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Blue waves danced around her slim ankles
Evening winds caressed her delicate neck 
The lascivious sand rubbed raw pleasures
Into that aching body that was she

She arched forward in desire's stupor
Thirsty eyes longing in deep brown haze
Wet legs basked their shimmering length
Bronzed high in drunken poetry

She wrapped her longing around her body
Moving to the sea's heady rhythm
Wind-blown hair hugging her waist
Sun-bleached in salt, tugging at need

She walked towards chance 
Her body heaving on the edge
Taut with secret, wanton frissons

Seduction's prowl on desert hearts
Desert rain on parched souls...

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Falling into you

Your voice imprinting stories from time, into me
My senses whirling, a hundred dervishes
Lost in the lore of your timbre, I struggle not to lose myself
And then, I settle, knowing you from times I must have forgotten
The sweet strength of your power over me
As your songs wake the gods
They must know my surrender
They must see I come to you from stories unknown
Unwritten, as your hands on me
I fought hard, I fight deep
To claim us back as strangers sometimes
But battles disintegrate to our souls entwined
Rhythms from the unknown
A cosmic dance in the silence of our universe
Waiting by the fire…
I hesitate, I stop to give this a name
Sometimes the nameless creates with all the strength of the unclaimed
Free, wild, surging the limits of the unknown
I am falling into you, Stranger…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem


The lustre of your purple, the call of sweet lure
My thirst for you rushes back, riding its latent crave
I taste the exhilaration of a single, moist bite
And I know you are my tryst with wanton bounty	

Your inviting ripeness courses thru my languid hours
I feast my eyes on the little excesses that you are
The curves of your perfection, drives me wild
You have me, like you had them all thru history

Your juices, like liquid mirth on euphoria
Sometimes heady, sometimes the dark tease
My thoughts slosh over, in surrender to your skin
I slake at your sweetness, wrapped around your vines

genus Vitis, you have me bound to your lushness
I would not ever give you up for another berry
You have me enthralled in this crazy obsession
I am enslaved to your life steeped in scriptures and myths…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Not yet

Don’t love me yet, stranger
I belong to a universe full of riddles
I wouldn’t really know how to love you back
Though I would never hurt you ever

I dreamt your arms tightening around me
In moon grips from time, that I cant let unfold
Don’t dream of me yet, stranger, let go for now
Until time comes around, looking for us

I walk thru icy winds, my fears kissed
Kisses from the breeze on your beautiful face
From far away worlds, where my sanity wont go
As I tread true on this impossibility that’s you

Let me play this distance between us, stranger
Don’t let love touch us yet, lest I come to you
I have stories I belong to, songs that cant hold us
But give me a choice and know that it would be you…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Rage Inverted

Smother me darkness, let me bury my fears
Coals in my heart, I stumble through live hopes
I step aside - don’t touch me winds of change
Leave me alone, I need to find my way again

Dreams – don’t bleed me, did you have me tread wrong? 
I could hurl this life away; shards on your conscience
You don’t win if I am ruined and if I lose, 
You lose too, and your undoing would be me

Solitude – I danced my whole life into your arms
Did you give me a choice, or was it again a deceit? 
Did you need me so much in your solo existence? 
Could you not find another who would give you this much! 

Walk with me, my childhood, let me live you again
Let me orphan myself into life, and learn things my way
I would trace my existence on another set of dreams
Dreams that don’t trade-off as love goes missing…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Corridors of Insanity

She moves alone with fear frosting around her
Cold, at doom peering through opaque veils
The past leers from unforgiving haunted windows
On shadows she is thrown to as Destiny tires

Was that the winds of scandal still howling? 
They keened as death danced on his impending feet
Death would twist her reality to their custom-fit size
They would judge again, stones on her morality

She smiled at memories, at truant joy
How many times had she died in love’s arms!
Love had plundered, when she gave her all
Ice thorns bleeding her solo essence

‘They will all go away, no more claims now
Its just my life and me, the only duo that ever is’
And she walks, a grey shadow in the early mist
To death’s haunting call, down corridors of insanity…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

A song for me

I caught the moon’s smile on his eyelids
My nights heaving, hollow from his absence
The silken ropes around me, finally fall away
As I move to him from lifetimes that must have been

An army of kisses my way, he whispered
Silver spells on my life, our times together
One moment with him, my eternity surrendered
Caught in each other’s universe, his strength all mine

The sun on his shoulders above me
Rhythm our secrets, satin moves of want
I trace his beauty from our entangled breath
Ballads of love from bodies in need

Star spangling diamond beautiful shining out 
inner vision dazzling a jewel treasure 
whispering softly winds gently landing kiss dream 
bouncing together our souls uniting in space eternity's bliss..

Liam was sweet enough to work on this poem with me, be beats me at romance:)Thank you, dear Liam!

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

My Christmas Profiled

Elation perched by the fire, thinking Christmas
Watching me dress my wishes red, gazing at Santa’s sack
My wings are just mending, but the snow-queen beckons
And so I must rush, my feet flying, and wings folded tight

We dance the nights out, flirting with desires
The moon coloured blush from the rapture of secrets
Our whispering pines know these little rituals
And the tree-god smiles down, radiant from giving

The woods are lit high on elation’s ways 
Probabilities twinkling in and out of eager minds
Limpets of promises cling delicate in the shadows
Every soul euphoric, from forgiveness and love

I skip around Santa’s sack, waiting for realities
Running with the unicorns till my wings are healed
The reindeer hands me snow secrets from a forgotten post
Its music from the heavens, the white chorus of our subconscious

Souls waking up, remembering ancient mysteries
Moving in the intuitive dance from myriad veiled truths
And Santa rides on, smiling at the wide-eyed dreams
While I run with the unicorns, waiting for my wings to mend…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

18th March

I missed you on the morning’s song
The sun hid your voice away from me today 
I looked for you in the breeze, stoic hours around me
My heart stills away from us, on fragile cliff-tops

Looking for us on the mountains’ call
The veil of your morning secrets caught in our vortex
Tasting stories we imprint on each other
Sweet tug of faith, hesitant on thirsty steps

The lore you sing me, weaves into the fabric of our silence
The fossils of our times apart, stalking my solitude
Walk with me now, tell me why I cant be with you
Would we survive these distances we own

Wake up sweet life, kiss the dew with me
Come with me where the hummingbirds lead 
I’ll take you back to the Eden of our waiting mystery
Into our dance, into each other, where our eternity lies…

Details | Bindu Vijayan Poem

Moon's Song

I race sunsets, I wear out sunbeams
 I am the madness inside of every desire
 I tiptoe in motes that hold distant promises
 Tossing little secrets to winds of change

 I harness the sun away from his days, 
 His evenings bound to my silver mane
 Dusks churn out from our brilliance together
 And then I dance in, queen of your nights

 I haze your mind under my lunar gaze
 And draw you out of your languid life
 I sweep out wishes and pour them into days
 And have the sun catch them, to bring them alive

 I am the goddess of tides and waves
 Your allegiance to me is bound by the forces
 The Sun and Earth birthed you into this world
 But it was me you were destined, to find your dreams…