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As the Sun Rises oppressor has more than one form

From out of the smoke we will rise
The weight of these chains we will break
From his face we will rip the deceitful guise
The spirit of our brothers and sisters we will wake

My blood flows free yet I do not weaken
My feet clothed in blisters yet I feel no pain
For my children’s lives I will not bargain
Though my anger burns my calm will remain

From beneath his foot our people we will remove
The hate he has implanted we will unbind with fire
The lies he  feeds the blind  we will disprove
We will watch him drown in desperation’s mire

With only a stance we will shake every plain
With only a look we shine with the force of the sun
My feet clothed in blisters yet I feel no pain
My blood flowing free yet I will not weaken

FJ Thomas
….we are not of only one race in this family

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'Hidden In The Rain' An Adult Storm

Part 1 of the Rain Storm Trilogy

“Why?” he asks, “Why do you love the rain so?”
“Why do the darkness of the sky and the sound of thunder set your face aglow?”

 She turns back from the window, a small smile playing on her lips
She takes in the view of this freshly showered man with only a towel on his hips

She leans in with a kiss and catches the single drop of water running down his chest
“Shh” she finally says, “listen” she whispers as his neck she begins to caress

“Close your eyes, hear the song” she says as she reclines him onto the chaise
He listens as the rain plays on the roof then the thunder hits his senses are ablaze

His eyes fly open to see her above him, his hands on her hips, her taking in all that he is
“It’s the rhythm” she breathes, “It’s the power;” he tightens the grip on that which is his

Placing his focus back on the rain he finds the song again so as to join in her dance
Her head now back slightly, droplets start sliding down her belly; the storms advance

He sits upright as the thunder roars and her back arches in pleasure and pain
Her head swings forward and he sees the lightening in her eyes; he can no longer refrain

His mouth just where it needs to be he gently bites and with his tongue pulls, changes sides and begins again
Her storm has reached its full strength as she encompasses him and his girth feels her own warm rain

No longer able to withstand the force of her gales or the power of her sway his own storm has come through
She finds the side of his neck and latches hard; a low moan he releases when she breathes “give me all of you”

She takes what belongs to her as the rain quiets in the background
His tense body relaxes and once again he hears the rainsong all around

As he looks at her he smiles to see her power, her beauty, her glow
And kissing her gently says “never again will I have ask why you love the rain so”

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As The Wind Blows - Chan's Memory

As  the Wind Blows

When you feel a warm wind caress your face, do you think of me
Do you hear a soft voice whispering as it rustles the leaves

Sit, close your eyes; do you smell the soft scent carried on the wind
Listen to the trees, they sing a song that was meant to never end

So is the strength of my love, able to be with you though I am not there
Caressing your face through the breeze, its essence carried on the air

The song of the trees, the whisper in the wind, listen with your heart
I am calling to you love, our bodies separated for a time, but our spirits never apart

F. J. Thomas

Though I do not personally believe in heaven and hell 
the same way many do I would hope that, whatever your belief,  
you do believe that he no longer suffers as he was.

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A Woman From God

I do not cover my eyes because God gave me sight; just as he did man 

I do not cover my face because God made the sun to shine on it; just as it does man 

I do not hold my voice because God made it beautiful; just as he did man 

I do not hold my thoughts because God gave me sense; just as he did some men 

He gave me a mind that I may know one day I will see a better place than this 

That I might hold on to the hope of living where life is no longer ruled by the arrogance of man 

He told me I was a complement; that I balance the one for whom I was made
...because I too was made in His image

                                                                         FJ Thomas

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The Kingdom of Ghali

The Kingdom of Ghali

Welcome to our peaceful home
Where cotton candy clouds and free thinkers roam
Meet jester Jack who keeps a smile on all
Reinforced by Sir Drake with his radio wherewithal
And don’t miss maidens Becca and Charma
Who keep the Queen’s peace with their shining aura

Oh the Queen? Who is she? you ask

She will warm your heart but do not cross her
For I hear to one she decreed “I Hope You Suffer”
But here she rules fair over the azure seas
No, there is no other like Queen Eileen of Ghali  

Her admiring scribe,
FJ Thomas

My apologies Highness; this should have never been removed when I left.
It is, after all, for you ;)

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I Am Sage - Contest 'Flower'

With purples and lavenders I pull you in
My scent you may catch when passing a kitchen
My colors a vibrant hint of my royalty
As I am among the largest in my family

Though soft to the touch I’ve proven my power 
Never wilting for the sun or a summer shower
I show my diversity by enhancing the human palate 
And my wisdom when for medicinal herbs I am cut

My name borrowed to mean good judgment and prudence
Often bestowed upon  the  women of pure conscience 
Within my kingdom I am commonly highly sought
A Sage being that from which all others are taught

Sage: Great respect, Wisdom, Female fidelity

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Lost Treasure - A Family's Story

Among scattered stones the sisters liked to play
Mommy finding rocks in pockets day after day

But beneath a leaf a treasure one little girl found
A rock like she’d never seen, beautiful and round

So off to her sister she ran to show her prize
They danced in circles letting out delighted cries

No matter how they looked they only found that one
So they decided to share; showing it to everyone

Each day they played with that stone and had fun
Loving its beautiful green and how it shine in the sun

After time the sisters came to adore this pebble
Taking it everywhere; never letting it get dull

Then one day the neighbor down the street was passing by
Daddy always said stay away from him; he’s not a nice guy

The girls were so happy in the yard they hadn’t noticed him
Wondering why they were laughing so, he had seen them

You see, old Mr. D was a very slick and greedy man
Wanting what wasn’t his; stealing from every hand

So Mr. D snuck closer to see what made them glow
His eyes got big when he saw them dance to and fro

Taking turns with their friend; their own little rock
Never setting it down; so he continued to gawk

Now Mr. D knew something precious when he got a look
This was no regular stone, but rare Jade just like in books

A lovely rare stone the sisters shared between them
Never knowing its worth, but still loving this gem

Mr. D stood up straight and put on his nicest smile
Then asked “dear girls, may I sit here a while?”

The girls always listened to daddy; so in reply they said
You have to ask dad before you open that gate ahead

Mr. D was no longer smiling, as they had foiled his first trick
But he wanted that Jade, so another time he would pick

It was late now and mommy was going through pockets
Soon she found their pretty stone nestled in some blankets

She thought “I’ll set it on the sill while the blanket dries”
Not knowing Mr. D had seen her with his greedy eyes 

As soon as she went inside he tip toed beneath the sill
Knowing he’d make the girls cry he laughed a loud shrill

Mom ran outside and could not believe what she saw
The precious stone was gone; it had to be that outlaw

Momma cried all night because of her carelessness
Wanting to fix it; hoping her girls loved her no less

Some time had passed and Mr. D did not care for the stone
It was now always by garbage, in the dirt, or just left alone

So one day having used it enough, he left it on the side of the road
It was dirty and scratched not being given the love the girls showed

People passed by and never noticed the gem on the roadside
Thinking it was like every other rock they continued their ride

The girls were a little older now; but had never forgotten about their friend
The pebble brought them so much joy their hearts would never quite mend

The family decided to take a walk and look at pretty flowers growing
To take in some of the fresh air, warm sun, and feel the wind blowing

But as they were walking a small flash of light caught the girls eyes
And they froze as they could not believe what just under the dirt lie

It was their treasure, their prize, the friend they always kept close
A beautiful green rock that shone bright and kept them on their toes

They run to their parents and say “she looks different, but can we keep her please”
Daddy looked and momma and smiled; she looks at the girls but does not tease

“It’s only the outside” she said; “the inside will still be as pretty as ever”
“Just need to wash the dirt and rub the scratches and she’ll be even better”

So home she went, that precious stone, right where she belong
The three back together, they danced in the yard all day singing songs

All cleaned up and shining bright, the neighbors now admire that Jade
Never realizing all its hidden qualities; happy that too far it hadn’t strayed

Mr. D sees all the commotion and wants to know what is going on
Then he saw all admiring the stone he wanted to be forever gone

If he couldn’t have it he didn’t want anyone else to enjoy its beauty
But Mr. D lost this one; that little Jade was home, loved and happy

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All of Me - Contest 'Innocent Love'

He holds me when I’m crying and warms me when I’m cold
Takes my hand when I’m lost and guides my heart to find its way
When he’s not with me I can’t breathe; he’s the air that gives me life
Within my tears lay his laughter and his pain; his love and his hate
Within his heart lay my spirit and my soul; my center, my essence
All that I am belongs to him; because he gave all that he is to me
Riding skylines and crashing tides we’ve formed our universe
He’s the gravity that keeps us in rotation; the water that refreshes
He’s all that I am; my sun, my moon…the sky my stars rest upon
My anger could not be suppressed, yet, he overcame
My  mind  not  comprehended,  yet,  he understood
All that I am belongs to him; because he gave all that he is to me

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A Poet's Peace

A Poet's Peace When there are feelings so deep that you cannot express I will bring them out with words that embrace When there is anger that would only manifest through violence I can bring release without a drop of blood shed As your heart leaps for joy from the love coursing throughout I magnify its value and prolong its affects I can take your soul and give it wings I can take your heart and render it in two With only words I’ll make you desire With mere syllables I’ll make you climax I am the keeper of every domain I am the wielder of every emotion I AM Poetry

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Hearts Converse

....husband to wife...
Sometimes if two trees grow close to one another they start to entangle. Even intertwine! This can be a very beautiful thing.....especially with two beautiful trees. 
But, if something happens to one of the trees after they've grown together, and they are separated....
The one left standing, if it can, will look very disfigured to all those passing by. 
I feel BEAUTIFUL with you!
I'd be disfigured WITHOUT YOU!!
I want to continue growing together......
I love you

...wife to husband...
...right now one tree is breaking and doing nothing more than adding weight to the other.
It's roots were strong at one time, so deep in the soil it could not be killed; but the soil feels shallow now. Holes have been bore throughout the tree and it is weak; even the sunlight makes it retreat to a more hidden place. So much weight the other tree is carrying; how does the weak tree know when to let go before it takes them both down...before it takes the whole garden down?

My husband, I appreciate that you express your feelings to me in a way that I frequently express my own; most would not even try.

...and thank you for getting me Keith :)