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I am the Temple

I am the Temple

I am the temple
Baptized in rain
Weaned by the sun
I am the temple
A manifestation of glory	
Well-formed beyond perception
I am the temple
Capable of cored inner peace
Taught by the blossoms of the great oak 
United in matrimony to the wind
I am the temple
Mystical in origin
Halved with the contents of the ocean
Bathed in dewy blades of grass
I am the temple
Wired to heal
Mulit-layered with creative energy
Painting realities across life’s canvas
I am the temple
In its purest and truest form

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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First Time Mom

First time Mom

Staring down into
Eyes liquid-y 
Full of innocence and wonder

Intoxicated by your New life smell
Sleepless nights resulting from your 
New life energy
Proud momma
So blessed
God proven
U evolved in my womb
camouflaged to my heart

Bringing u home
To freshly painted walls
Caribbean blue
I'm Melted into humility

All I'd sacrifice for u
Floors danced late nights
Swapped for sleepless night naps
Endured thoughtlessly for you

Anticipating your every breath 
Noble prize or concurring mountain heights 
Dwarfed by Motherhood's badge 
sewn on my heart with thick 
blood line thread 
Around soul core edge
Selfless awe inspired love

(Excerpt from Inspiration)

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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Love Guru

Love Guru

I wanna be a love guru
Clothed in white
Chemical free
empowered by endless possibilities
In a limitless sky
Exiling mortality
With its ugly realities

Yeah love guru
Creating my own truths
Walking disguised as youth
unlocking age old wisdom
Befriending the universe

Always smiling 
Spinning in a pink panther-ed swivel chair
Bare feet
Flowing kinky hair
Halo of innocence

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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Start With Gratitude

Start with Gratitude
Start with Gratitude
Let the rest unravel itself
Waste no more imagination on worry
Or self-doubt
Who you were is irrelevant
What you’ve been through is inconsequential
Release that
Sanction its power
You are beauty
You are light
You are Divinity
Manifested in physical form
Squander no more words on negativity
Become clear of what it is you desire
Ignore the how
Have abundant faith 
Enjoy each living moment
Heart’s desires are on their way
Un-learn that mis-education 
All is not as it seems
Your eyes have fooled you
Into believing that 
The physical structure of your life 
is a valid reality
You possess the power 
to create your own reality

Like attracts like
Its simple law

Love is an awesome force
BE Love 

Gratitude appreciates the present
Be grateful

Laughter heals the soul
Happiness brings more happiness
Be happy
attract the like…

Excerpt from Seven Days of Gratitude

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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Never Forget

Never Forget

I am powerful, 
I am creative, 
I am grateful to be here. 
Even if I’m not so beautiful to look at 
my spirit is irresistible and deserving of love in God’s eyes  
I may be silly and not think things through all the time
But I have a big heart and a mind that has the ability to flower flaws 
into interesting quirks 

It is in naivety that we look to others and material things for self-assurance
We are powerful, 
blessed and beautiful enough to remedy the messes we create 
with infinite faith in God 

I am made in his likeness 
and that makes me awesome  
I am not perfect 
and yes I have some things in my past that I am not proud of  
But who doesn't  
I am strong enough to not let those things define me 
I will blaze through, smiling 
as I overcome any and every obstacle in my path  

I have already begun to make positive changes in my life  
Not even the sky is my limit  
I will hold my head high, 
solidifying to myself and everyone who ever doubted 
that I am smart, 
and worth all things wonderful in life

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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I am going to let go
Relinquish worry
Set free doubt
Let faith guide me
To pastures overrun with heart’s desires
Today I live in the present
Absent of all those things inhibiting living in the now
Boldly dreaming up a future big and bright
Dripping a blinding orange luster potent as the Sun
Placing those dreams
in Gods hands along with faith
Praying into existence
all my positive thoughts are powerful
Today I claim all ambitions
Previously abandoned by fear
Today I read
Today I sing
Today I dance
Today I write
Today I heal
You’re free to follow or walk beside
Encouraged even
To indulge that which secretly grins
childishly at hearts core
To that which you first knew was yours to have
Doctor, lawyer, painter, teacher, sculptor, mommy….
Before someone said that wasn’t big enough
Or Un-Obtainable
The time is now

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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Marissa s Love

Marissa’s Love

In love
Novel awareness
Fresh ripened 
Ivory piano keyed  
Re-playing continually
Pure loving beats the sound tract 
As I recall the day 
I love you articulated in candied iced breath
Fresh snow blanketing the ground
Whiteness descending without a sound
At parks core we stood
humbled hearts warm
as I understood  
my prince charming
New feelings un-alarming
Love’s admittance sealed 
With heavy kisses
Fulfilling all wishes
Maybe one day
I’d be his misses
Him cooking
Me doing the dishes
this love between
An awkward girl 
Coupled to a beautiful perfect boy
Thoughts skipping through my head
Not too fast
Don’t wanna hurry this into the past
Love played easy on strong ivory keys
Gathering sweetness as we stand
Amiss love
snuggly tucked into 
an ambrosial bliss
binding lips with a kiss
Sweet and un-sinned with simplicity
eyes tear-ed 
by gratitude of your love reciprocated
didn’t know love was so anticipated

Excerpt from Marissa’s Perspectives.

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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Slow Down

Slow Down

Recycled daily rotations
in and out we rush
so many aspects mapped out

break free 
slow down
enjoy nature
it’s God given

adore a big ole sun 
threshold-ed on a horizon

Enjoy a bony tree branch
Vogue-ing in the wind

Cry through 
A Piano-ed Cannon D

Sway hips to a calypso beat

Rotate lips around honeysuckle 

Munch a fruit 
Plucked straight from topiary 

Enjoy a cleavage-ed sky 
Stocked with clouds fully fluffed 

Gawk upward at stars burning
Aflame in a black beauty-ied dome

walk naked in some rain
Let it finger your Cumming sensibility

Play with your kids, 
and be more silly and ridiculous than them

We rush to and from 
missing a plethora of beauty

Acquire some excitement 
jemmed is life
as we brand our foot-prints
transversely on life’s dewy grass

Enjoy the ride…….

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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Our Story

Our Story

Wonder if in that star gaze
You came across a page
Where love transcended planes
To a place where we were love royally
Where I was your Queen
And you my King naturally
Somewhere in the in-betweens
We lost sight 
Of what we shared that last night
Now we Yearn reclamation
Of a fanciful actualization
I feel your heart’s eagerness 
to experience anew 
those feelings so true

when I find you
I’m gonna hold you closer this time
In the physical 
not some luxuriated daze
Purer than sunshine’s rays

and if again you stray
again I’ll wait
for your love to come in
mine has no walls
Together well wean
An unharnessed kind of glory
Let’s re-write the story

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant

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Paddling through life’s strong currents
Untitled my existence

A name means not much on Tuesday
Maybe more on Sunday
Or less
A tear defines a being?
How many, how strong, how real.

Feeling exasperated by negativity
Chasing feelings of divinity

Yelling yelling yelling
to the world 
but the noise is confined to my head
little head contrasting a gigantic soul.

And the burden is there
What will I present to the world
In which way can I make a difference

Confined in public beneath smiles
Shed through tears in private

Pulling myself into tri-ality

Love the greatest power
has been my strength

read on you want some more 
a lick, a suckle taste
I love a poems pastry 
Soothing minds sweet tooth

Life is powerful 
Yet soft and delicate like glass

Days come and go
Go and come 
Blinking back tears of joy
As they meander across the pages of time

When I was young I felt so old
Now I am older I feel so young

As time passes we find new definitions
Some last 
A day
a month
a year
Like milk churning to butter
find your way through the thick yellowy labyrinth

grab your telescope and explore for yourself

We live each generation through eye and imagination
Thinking over thought
Clasping the past for dear life
Let go of that pain’s source

I see, I see and see
I hear 
I feel 
I smell

Shaking my head at youth’s destruction
Shedding tears for lost dreams bridged on loved ones water graves

Come journey on what life wants to be
Buzzing giddy yellows and blacks
As they did on Khemit’s dessert shore.

A ribbon streaming in a hair dress
Little Sasha’s pecan skin and eyes running 
Playground-ing dirt, 
jungle gym-ing
Teeth ivory flashing, 
honeying laughter 

How she grow up?
Happy women, strong teen.
How many continue honeying laughter.

Where does it go wrong

Stripping, schooling
They left her at 18 when he returned
Died at 11 when she discovered new meanings
Decoding womanhood
Fist-ing my soul.

Running tears 
No type of living

Excerpt from Complexes

Copyright © Nefretiti Morant