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understanding hearts is what the 
world needs to today in its tangle
of broken dreams.

dreams are what life is
made of america
expounds as we
never stop to taste the
of the corn that
fills our bellys.

"make a bigger, brighter step
for all mankind." WE WHINE.

yet we never appreciate the ones
we have crushed in our climb.

"we will be the first in every nation", we

forgetting that the first usually dies
earliest in most every game.

by janetta 1982

Copyright © janetta harrington

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divorce..these days

the passage of rights
have turned to wrongs

the depth of love
have turned to hate

funny how 
everything changes
and stays the same....

the love and the hate
merely transfers
to someone new

written in 1975

Copyright © janetta harrington

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memories of long ago

i remember
how the earth
forgot to be real
that early October morning

i remember 
when it stopped turning
on a false summer 
January day

by Janetta (1986)

Copyright © janetta harrington

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she was barely two
she got to stay home
from church
with uncle d.

they played cards
he made her laugh as
she sat on his knee

he said this is a secret
between you and me
grandma would get
mad at us

then on a stormy 
winter night he took
her to his bed
and he hurt her

he said this is our
secret grandma
must never know
or she will send
you away 

she remembered
those three steps
down to his bedroom
when she was forty

he was in his grave
and the secret was
kept, grandma
never knew.

Copyright © janetta harrington

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all her things she saved
for us are flung out and
flying all about.............

every counter is full and
ever shelf is crammed.
has a story to tell

i have found a diary for a 
pages telling how she lived 
              each day
she writes how much
she loves my sister and

she cries out how she misses
               and loves
               my father

she writes of her
love of her grandchildren
               that is
               what her
tomorrows are all about

i see
what made her 
              so sad  

she writes from her
and my mind breaks

my tears
of gratitude

i am so thankful
she left me her
to care for......

i can let her go now...
......and say

...."mama go rest"

by joloujanetta

"never did i know what a comfort
a pillow where she lay her head
would be for me......"

Copyright © janetta harrington

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blind rage

judge i know i broke the law
i killed my love
in a blind rage of passion

judge i stood and fired the gun
in a blind rage of passion
because he killed my ma

judge he shot her dead
she was beautiful 
.....and she was dead

the blood rained down 
upon her face like tears

i killed my lover in a blind 
rage of passion

i ask no forgiveness
i ask no help

i just want you
to know what

it was just a second
out of a minute
in a blind rage of passion

he thought my ma
took his dad from
his  mama
without asking

now i live knowing
i killed my own love 

blind rage of passion

by janetta

Copyright © janetta harrington

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almost hating you, if i had the energy

tonite i told you that forever
is gone
that i don't want
you no more.....

how i think it is manical
that you cannot see,
or say that anyway,
where you have
done me wrong

you only can tell
me over the phone,
that you don't want
me any more; you
said it first

like i did something bad
by wanting a real home

why not said i, what is
bad about that? 
you said why not let us
go just like we are ?
what is wrong about

i am so done with you
you have dragged me
thru the dirt long enough
with you chilling lies

now i have to go thru
a life threating operation
in a week and i thought
you would be waiting
for me.  

i am so sorry i have 
wasted 20 years of
my life on you.....
if i could hate

i almost could hate


Copyright © janetta harrington

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master in the art
of making love

the love of the lion
and the lamb

there are so many 

but....there is the lamb
of a thousand years

that refused the cross
and stared with hot

as it was cut to pieces....
it was remembered

oh yes, it was remembered
for all time

by janetta harrington

Copyright © janetta harrington

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life lies

i know the talent of my mind

is making you arrogant

i have it .....

and there it is.....

the gift of being able

to dress up costume jewelry

as if it were real

so i go on

and forget

the costume was

only for show

then old winter 

sneaks in ....

and the sun

turns her face away

how ironic....

i think of winter

as  you.

Copyright © janetta harrington

Details | Janetta Harrington Poem |

are you there

are you there?

or more appropriately

am i there at all....

can your careless heart

really set you free?

the chains are broken

the bond is broken

all that remains

is the thin gold


worn band.

Copyright © janetta harrington