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Below are the all-time best Archana Sonar poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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When I Go Deep Down

When I go deep down
to find a cause behind
I find nothing but a Seeker
and a causeless causer
This earth is round 
with which are so bound
Everything  revolves around
like the circles of the smoker
Roaming around the world
being a globe trotter
Everybody seems to be a part of 
same story of the same writer
Running to be a better
climbing the success ladder
But valley on the sides
becomes deeper and deeper
Tried being a friend
a healer and a lover
But the distance always became
more longer and longer
There was no start
and there will not be any end
The show will always be on
with the smiling Joker
Nobody will be escaped
either king or a beggar
All will float in peace
sooner or a later

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Population Control Pollution

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There are the waves
Going high up and deep down

Excitement of being on the top
The speed and the position
The thrill and the attitude
And the Music in the octave

Depression of going down
The fall and the failure 
The dark and the emptiness
With the feeling of crave 

The super or a shortwave
Changing me like a slave
Forcing to flow with it
The way making me behave

Now I see the pattern 
As it fly high, I remember
It has to go down 
Soon to start a new wave

I stopped now to see
How it is moving me
It doesn't have any power 
If I am strong and brave

There are the waves
Going high up and down
I am now at the center 
Enjoying the world of my fave

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The Reality Behind

There had been a time
When I used to dream
Now I only see
The reality Behind

The Smiling Face
Was Ever Mine
Now I Only Have
Tears and It's Steam

One Way I Choose 
The Other One Dimmed
It’s Too Late To Know
That It Made Me Ruin

What Was That Dream
What Did That Mean 
Got Up In Morning
With Cries and Scream

When All Are Good
In The Life Beginning
Why World Is Then
Full Of Crime

Life teaches us 
At Very Hard Point
Why Do We Repeat
Blunder Many Times

When You Expand
Something Shrink
Somebody Boils
So you enjoy cream

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I want to Heal

I want to Heal 
I want to Heal
That child of the beggar
I want to heal
The Victim of the shooter
The Anger of the Killer
I want to heal
The politician’s Hunger
And the Thirst of the F****r
I want to heal
The Lever of the drinker
The Lungs of the smoker
I want to heal
Broken heart of the lover
Mother & child away from other
I want to heal 
The thoughts makes terror
The Warrior at the border
I want to make this world happier
I want to make this world happier
I want to heal 
This earth forever
I want to heal 
This earth forever 

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My Dream

When I saw you
For the first time
I couldn’t believe
Such a Reality

So mind blowing
And so electrifying 
Which has given me
A lot of stability

Flying in the air
Touching the fresh due
Trees wearing colors    
With unseen beauty

Taking a deep Sea dive
Getting up to breathe 
This never ending rhythm
With such a vitality

With a great power
Fighting with the Devil
And the dark night
Finishing the impurity

Floating up so high
Running with the stars
Arriving to unknown
Missing own gravity

O.. my Dream.. 
with my close blinds
take me again there
To feel that eternity

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you
On any of the Day
I find yourself 
In my every Pray

On one fine evening
When sun was to set
You came in my life 
Like a morning Ray

The friendship grown
A deep relation built
When we used to meet 
In the rectangle Bay

The moment when you said
I am deep in your heart
I felt like it was
One of my golden Day

With all the purity
When you held my hands
It was a cool shower
In the month of May

With Water drops in eyes
When we parted
We knew in heart
will never be Away

With your smile in my heart
You always Stay
Thanks for coming in
and crossing my life’s Way

When I think of you
On any of the Day
I find yourself 
In my every Pray

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Don’t ever take your life for sure
Live the fact that it’s only now or never

What should I do with this hate, greed and Anger
I know even though inside I am pure

It is good to expect and on the side of receiver
But be ready for the worst and accepting failure

Life, Enough of learning and enough of lessons
Let me free to be me now in a new way to re-discover

Details | Archana Sonar Poem

I dont wanna be that guy

When I opened my eyes, Mum’s love as my first sight
Those everlasting enjoys, Wrapped in a loving mist

laughing all with joys, Running to be a specialist
Unaware of the future ploys, of those so called sophist

Got to play with new toys, found it was so rhythmist
Thrill, adventure and killjoys, with the feelings of revolutionist

The day has come to deploy, proud to got shortlist 
had a target to destroy, a country with our relativist

A heart’s true, pure, deep voice, somewhere it exist
A little internal noyes, saying not to be racist

The first victim were boys, those innocent civilist ,
Those blast of cries, oh how can I be such a demonist

A never ending sighs, hurt so much in the heart midst
The sad feeling why, coming to a mind of shootist 

The last breathe of my, tears and pains with a tongue twist
Hey I don’t want to be the guy, who is named as a terrorist 

Oh my God in the sky, do me a favor if you ever exist
I wanna spread the peace and joy, in my new life as a humanist

Hey I don’t wanna be that guy, who is named as a Terrorist 
Hey I don’t wanna be that guy, who is named as a Terrorist 

Details | Archana Sonar Poem

Before I Leave

I need to tell you something 
Before I Leave

You are the one 
Who always cared
But I kept an eye
On your share

You act like a mother
And wiped my tears
Sorry for the time
I made you suffer

When I was down
You made me inspired
When you were sad
I laughed with others

When I needed a friend
Your love had showered
When you were suffered
I ran like a coward

But listen my dear 
You only in my heart’s core

I need to tell you something
Before I Leave

You are my
Life time share
Always in my eyes
Though with tears

Even distance apart
I forgot you never
I see you each time
When I look in mirror

Today I am leaving
You be wherever
But I feel your warmth
Just right here

I need to tell you something
Before I Leave