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Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


You painted your choices with my blood on them
Your walk to freedom, your life and your ways
I stumble on, a runaway from nowhere
Denying life to drown ugly truths

You sold me to despair, lonely years in hell
As you turned away and gave me a name
“Liar”, is that me? Is that your reality?
A cold cover to harsh plays on a five-year old

Tutored hard into their perversities
I limped through life, and your friends
Running to you when I could look back
I tripped over trust and lost it forever.

Cry for me momma when I finally give up
Those tears from you might soften old blows
I’ll know then you are not the mother you seem
And I’ll make excuses for every one of them…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Falling into you

Your voice imprinting stories from time, into me
My senses whirling, a hundred dervishes
Lost in the lore of your timbre, I struggle not to lose myself
And then, I settle, knowing you from times I must have forgotten
The sweet strength of your power over me
As your songs wake the gods
They must know my surrender
They must see I come to you from stories unknown
Unwritten, as your hands on me
I fought hard, I fight deep
To claim us back as strangers sometimes
But battles disintegrate to our souls entwined
Rhythms from the unknown
A cosmic dance in the silence of our universe
Waiting by the fire…
I hesitate, I stop to give this a name
Sometimes the nameless creates with all the strength of the unclaimed
Free, wild, surging the limits of the unknown
I am falling into you, Stranger…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

A song for me

I caught the moon’s smile on his eyelids
My nights heaving, hollow from his absence
The silken ropes around me, finally fall away
As I move to him from lifetimes that must have been

An army of kisses my way, he whispered
Silver spells on my life, our times together
One moment with him, my eternity surrendered
Caught in each other’s universe, his strength all mine

The sun on his shoulders above me
Rhythm our secrets, satin moves of want
I trace his beauty from our entangled breath
Ballads of love from bodies in need

Star spangling diamond beautiful shining out 
inner vision dazzling a jewel treasure 
whispering softly winds gently landing kiss dream 
bouncing together our souls uniting in space eternity's bliss..

Liam was sweet enough to work on this poem with me, he beats me at romance:)Thank you, dear Liam!

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


I’m drunk tonight on these sparkling thoughts
I am crazy and unleashed on rapture’s madness
I climb up on a wish and twist my sinuous thirst
A few icy drinks as my head reels on your constant absence

Can I wish on you phantom, would you burn into my life?
Would my dreams come true on this insane naïveté?
Unbelievable as they come, I am the true song on every eyelid
I frolic thru little pleasures that gets beyond everyone’s lucidity

May I dance with you on borders that have us beyond reaches?
May I kiss you on thoughts that wont reach realities?
Would you turn around all of this life if I lend you my sparkle?
Drink me drunk and your dreams will twirl heavens

Shimmer with me on sparkles that carry lost stories
Rope them right back on destinies shut from possibilities
Help me haul them onto shores that dance true
Meet me on cliff tops that leads us thru the maze of happiness…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

The eagle of my soul

I woke up this morning to your presence around me
The grace of your snow-white neck, strong and proud
The cradle of your quiet intensity beside my sleep, at guard
Lulled my senses deep, back from soaring the icy mountains 

Your eyes, their tawny lucid watch over me
Vigilant in the care you shower me on this earth time
Your breath, ours, the ethereal threads of mysteries 
I long for us, our time back together each time, coursing senses

Wings of longing are known to break the hardest
Don’t let these layered realities dull my truth away
Fly with me, wing to wing, my nights away from illusions
You have me mesmerized in your talons of sweet nirvana

I trace the curve of your powerful beak, I feed on us
Delirious from our thirsty beginnings and your sage wisdom
Circling eternities, your tenderness guide me on
I live, I love, in the heady existence of our union…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

A Lei of Secrets

I found your voice caressing the breeze
A lei of secrets whispering in the wind
Your thoughts, urgent from the dreams we hold
I kiss them on sunsets, as elation claims me
Can I be the taste from your ancient songs?
Would you know me from our tangled stories?
Love me from the fires that tease your chances
Hug my lonely hours with your heady madness
Play my surrender, with your wild love for me
Light this distance away, till I come to you…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


My thirst sang, walking thru quicksand
Stardust, from the pollen secrets of my dreams
Swollen rainbows and their rain-drenched songs
They kept me company on the moon’s route

Lit in ecstasy, on a whim’s silver dream
I fly with the winds from a trellised lore
The magic of my beginnings bite into my days
The swirl of illusion peeling layers off

Gossamer truths on tiptoes, they wait 
Shy in their purple robes, tasting elation
Whispering together, sipping their future
They drink from pools of veiled time

Life dances her brilliance 
On the polished shoulders of my desires
Coming alive, on little crumpets of sweet enigma
An Eden unveiled on the brilliance of every mote…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Disharmony of a Palette

The first stroke of bleeding red, slashed rage
Potent brush on bitter hurts, alive and restless
His hands work out buried truths, uncoiling karma
Teasing spectrums on his canvas, churning lucidity

Black vapored in, dark from pasts
Feverish, as his memories on insanity’s rant
The blue of coherence misting on hope
Swirling ethereal in an universe full of his demons

His yellows brilliant on gold tips, they smudge
Hopes, like limpets on silver lined chances
Reason, edgy on a mind running on tragedies
Eager on the whites of tender love and moon paint

A palette whipped on fire, raising impossibilities
Running with his stories, his wings hard on destinations
Colours feeding on wishes and distant dreams
Thirsting for the inherent harmony of his soul…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


I was sitting by the ancient well, drawing power to endure
Frozen in silence at hate prowling close

Naïve and helpless, I was blinded with tears
As hate cried harsh, accusing me of stealing meanings

I have no answers, all I did was dress memories
And I let them go, tumbling out through my weary life

The walls I build around me grow their purple madness
Fragrant with relentless spells, wisteria enchanted

The bees dancing in their pollen filled lives
Promise me magic potions that would swallow my past…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


The linear drag of his raging insanity
Feed him psychedelic versions of my life and actions
His professed admiration evolved in untruths 
Lies tainted, limping on his craft and cloying rant 

He doesn’t know that my steel strength is from my gods
Unknown to him, even during his lucid moments
The black ink of his deeds spread it’s slow crawl
Vultures circling, fantasies on their knees

Threats don’t shape me, lies don’t make me
I shrug away from everything he spins
I live with my songs, chanting lotus mantras
My freedom lit, I am the bhikshu from layered realities

As worlds shrink to the pin-prick of a stalker’s vision
I walk on smiling, some victories need never be sung…