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In Other Ways

If you love someone, you make love in other ways.
A glance, a touch, a smile.
Not just in bed.
You don't just have sex.
Making love should have no routine,
planned routines get boring and stale.
We were so spontaneous and adventerous,
finding new places and ways,
 in the precious time we had.

Details | Randolph Byrd Poem

Why My Love Visits

My energy and thoughts are expressed most often by words.
The way my love visits.
Not to capture you,
but to be there,
where it can be found.
Hopefully this gentle prose reaches you deeply on this occasion,
fulfilling my intent to stay joined in spirit,
distance can't restrict.

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Why We Met

When we met,
both our hearts,
needed to learn how,
and to allow 
someone in.
We began a story,
that left later pages available to others,
to write words that could reach our hearts,
when becoming the new chapters in our lives.

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A Bridge Of Love To Friendship

We become protection for each other as long as we care.
Even though not together, we help each other feel safer,
and shouldn't worry about anything beyond that.
Because we are able to say the other one deserves more,
is only a sign we want happiness for each other, in our absence.
It's OK, gentle people are cared more by others,
than they care for themselves,
it's hard to acknowledge and accept, they generate respect,
and acceptance by being who they are, flaws and all.
You're right, we won't know how to act, if we've only had suitors/suitees
in our history.
Can a man and a woman be affectionate just for fun, share any thoughts,
and know they can count on each other to just listen with due care,
and honest feedback, knowing the other will welcome it, without rejection?
Or do they need to think they are one and only's, to invest that precious time.
I guess we will see.
There shouldn't be any pressure to cross the bridge,
or be, or do, anything that doesn't feel right, at any given moment.
The wonder and magic of such a bridge, is if we can keep it in place,
whether or not it is used or needed.
No tolls required on this bridge,
It's free to send your thoughts to me.

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Fashion Plate in the Workplace

It's a celebration of life,
It's a celebration of self,
An inner spirit and style,
expressed thru blazes of color.
Daring to be an original,
in a gallery of the commonplace.

Details | Randolph Byrd Poem

Without Looking Back

We give the gift of believing in another,
when we love enough.
I give this gift to you from a distance, unwrapped,
but felt when I think of you, and write.
Hoping it inspires additional confidence,
like when someone believes in me.
To pursue whatever you feel is right in your life,
without looking back.

Details | Randolph Byrd Poem

You Are One

Good to know you are well loved there.
I can offer that from here,
but without presence, incomplete.
Yet there's something about knowing you,
that makes me braver, and more confident.
Love is rarely unadulterated.
It affects us in ways we may never know.
Forgive me because my heart is slower to learn,
what the swift mind beholds at every turn.
There are people in your life if you are very fortunate,
who brought you their untold gifts of laughter, with the tears,
love in unconventional ways, and widsom.
You are one.

Details | Randolph Byrd Poem

Out on the Curb, Like an Old Sofa

Parts of our lives are always a little messed up,
but we don't have to try to fix each other,
that we can do on our own if we choose to try.

What I want to be is realistic,
without just walking away,
because we can't be together every day.

Don't quite like or understand the concept,
if someone doesn't fit right in our lives,
they're gone,
out on the curb like an old sofa.

There is an old saying,
a romantic never gives up on a love.
What I don't want to give up,
is whatever you can share with me,
not because I think you're perfect,
or we can be together on a given day.
It's this thing called caring about you,
and loving you in my own unique ways.

Details | Randolph Byrd Poem

When Connected

Like a needle and thread only when connected,
are capable of mending torn cloth,
isn't it the same with friends who care and listen.
The connectin capable of weaving stiching of,
forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance,
strengthening the fabric and mending tears,
in our inner cloth.

Details | Randolph Byrd Poem

Plight of the Romantic

We love who we love whether we should or not.
When we look at others, we feel the pull of them, but not the same kind of pull exerted,
when we look at the one we've allowed entry and residence in our heart.
Obsession, or true love, aren't they both fearsome.
Survivor's of either gain a maturity and ability to forgive not common,
if they can still care for each other, when no longer together, 
after this dance of dreams.
Why blame anyone or ourselves,
when our minds can't control the choices of the heart.
Should our minds decide never,
when our hearts don't know what kind of always,
but believe there will always be an always.