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The Princess I Met

I met a Princess the other day, and she renewed my faith, in friends, and what they can be.

She has golden blonde hair and sandy brown eyes, the most perfect vision that I've ever 

Her name is Alicia, Princess Alicia, she is the perfect of angel and princess, and I'm proud to 
call her my friend.....

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My Passion

My passion is sports, always has been, always will be...

Be it, pro football, college football, baseball, college basketball, pro basketball,
hockey or soccer, I love it all...

I live and die by my favorite teams, be it the Braves, Cowboys, Penn State or Flyers, I'm
a passionate and emotional fan...

I cheer loudly when they do good, and yell even louder when they screw up...

I love my teams, and, I'll never apologize for my passion for them....

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Feeling Bummed Out

Feeling bummed out, don't know why, the only emotion I feel is, I want to cry.....

Feeling bummed out, don't need a reason, I get depressed no matter the season.......

Feeling bummed out, and I don't even care, for on my sleeve, it's my heart that I wear.

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Restless Night

Another restless night...

My body is tired, but, my mind won't let me sleep....

Too much to do, you don't have time to sleep...

I tell myself this every night....

And, yet, here I find myself, again, on the verge of collapse......

I know I need to sleep, but, try convincing my brain of that.....

So, I'll spend another restless night, tossing and turning......

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A Cold Winter's Night

On A cold winter's night, I look out from the comfort of my chair,

Thankful not to be out in that cold winter's air.....

As I hear the wind pounding, this I know,

I'm thankful I'm not out in all that snow.....

I take one more look, and now I think maybe,

I'll crawl into bed, and curl up with my baby!

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My Angel

My Angel is a woman with red hair and beautiful green eyes.
 With a smile brighter then the starry skies.

My Angel gave me a great surprise.

When I found out that she's the devil in disguise.

But see, I like it and that's the good part.

Cause see, My Angel has stolen my heart.

I've fallen for her, but I'm only a man.

For I'm a sucker for a girl named Marianne!

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, A day to cherish your loved ones.....

Your lovers, and your friends.....

For the lovers: It's a day to be intimate, and probably never leave the bed.....

For the friends: It's a day the cherish, and the be cherished.....

But remember the cherish both your friends and your lovers......

Because, if you're not friends, you can never be lovers.....

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Forgiven, but, not forgotten


Forgiveness, for me, it's hard to come by, I don't forgive easily, some people say, I
don't forgive at all..

For those people, resentment and anger fuel all my actions towards you...

Is it too much to hope for that when your time comes, you'll be sentenced to eternal

Is it wrong of me to wish that on someone?

But, today, today is a new day, I will move past my anger and hatred that I have towards
you.....All sins are forgiven....

But, do keep in mind, while I have forgiven you, I have not, nor will I ever forget what
you have done....

You are are forgiven, but, your actions will never be forgotten.....

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My Loss

 My Loss Cannot be described in words, but can be described in my actions, as 
loud as they can be heard.

I've lost her, I've lost my chance, it's cruel and unfortunate circumstance.

She's gone without knowing how I feel, as the pain sets in, I now know it's all too 

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Friendship Poem

Being a friend means,giving a shoulder to cry on
    Being a friend means,lending a ear,when everyone else has turned a deaf one.
    Being a friend means,helping someone to there feet,when the rest of the world 
has knocked him down.
     Being a friend means,giving selflessly of yourself,and not expecting it in return.
      I send you this poem today to say thank you,
     Thank you for picking me up when I was down.
      Thank you for making me smile when I thought I had nothing left to smile for.
       But also,
      Thank you,thank you for just be my friend.
       And I hope we continue to be friends.

           As a friend,
           I love you!!!