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Take the chains around your soul
And make them wings beyond the rainbow

Take the walls around your eyes
And make them highways to the skies

Take the pain around your heart
And make it useful as an art

Take the ugliness around
And make it beauty that’s unbound

Take the arrows thrown at truth
And make them butterflies of youth

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Have you ever wondered why the trees, like people, either stand or are fallen after 
a dramatic storm?!

Have you ever wondered why the people unlike trees can get up and get stronger 
for the next storm…..

Have you ever wondered why you’re still standing when all else around you is 

Have you ever wondered why you can find peace in the middle of the greatest 
torment around you…..

Have you ever wonder why the nature is so united in all seasons of life…always 
united and in harmony….

Have you ever wondered if flowers love their butterflies….

Have you ever wondered how the creatures of the sky know the direction of their 

Have you ever wondered if the sky meets the rainbow or just lets it glow for a 

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My life, music to my spirit,
Because of The hands that touched my soul
Life around me, seemingly unaware of its purpose
Is running in the same direction, but in circles
I find myself running, as always, in the opposite direction
Not mainly because I know my purpose 
But because of The hands that touched my soul
The challenge of life is living it 
The beauty of challenge is the reward
And all we have to do is listen
To the sound of life 
And feel The hands that touch your soul ...

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That little drop of rain that touches me gently,
While others run away scared...
Thank you for your gentle acceptance
Didn't really know how close you are
The lightning that screams and seems upset
Thank you for reminding me
That I am nothing without you
The never ending obsession with the rainbow
Thank you for making me wonder
The birds outside my opened windows
That cherish your name every morning
Thank you for letting me know that you are always cherished
Even when I forget
I love myself because how can I love others if I don't know what love is
I am because of a word…..