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aDdIcTeD...  restricted , constricted 
to fight, my words just take flight, 
out of minds sight..., 
addicted to #*@! it takes your last 
breath.., this addictionis not a test.., 
it will leave you with 
sleepless nights and no rest.., one 
hit is all it takes..,  and then its got 
you hooked.., this 
world you have now entered has got 
you all shook..., it will take over your 
feelings and any 
emotion you once had..., this drug is 
nothing but disgusting and bad. It 
will take away from you anything 
you once had. First it seems like fun 
and then years later you realise all 
that you "could have done" but just 
dident cause you wanted to waste 
your life and sit around and just hit 
it. Forgeting the dreams and goals 
you once had, liveing a life filled 
with emptyness & sad.

Details | Terrah Young Poem


I beleive in you, and you inspire me. 
I pray that one day i will be free 
from all my 
sadness and all of this hate, it is 
geting harder, drifting farther, and 
im still pushing 
you away, IM geting farther every 
day, it is not fair of me too treat you 
soo badly, 
want nothing but to make you 
happy, and too show you lots of 
love, its like 
something happend and i snapped 
and have just never been the same, 
constant rain>>>> and i would 
rather bleed with cuts of love , then 
to live with0out any scars, so0 whats 
the point of this armor if it keeps 
the love away too?

Details | Terrah Young Poem

cant live my life without you

Tell me have you ever loved someone that no matter what they did you still needed 
them by your side?... Slipping slowley loseing my mind... Always thinking about 
you... but wondering baby why cant i just do things right?.... But i can see it now 
and i see it when i look into your eyes,... that i dont deserve you in my life.... soo 
many nights ive sat and fought with you, not even realising that at any moment i 
could lose you... never admiting that i made mistakes,.. not knowing more as for the 
tears falling down your sweet face,... But some times love is hard too recognise 
even when you can see it with your own eyes,... why do i feel this way in my life?... 
why cant i just run and hide?... hide away from the pain ive given too you,.. tell me why cause i dont deserve someonelike you?

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I hide behind my feelings,  you say that I keep the truth locked away, but there is so much said in the things that I don't say. You innocently tell me our time has come & soon will be gone,  and that we cant go back but this time you are wrong. The distance I put between us is nothing but time lost, a place for my feelings to hide,  what's wrong you cant hear the love in my voice each time we talk. Your patience is wearing thin and if you know our love. It has No End,  then, you will be here waiting for me too see the truth. Real love doesn't go away,  it doesn't fade into  the past, it goes on 4 ever and always finds its way back. I will love you for a lifetime because you are my soul, and behind any of this doubt I know we both cant let go.

Details | Terrah Young Poem


This one goes out to all of life's setbacks,
And the challenges that one must indure for the better 
We've got to push thru this stormy weather, sometimes you must take the good in 
with the bad,  you must stand up for what you have, 
Don't let love slip away with a loose grasp, 

Details | Terrah Young Poem

words or expressions from thr soul

Failure of your own lifes greatest ambition..., you cut me open and i keep bleeding.., 
all of this at some point will have its meaning.., soo lets not stop seeing.. and 
reaching out to seek tRuTh.., and it's AlWaYs been in you..,YoU are the TwInKlE in 
my eYeS.., seeing thru all of any LiEs.., love is about CoMpErMise.., when bOtH are 
right.., its hard some time to not lose sight..,and what is love without the constant 
fight?.., sheding new light.., and with each challenge makeing you that much more 
strong.., ????

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made a wrong turn once or twice.., welcome too my life.., youve got too understand my 
side.., ive had a crazy life.., nobody came along too open up my eyes.., you better take 
what you can get dont even bother with my heart cause i get a feeling i wont let it stop..., i 
dont wanna give you everything, i just wanna make you feel things..., please beleive me ive 
been down this road and back again.., learned a lesson and it is that love is not your 
friend..., there aint nothing you can say..., that would make me change my ways..., !!!

Details | Terrah Young Poem


 Today I began to understand what love must be,
If it exists.
When we are parted,
we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselfs,
we are incomplete like a book with 2 volumes of which the 1st had been 
This is what I could imagine love to be....
You're very existance is part of what makes me complete. 

Details | Terrah Young Poem


Best friends are there for you on 
any day or hour,
They dont get annoyed when you 
cry to them about your problems or 
Best friends are right there beside 
you wipeing away your tears.
Doesnt matter how much we hang 
out or when we last talked when we 
need one another 
there is nothing that will stop, 
The bond that we share no one can 
compare when were together theres    
Joy  in the air. 

Details | Terrah Young Poem

love found

LoVe is not something that is easyly found..,but once it is then, you are bound too a 
journey full of EmOtIons & sUrPrIsE,... it is guarenteed to take you on a wild ride.., 
love isnt always smiles and laughs, and it isent always fun,... love inflicts pAiN, 
bringing tears that fall hard as the rAiN, some love BlAmEs  , love is a true SoUlS 
conection.., a understanding of eachother no one in the world  could ever feel.., love 
from him makes me feel beautiful like i am just right where i belong..., love is a 
favorite song