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I wrote for you my best love song
I sing it everyday.
The melody from your kisses
The words from your every smile

I wrote for you my best love song
To sing a never ending love
The rhythm from your laughter
The notes from each step you take

Each day I sing you in my mind
I play you on my heart
I hum you in my whispers
I strum you in my eyes

I wrote for you my best love long
As only a mother could write
To the child who gives her laughter
Son…my best love song is you

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My Patriotic Self -Mourning for Jamaica

With my Patriotic Self
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

But the words felt hollow to my ears
Because no longer do these represents what we have become
A society which has failed to grow,
Stagnant and Toxic with the stench of death 
Getting riper and riper throughout the years

With my Patriotic Self 
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

And I see the corruption, the pollution
Politricktions fooling the nation
While we walk in blindness
Embracing the Technological evolution
Thinking we have progressed, 
Oh! What a delusion!

With my Patriotic Self 
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

Then News Flash! A man just beheaded a woman!!
People living lesser than human, 
From the refuse of society they feed their children
Mothers pimp daughters to Dons for protection
Fathers give sons their first thousand amunition
For their guns because “my yute affi have him weapon”

With my Patriotic Self 
I played this song for our National Heroes

“Forward, Forever United”

And I hear our Heroes weep 
In their graves because their deaths now have no meaning
To a nation hell bent on continuously demeaning 
The legacy left behind by them, our National Heroes
Nanny, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle , George William Gordon
Marcus Garvey, Norman Manly and Alexander Bustamante 

With my Patriotic Self 
I pray that Jamaica, Land we Love
Will shine again in Her glory
Then we will sing again our Heroes' story

“Forward, Forever United
Students, Workers and Farmers...”

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My Blackness Within

I walked with my blackness
Not on my head like a crown of pride
But like a shackle around my feet
I basked in my down trodden self
Never lifting the true glory of me

I walked with my blackness
Blanketed in my self pity
Not seeing that my fight lies within
Shoulders slumped as I accept defeat
Before the game has even begun

I walked in my blackness
Contented to cower
When I should have stood proud
That my blackness is me
But still it is not
It doesn't define me
It doesn't speak for me
It doesn't even say where I am from

That my ancestors were Kings and Queens
Ruling over all they surveyed
That my forefathers were Inventors
Scholars, Philosophers and Yes! Farmers!
My blackness does not mean
I should be placed in your corner of shame
Labeled: thieves, hoes, n***s, dunce, thugs
And if you try to put me there
I will always get out
I must show there is more to my blackness 
than what you see
Then you will come to respect the blackness of me

I walked in my blackness
No longer am I afraid
I accept now your challenges
And allay your fears
So when you see me walking
in your neighbourhood
Instead of your guns
your hands will wave “Hi” at me

Be black, be proud, let the world come to see
That there is more to my blackness 
Than the age old perception of me!

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With eyes wide shut we walk
In our blindness of thoughts and prejudices
Towards the cliff. We follow the sounds
Never hearing a word...a note
To the makings of the song
Dancing to the music not hearing it's melody
We sing in our muteness songs we neither see nor hear

We walk crippled towards the faceless words
Drinking without taste the nectar that must never be swallowed.
"Sweet" We say when we cannot taste
But finish it's juices in a single gulp
Not quenching the thirst we know not that we have
Belching the stench of its odor that we cannot smell

In knowledge we know nothing of what we have seen
While walking in blindness with our eyes wide shut

We listen with deafness to the drones of time
Never singling out a line.
We feel in the darkness for the light switch that we have always had
In the contours of our minds
We look around seeing nothing in a room full of everything.
Blank spaces on the walls of pictures vibrant in truth
Still we with only see them with our eyes wide shut.


Beside the Yellow Brick Road
In the forest
Lies the deeper path of truth.

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Way back when
You caught me with your smile
And light sparkled on water
While blossoms scent with our love
We danced in magic 
To the tune of our hearts
Melodies hummed in our laughter

Way back when
I was captured by your warm embrace
And the skies became our pillow
We walked on sunshine
With each trip to heaven
Love being our guide
We flew through the skies

Way back when
I was enriched by your golden touch
And the world existed no more
In your arms there was nothing more
than the here, 
than the now
You were my all

And the storm clouds came
Thunder broke our flight
Rain would sing no more
And winds of anger shout
Lost we were 
Alone we were
But not together though

Today we meet
Hello we sing
We are no longer in When
We reminisce 
We closed the lid on that which must be closed
Respect we have
Memories we will cherish

...Of those way back when.

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Today is your day
Our day
But so too should be everyday
We celebrate our beings
Our Mothers ago
Will our children celebrate 
Us in years also


Loose yourself !
Unshackle your chains
Take these labels from your package
Skanks! Hoes! *****es! Sluts! 
Replace with
Ladies! Queens! Mothers! Leaders!

You are mothers of nations
Teach your children well 
You hold the backs of your men
When their burdens are too much to bare
You carry your own

You cry the tears of your nation
While you hold the world in your hands
You trodd the parched earth with bare feet
Seeking water from the river of knowledge
So your offsprings may drink their fill
From the swell of your breasts! 

Put your clothes on!
Cover your temples!
Let he who wants to find your scriptures 
Search through your pages for the reveal
Keep him reading through your book
Let him prove himself 
Before you show him what he desires to see!

Stately! Walk Stately!
Nature should bow at your very feet!
Proudly! Stand Proudly!
Love your every being
Lift yourself for all the world to see


Yes you, woman!
Today is your day
Our day
Make it be everyday!

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In a room full of adults,
I see only children at play
Who will guide the future...
When tomorrow is birth?

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Our Journey

What is cannot be any other way but how it is
The choices we make, 
We question ourselves and ask if we could have done so differently
What is cannot be any other way but how it is. 
Good or bad that is how it should was to be
For it was written before we knew to walk those path

What is cannot be any other way
As there is a reason beyond our knowledge for the way things are
The choices we make, the road we trod
We choose 
But we were already chosen for a specific purpose in our very existence. 
We love...we hurt...we laugh...we cry through all our life's journey
Still without knowing we walk our given paths
Fulfilling the plans of one greater than us.

We serve our purpose
Sometimes we die never knowing what our purpose was
But those we left behind are left with the true understanding of what we were. 
What is was meant to be can be no other way but how it is
Good or bad...embrace it...cry over it...laugh over it....but get over it...move on 

Take with you the positive.
Learn from the negative and know that
It is how it it was to it has to be