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Cold As Frost (Ode to Robert Frost)

            Subjective to the eyes upon words, poems are never
 the same twice. 
Quiet as snow fall you revealed the truest form of a self centered
 "October" day. 
Leaves fall in a similar pattern to unfamiliar words being recited 
around an ever-
trusting ignorant society. Perhaps the "Road not Taken" is where 
i shall resign 
my poetic beliefs and live as a reborn gust of wind, blowing lives 
in foretold 
directions. I have taken the time from time which has already 
escaped my life 
and given it too less of a friend, which became more of a burden. 
Pride bursts 
out in every direction giving reason for blame when blame insults
 the very 
essence of my reflection. One star permanently blazed into an 
empty sky can 
depend on me like clockwork, for I am the first to call criticism upon 
"Frost" in the 
winter. If it were truly that simple then the pen would lose it's importance 
as the 
tool of our trade. Who said that brilliance was not born, 
only created through 
practice? Then would be the time too call yourself gifted. 
A lifetime is lived "For 
once, Then Something" and until time is chosen none will be revealed. 
In my 
world; the sun will not shine without the loss of the moon, 
the rain only falls upon 
broken smiles, and the breeze is never as cold as "Frost".

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Love your Son / Honor thy Father

Someone once told me the secret of Happiness...

  unstable as the pity of man
  seeds grew too less of honor
  between cries and those moments
  hearts stuck at the hour between Fear and Disbelief
  when dreams come true, why do i awaken 
                          to a nightmare continued
  rattled at the sound, screeching
  shadows creep, in silence

Someone once told me the secret of Happiness...

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A Simple Wish For Pain

I've seen a saint suffer no less 
     than a crucifixion 
When the strongest man in the world 
     was bruised by a kiss
From the lips of the only woman
     to blossom without life
But when it came time to accept pain
     you wouldn't believe
A father of four begging for death
So what hurts worse than pain?

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It's Like This

One kiss too far for a single bounds leap
observe my letters curves and see how I creep
sleep, I must not, many roads to be traveled
stop, never that, soldiers finish their battles
rattles that shake in repetition bring, blessings
in the danmed, out as we sing, cling fast
to those who wish a smile when down
surround your life with lives who have found
a way to love you for the being you've come

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With me

        I talk too you
          Walk too
So much more than a shadow
    I have yet to shed a tear
    But tears come shallow
         Pray for me
        Prayers for you
Everyday I am less than what I'm compared too
            It's you 
      Kneeling with me
  When I pray before my bed
Dear Granny keep me safe as i lay my head

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Leah Remini

Painful thoughts come to mind
knowing my eyes are truly blind
When your body swerves, coinciding with my words
hear me speak and keep it JUDGEMENTAL
my weapon is a pen, and life is my pencil
mistakes are erased, pace your every breath
I know your every words, it's my escape
with nothing left, and there is only one who
tests such feelings so true, when reality breaks
for the beauty in you...

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Poetic passions hold true to their creators
Soul nights seek vengence upon those 
without, never to reunite pain with tears,
and blissfull silence stands tall amoungst
lost forevers, with doubt but always one step
behind, closing in on Fates unaintable 
destination, although aimless in procedure
to struggle is to bleed, blazing trails through
life, following hurt, feeling pain, its just my life...

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Virgin Mary, I

Call upon me the day the Virgin Mary had an abortion
I carried out my sentence as the birth of the apocalypse
death to a savior, save me, Lord forgive, troubled times
but no reason for reason within the sanctuary of a sinner
begin in the mind, be blind and lead others, It doesn't 
matter if you land in Hell, just don't abandon your brother
it becomes sacrifice of me and mine for a temporary smile 
on a childs face, so I don't waste time and take that leap of faith
and tell God to call upon me the day
the Virgin Mary had an abortion, as I am born to a saint
daughter of Mari, looked over by a fallen angel
holding tight to life, floating on destiny, I call out to the Lord
                                to call upon me

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The Perfect Hand (John&Kelly)

More than a game, it was a heart from 
  a royal flush. I saw her every flaw which
told me her true hand. A slight twitch 
  in her eye told the bluff, as she tugs 
her earlobe and raises the stakes. I call
  her on the hand that would send her to
bankruptcy. She reveals a straight flush. I glance
  over my fool's hand and fold. It was only 
one heart away from a royal flush....At least
  thats what I tell my wife.

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Untitled 11/3/05

If seen in a world of Hate
 then hate the world you've seen
If there is minimal too appriciate
 Call greed upon yours and cling
Dream of nothing finer than the best of best days
 For you, yourself, your only
Just another thats lost his way?