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Filipino Poems

A list of poems using the phrase Filipino. Filipino Poetry.

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Matter Most

I'm a real Filipino 
but something change on me 
The unique color of my skin 
That every foreign aim 
Was getting darker 
I'm a real girl 
but my body look not 
My body got a muscle 
In picking heavy things 
Just to have money for foods 
This changes of my body 
Cause of my work 
Under the heat of the sun 
Just to have strength 
Tomorrow to survive 
Whatever changes I have 
Didn't matter to me 
What important now 
I can eat everyday 
To face the coming day.

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rd (i)


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Look at your palms, calloused and hard- 
hardships of life ain’t it?
Too many dilemmas
 But still that mocking smile, 
Daring what life can still throw,
Noypi you are, you rock..
Wherever you may roam, do not be afraid, 
of guns or sharp knives, or whatever dark roads maybe…..
 Hey I am pinoy, my guts get me far, my race’s amulet runs thru my veins….

I went to the sea, traversed the world, 
But it is in my heart, what I’ve been searching all along,
There are countless times, I faced danger and death,
But I know the secret on hanging on to life’s edge ,
So many of them say, a charm keeps me safe, 
But they never knew, God is the reason,
Hey I am Pinoy, my guts get me far, to face uncertainty, 
my race’s amulet runs thru my veins…

Can you hear?, the whisper of  your blood, pulsating life, 
So cry out loud my kin, the hymn of your roots….
Hey I am pinoy, my guts get me far, my race’s amulets runs through 
My veins

- This is my English interpretation of Bamboo's local song.

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Beautiful, soft, lavender P E T A L S Fell from the heavens to blanket The cold hard ground The steel and concrete are Soaked, like pillows, from the rain. Like the flower girl before The procession who spreads The warmth with her fingertips, Something, someone dawned on me The truth. And slowly, my heart unthawed. It was no longer callous, No longer cold. I thank the messenger, An angel of sorts, Who injected her wisdom Into my shriveled veins. And brought back The dying hope In what I was living for. Sa aking mahal na bituin. (Filipino)

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Next Best Thing To Summer!

                                              The sun
                                             is shining
                                           so bright, it’s 
                                     another summer day
                                    in beautiful Philippines.
                                   “What a warm day!”was 
                                   all I can think to myself. 
                                     I think I could go for                                  
                                        some ice cream!
                                What flavor will it be today?
                                  Anything but strawberry I 
                                    say! So what will it be? 
                                     I think I could go for
                                      Chocolate, but nah, 
                                       I want something
                                          Filipino! So I
                                           bought Ube
                                            ice cream

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Being Pinoy

A Filipino
Is like Malus Pumila
Cutting it
Into halves
You’ll find two stars, glowing
For the elegance of its tree, cheerfully
Piping wind songs
To charm
Your daily existence

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The Helicopter Flight

One morning, when I was stationed at base operations in Subic, I had a
telephone call. A Filipino shipyard worker had died during the night-shift,
on the job at the navy repair facility, apparently of natural causes. But to
cover our backsides, the shipyard wanted to fly the body to Clark Air Force
Base for autopsy by a pathologist. Just to make sure.

So I called one of the many helicopter pilots I had become acquainted
with to set the flight up. The pilot said “No problem, just put the body in
a body bag, and we’ll strap him into one of the UH-I’s seats (the helicopter
workhorse of Vietnam), call it a training flight, and do the deal.” So, I called the
shipyard, told them what to do, and went back to my morning cup of coffee.

A few minutes later, the admiral’s Aid called, to tell me that the admiral’s
driver, a marine corps sergeant with three Purple Hearts from combat in
Vietnam, was going to be charged with some minor legal offense by his
Philippine girlfriend, in order to keep him in the Philippines, instead of
returning to his wife in the US. The admiral wanted to get him to Clark and
en route home ASAP to avoid bi-lateral US-Philippine embarrassment.
So I called the pilot to tell him he would have a second passenger. No
problem, I went back to my coffee.

A few minutes later, I got a call from the marine corps captain who was
in charge of the brig. He had a soldier stressed out from combat in Nam,
high on unknown drugs, and violent. He wanted to get him out of the brig,
and send him back to the US.

So I called the helicopter pilot again to inform him of his third passenger.
He agreed to take him, if he was put in a straight jacket and leg irons, and
accompanied by a an armed guard. A reasonable requirement, because
passengers had access to the pilots in UH1 “Hueys”.

I still wonder what the air force airman thought as he slid open the door
of that Huey when it landed at Clark.

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Christmas... The Pirate Way

Red and green
Rojo y verde
Christmas…. The pirate way.

Verde y oro
Green and gold
We’re strong and brave and bold.

Seasons Greetings!
Feliz Navidad!
Maligayang Pasko! (Filipino)
Giáng Sinh Vui V? (Vietnamese)
Happy Holidays!
We wish you today,
Merry Christmas … the pirate way!

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Summer in Seattle

Each summer brings festivity 
To the Emerald City by the sea,
A Torchlight Parade in diversity
Of folks who live in harmony.

The people line the streets and cheer 
As the Chinese dragons writhe and rear
Their heads from which comes flaming fire
While dancers prance in bright attire.
Then enter dancing Vietnamese.
None are more richly adorned than these.
The Koreans and the Filipinos
Come by in their flamboyant clothes.
And all the while the floats arrive,
Each one that follows more contrived.
A streamered car holds Miss Seafair
As pretty girls wave back and stare
And each one dares to hope that she
Next year the Seafair Queen will be.
Children laugh and parents cheer
As clowns and pirates now appear
Tossing candy and tshirts too
Just as the whole long year they do
Visiting hospitals and other places,
Bringing smiles to sweet, sad faces.

The parade on wide Fourth avenue
Ends, but each day there's something new
To fill the days with joy and fun.
The Blue Angels will perform for one
Anticipated thrill and then
The speed boat races will begin.
Have you ever seen a hydroplane 
In a race with speeds that are insane?
The month is one long barbecue
With exotic foods cooked just for you.
In July and August, the place to be
Is the Emerald City by the sea.

Entered in Amy's "Choose One, Have Fun."  I chose Seattle, WA

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To Your Majesty, One Big....

...Hoender - Afrikaans, Pulë - Albanian, ???? - Arabic, ?????? - Belarusian, ???? - Bulgarian, 
Pollastre - Catalan, ? - Chinese (Simplified), ? - Chinese (Traditional), Piletina - Croatian, 
Kurecí - Czech, Kylling - Danish, Kip - Dutch, Kanaliha - Estonian, Manok - Filipino, 
Kana - Finnish, Galiña - Galician, ??t?p???? - Greek, ??? - Hebrew, ???? - Hindi, Csirke - 
Hungarian, Kjúklingur - Icelandic, Ayam - Indonesian, Sicín - Irish, ?? - Japanese, 
??? - Korean, Calis - Latvian, Vištiena - Lithuanian, ??????? - Macedonian, 
Ayam - Malay, Kylling - Norwegian, ???? - Persian, Kurczak - Polish, Pui - Romanian, 
?????? - Russian, ???????? -  Serbian, Kuracie - Slovak, Kuku - Swahili, Kyckling - Swedish, 
??? - Thai, Tavuk - Turkish, ????? - Ukrainian, Gà - Vietnamese, Cyw Iâr - Welsh, 
????? - Yiddish, Huhn - German, Frango - Portuguese, Poulet - French, Pollo - Italian, 
Pollo - Spanish, Chicken - Maltese, Chicken - Slovenian, Chicken - English.,...-=.....-=..-=..-
=......HA! HA! HA!...for old times Kidster, Your Majesty.

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Ondoy and the Filipinos

Eight o’clock in the morning
the sun was nowhere to be seen,
hidden behind Ondoy’s curtain of tears
rain shed enough for a month
	in just a day…

Four o’clock in the afternoon
the tears of the people matched that of the heavens’
as the flood waters rose,
drowning houses, drowning lives
	in just a day…

Eight o’ clock in the evening
People on rooftops, drenched in rain
hands clamped together to brave the waters
Hope kept afloat amidst that flood
	throughout that day…

Help came flooding in, stronger than the rains that caused it
Overwhelming love for the overwhelming tears
Amazing resilience of a people that met tragedy,
showing the world the human spirit soars
	up to this day.

** 2009 -- written after Typhoon Ketsana (local name: Ondoy)
hit our country-- one of the most devastating typhoons to hit our 
country last year...yet we also received such overwhelming support from 
around the world and that was truly a heartwarming period for all
of us...

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Paghuli ng Bulalakaw (Catching Falling Stars)

*Paghuli ng Bulalakaw*

Minsan ako'y nakahuli ng isang bulalakaw,
at sa aking mga kamay inilagay
Ako'y lubhang napaso, nasaktan ng lubusan
kaya't aking itong pinakawalan...

Isang gabi, natanaw ko ang isang tala
na nagliyab sa himpapawirin
Akin lamang tinignan, at aking pinagmithian
Wari ko'y ngayon, tama ang aking ginawa.

July 23, 2010 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*  *

*Catching Falling Stars*

Once I caught a falling star
and cupped it in my hand...
It burned me so, it hurt me so
that I just had to let it go

Then one night, I saw a star
that blazed across the sky...
I looked at it, just wished upon it
and I knew that this time, I did right.

May 28, 2002


Oddly enough I haven't really written any poems in 
my native tongue, tsk tsk shame on me!! 
(I've only written only ONE, wow)
& it's taking me forever to translate it to English
so, I decided to go about it the other way around
and translate an old poem of mine instead, & here
it is! My Filipino translation though is sort of rusty when 
it comes to the flow of the poem (but hmm I guess
only those who know how to speak Tagalog would see that ^_~)

it's fun though so I just might try to write more translations!
Gert sure makes this look sooo easy!! ;)

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Under the Same Moon -3-Way-Collaboration-

 ~Under the Same Moon~

Our days are different, living under the same moon
Down here in TEXAS, life carries a different tune
This world spins on its lovely axis
Listening to our Tex-Mex of our English lexis
We share a world made with the trust of God's hand
Revealing the beauty that life continue to expand
Don't underestimate our football image of our Cow Boy land
A mysterious Mockingbird only we Texans understand
Surrounded by the sweetest Pecan trees
The Northern Winters come in like a breeze and a tease
We also have them Blue Bonnet fields that come and go
Tell me about CANADA, what makes its motion flow?
Branded like a Long Horn, with my Lone Star State pride
How about you, CHRIS A. What's up on your side?

Chris D.Aechtner
Different lives, different lands, living under the same moon,
waking up to the ghostly calls of the wild loon.
Look upon mountains and forests stretching into infinity-
mighty Sequoias and tall Douglas firs stand majestically.
I could offer stereo-typical images of hockey, snow and moose,
or sockeye salmon, maple syrup and the great Canadian goose,
but we Canucks are becoming tired of idly standing by
as the rest of the world dips its fingers into our Northern pie.
We are a nation of peaceful, open-minded hospitality,
shying away from brutality by offering liberal neutrality.
Before I blow my top as my strong emotions collide,
I should definitely step away from my nationalistic pride,
and ask about the Philippines and its tropical flair-
how about you Nikko, what is happening over there?

Oceans away, here I am, living under the same moon
Sun’s rising over there; here, dish runs away with the spoon
My sleep is whacked, so I’m wide awake when you are,
amazing how we can all be in one place even if we’re all very far
Where islands form the shape of an old man, waters hug our shores
Tropical Paradise here, when you explore the great outdoors
Awesome sunsets, bountiful fiestas, the warmest smiles to greet you...
We here just love to eat when there’s nothing else to do!
Colorful rice cakes, freshest seafood, the most succulent mangoes~
Sunny days or rainy days, the creativity here just flows.
Resilient. This is a word that pops to mind when I think of us Filipinos-
We bend and bounce back, no matter how hard the wind blows.
This is just a sneak peek, but I’d love to know more about Utah
Care to share what’s on your side, my dear friend Andrea?

      ( 3 Way Collaboration )

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Green Couplets 01 Lucid Cute Verse

The word ‘couplet’ derives from the word ‘couple’— means one pair of anything. A couplet
is the shortest and simplest form or type of poetry with a certain idea. It generally
consists of single stanza of two lines of rhyming poetry that usually has the same meter.
There is no hard and fast rule about length or rhythm.

As the shortest form of poetry couplets are green and attractive those proclaim Poems for

Couplet— I
Orchid flower on the pot
Rainy summer not so hot 

Couplet— II
Online romance chat is the key
Late night knows the honey-bee

Couplet— III
Moonbeam dropping dazzling night
Knocking the doors memories right.

Couplet— IV
Filipino cat in the dream
Crossing Ocean alone swims! 

Couplet— V
Two leaves and a bud green leaf tea
Exploiting labors can we see?

Ashraful Musaddeq

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tulog nahan ka? ~nananaginip... ********************** sleep where are you? ~dreaming...
**Sept. 11, 2010 just me tossing ideas in Filipino ...I need to be writing for something else ;)