hunger strike?
Become engaged to out of boredom?
Regret taking that hike or curious how well the
Pictures of the waterfall came out

Did they yearn for home and think that 
Will America with her apple pie,
Celebrity obsessed culture,
Widening class gap,
Broken political system,
Bring relief, recovery, solace
To their traumatized psyche?

Maybe dark, dank memories will disappear and 
Fade into a dream as they consider and negotiate
The book deals, movie rights and all consuming question:
Who will play me?

I turn off the TV and  wish them well,
And wonder if there is more to the story
That we will never know.

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concerning Iran

concerning Iran (a brief letter to the american voter)

dear miss or mister
which face that you see being displayed on your
do you think will get us into a war with Iran

will it be mr. hope & change,
whose translucent slogans were 
transparent to many of us, 
even prior to his ascendance,
whose own hands became bloodied/dirtied on
the way up,
and who now spends his time 
twisting on the marionette stage
to the hand motions of the moneyed interests
who fueled his first campaign &
who have fueled his present one?

as the manipulators of mr. hope & change
make him continue to strangle Iran with sanctions,
pull funding from Palestine &
pump more & more money into 
militarized & already nuclear 
will the region get any more peaceful?
will all the countries who showed their dissent with the
Arab Spring
then become the little slaves that the empire wants them to be
under mr. hope & change,
further gearing up hatred, 
encouraging the next 9/11 on US soil
as a direct result?


will it be mr. romney, mr. santorum, mr. gingrich or
mr. perry, whose combined complete lack of concern for the 
citizen of the empire & wanton militancy 
will sacrifice everything to crush the last stronghold
left in the region 
(who refuses to bend over the table for america
so that it can install another Shah &
rape it of its oil)
in the name of the war on “Islamic Fundamentalism,”
whose characteristics seem all too familiar 
if you are watching the whole thing happen from a television in
“Evil Empire?”


will these iron-fisted capitalists
who make fun of the unrest within their own country
by blaming the unemployed for the occupation of wall st. etc.,
march into Iran 
(like the christian caped crusaders that ya know they see themselves
as---finally getting to convert the infidels after all these years,
with the big american military *****)
like they marched into Iraq &
they marched into Afghanistan
only a few years ago,
to incinerate the country &
start building permanent bases there with money that 
could have been spent on
universal healthcare for americans,
better education for american children,
new employment opportunities through making america
green &
paying off our own debt?

how many Iranian citizens are going to die because of
the american empire’s hegemony & hubris?


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The universe appears a myth

Frozen be art of compassion

Fake smiles sailing adrift

Confidence buried in abstraction

Epitome of shallow aliens

Touring Earth in search of peace

Marred by the war as most Iranians

Foreseeing when it all will cease

Dejection raps upon my skull

Accompanied by displays of fatigue

In an attempt discreet to annul

Knowing not of what they need

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uh oh spaghettios

did Mr. Hersh just say 
(see The New Yorker article “Our Men in Iran?”)
george w. butt**** trained special Iranian MEK 
(People’s Mujahedin of Iran) while in office 
(not to mention having Iran on the empire’s famed 
terrorist list) on US soil (Nevada) in 2005?
is that what i just heard?


i guess that then would mean that doing work with 
supposed terrorist countries behind the scenes &
not associating with them publicly
(not to mention strangling them with sanctions & getting all
your buddies in the world to do the same AT THE BARREL OF
A GUN) while simultaneously brewing a ****ing cauldron of
propaganda via the US & Israeli media is OK
as long as the aim is to ultimately overthrow them, prop them up with a 
puppet government that will do what its told & take their oil?


isn’t this MEK the same that successfully killed US military men, 
as well as civilians in 1973, 75 & 76, and then turned coats in order to
support the overthrow of Iran post-1979 revolution?


good to know our tax dollars are still going to fund ****ing idiot moves like
TPAJAX in 1953, where the good ol’ empire & its buddies in the UK overthrew the
ELECTED prime minister in Iran, in order to install the Shah…and we saw how good that worked, now didn’t we?

something smells fishy, America…
not in Denmark, but in DC 
as citizen whose tax dollars pay these monsters to do these things,
you & i are to blame…


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Ole Town

As the first rays of the sun pierce through the clouds,
daylight accends upon the land laid in shrouds.

Warmth now greets all the corners of the small town,
earlier the mists had their task to wash down.

Fresh scent of roses from balconies emerge,
in the town square the villagers begin to merge.

Men now frantically on their way to work
as hawkers with their fine wares begin to lurk

Pretty women,with their shopping bags in tow,
small children following behind in a row.

Vicker makes his way across the cobbled street,
along the way meets mayor and town's elite.

Police patrol areas that are their routes,
on the outskirts, a bunch of hiking boy scouts.

A typical nice day in little Ole Town,
evening calls, stop at the pub, the Triple Crown.

(Persian Mathnawi):

Mathnawi or Masnavi is normally poetry written in rhyming couplets. It is believed it emerged from an Iranian form around the 4th - 10th century, and the name is Persian and is not Arabic as some claim. The subject is usually heroic, romantic, or religious. Some Persian Mathnawi are especially significant in Sufism, Rumi's Mathnawi-i-Ma'nawi is an outstanding example.

Most Persian Mathnawi are normally eleven (11) syllables, occasionally ten (10). There is no limit to the number of couplets.
It has a rhyme scheme a. a.. b. b.. c. c. etc

21st June, 2012 (c)

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the next 9-11

the next 9/11

just what will it take
to woo the american 
people into the proper 
amount of bloodlust 
which will propel them
to agree with whatever 
they are told by the
engineers of this 
empire, when it comes
to the inevitable
destruction of Iran’s
infrastructure, mass
murder of its people &
the subsequent
“rebuilding” of the
country so that it will be
an obedient slave to
the world’s policeman
& its little psychotic
brother, Israel?  

when the next 9/11 comes,
just where will it be?
will it be in your town?
have you already decided 
that “it must be those Muslims
who are always destroying
things?”  have you already
decided that the US should be
able to do with Iran
whatever it wants, because
no matter who actually 
carries out the attack,
will you be gung-ho & behind
the next Iraq-Afghanistanesque 
pummeling which will ensue?
will you be
more than the last time?
will you possess the gall to
be sincerely outraged when 
more americans die because 
of the way OUR military is 
acting in OUR name?
will you think that all 
those americans that get
killed are truly “innocent?”
& will you wonder like
“why, oh why, do they 
hate us?”

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The paradoxes of high improved and obscured sociates

That is truth, 
in England  
all people have looked as polished talents and genius,
even a driver there
or porter, or steward, 
or begger, or trader, 
or stealer, or priest, 
or head of ministry
do not work without great quality and service. 
There is, seem, only one stupid man - mister Bean, 
who prevailed all brilliant persons given together.
They are all have made themselves
as they want and planned
through successful work 
and competition
in various branches and activities
of high improved community, 
while the others unlucky
inhabitant of authoritarian countries, 
post-soviet states
and Islamic caliphates
as the Iranian regime 
that must proud only with Omar Hayam
in last millennium, 
have had a very small portion  
of really famous and respected men
or just intrinsic  professionals. 
And their waste majority
looks like as screws in clock,s engine, 
or as soldiers in training camp of rebuilding empire, 
or as religious fanats in Friday namaz
or as new slaves 
in collective farm and weapon producing factories.

They have not any chances
for arise to personality
in terms of quality and standards
so usual for British community.