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Best Bindu Vijayan Poems

Below are the all-time best Bindu Vijayan poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


You painted your choices with my blood on them
Your walk to freedom, your life and your ways
I stumble on, a runaway from nowhere
Denying life to drown ugly truths

You sold me to despair, lonely years in hell
As you turned away and gave me a name
“Liar”, is that me? Is that your reality?
A cold cover to harsh plays on a five-year old

Tutored hard into their perversities
I limped through life, and your friends
Running to you when I could look back
I tripped over trust and lost it forever.

Cry for me momma when I finally give up
Those tears from you might soften old blows
I’ll know then you are not the mother you seem
And I’ll make excuses for every one of them…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Falling into you

Your voice imprinting stories from time, into me
My senses whirling, a hundred dervishes
Lost in the lore of your timbre, I struggle not to lose myself
And then, I settle, knowing you from times I must have forgotten
The sweet strength of your power over me
As your songs wake the gods
They must know my surrender
They must see I come to you from stories unknown
Unwritten, as your hands on me
I fought hard, I fight deep
To claim us back as strangers sometimes
But battles disintegrate to our souls entwined
Rhythms from the unknown
A cosmic dance in the silence of our universe
Waiting by the fire…
I hesitate, I stop to give this a name
Sometimes the nameless creates with all the strength of the unclaimed
Free, wild, surging the limits of the unknown
I am falling into you, Stranger…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Disharmony of a Palette

The first stroke of bleeding red, slashed rage
Potent brush on bitter hurts, alive and restless
His hands work out buried truths, uncoiling karma
Teasing spectrums on his canvas, churning lucidity

Black vapored in, dark from pasts
Feverish, as his memories on insanity’s rant
The blue of coherence misting on hope
Swirling ethereal in an universe full of his demons

His yellows brilliant on gold tips, they smudge
Hopes, like limpets on silver lined chances
Reason, edgy on a mind running on tragedies
Eager on the whites of tender love and moon paint

A palette whipped on fire, raising impossibilities
Running with his stories, his wings hard on destinations
Colours feeding on wishes and distant dreams
Thirsting for the inherent harmony of his soul…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

18th March

I missed you on the morning’s song
The sun hid your voice away from me today 
I looked for you in the breeze, stoic hours around me
My heart stills away from us, on fragile cliff-tops

Looking for us on the mountains’ call
The veil of your morning secrets caught in our vortex
Tasting stories we imprint on each other
Sweet tug of faith, hesitant on thirsty steps

The lore you sing me, weaves into the fabric of our silence
The fossils of our times apart, stalking my solitude
Walk with me now, tell me why I cant be with you
Would we survive these distances we own

Wake up sweet life, kiss the dew with me
Come with me where the hummingbirds lead 
I’ll take you back to the Eden of our waiting mystery
Into our dance, into each other, where our eternity lies…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


Blue waves danced around her slim ankles
Evening winds caressed her delicate neck 
The lascivious sand rubbed raw pleasures
Into that aching body that was she

She arched forward in desire's stupor
Thirsty eyes longing in deep brown haze
Wet legs basked their shimmering length
Bronzed high in drunken poetry

She wrapped her longing around her body
Moving to the sea's heady rhythm
Wind-blown hair hugging her waist
Sun-bleached in salt, tugging at need

She walked towards chance 
Her body heaving on the edge
Taut with secret, wanton frissons

Seduction's prowl on desert hearts
Desert rain on parched souls...

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

A song for me

I caught the moon’s smile on his eyelids
My nights heaving, hollow from his absence
The silken ropes around me, finally fall away
As I move to him from lifetimes that must have been

An army of kisses my way, he whispered
Silver spells on my life, our times together
One moment with him, my eternity surrendered
Caught in each other’s universe, his strength all mine

The sun on his shoulders above me
Rhythm our secrets, satin moves of want
I trace his beauty from our entangled breath
Ballads of love from bodies in need

Star spangling diamond beautiful shining out 
inner vision dazzling a jewel treasure 
whispering softly winds gently landing kiss dream 
bouncing together our souls uniting in space eternity's bliss..

Liam was sweet enough to work on this poem with me, be beats me at romance:)Thank you, dear Liam!

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

A Lei of Secrets

I found your voice caressing the breeze
A lei of secrets whispering in the wind
Your thoughts, urgent from the dreams we hold
I kiss them on sunsets, as elation claims me
Can I be the taste from your ancient songs?
Would you know me from our tangled stories?
Love me from the fires that tease your chances
Hug my lonely hours with your heady madness
Play my surrender, with your wild love for me
Light this distance away, till I come to you…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


Soft eternities remain gentle on my mineral skin 
My still life, zen on the waiting
The awareness I grow, slink on closed minds
Not known to the civilizations I live amongst

I hear the roar of illusions dance their realities
Frenzied and kaleidoscopic on tamped thoughts
Passersby unaware of my sage existence
Drop their thoughts around me, gremlins on my clarity

I am, my latency bound to the spirals of free-will
Layered in the knowledge of non-existence
Fibrils of prana strung around my inerrancy
I shimmer under the sun of your thousand destinies…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


The lustre of your purple, the call of sweet lure
My thirst for you rushes back, riding its latent crave
I taste the exhilaration of a single, moist bite
And I know you are my tryst with wanton bounty	

Your inviting ripeness courses thru my languid hours
I feast my eyes on the little excesses that you are
The curves of your perfection, drives me wild
You have me, like you had them all thru history

Your juices, like liquid mirth on euphoria
Sometimes heady, sometimes the dark tease
My thoughts slosh over, in surrender to your skin
I slake at your sweetness, wrapped around your vines

genus Vitis, you have me bound to your lushness
I would not ever give you up for another berry
You have me enthralled in this crazy obsession
I am enslaved to your life steeped in scriptures and myths…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


My thirst sang, walking thru quicksand
Stardust, from the pollen secrets of my dreams
Swollen rainbows and their rain-drenched songs
They kept me company on the moon’s route

Lit in ecstasy, on a whim’s silver dream
I fly with the winds from a trellised lore
The magic of my beginnings bite into my days
The swirl of illusion peeling layers off

Gossamer truths on tiptoes, they wait 
Shy in their purple robes, tasting elation
Whispering together, sipping their future
They drink from pools of veiled time

Life dances her brilliance 
On the polished shoulders of my desires
Coming alive, on little crumpets of sweet enigma
An Eden unveiled on the brilliance of every mote…