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The Yellow Design of Love

The yellow design of love
Lost and forgotten
Words given new meaning
Reality,  never alone
Foresaken truth
A youth divided
Her decisions unknown
Where does she go from here?

When the passion settles
In it's absence,  ash
Memory engraved
His loves remains
Unintentional freedom

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September's Dawn

A shocking September dawn
Loss foreseen
Imagination, running riot!!
A pain realized
Heard by all
The reflection of red runs deep

Through my veins
Red forever
Pouring agony; defeit
This day, this September dawn
Her beauty fades....

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Throbbing, sore
The recollection of a damaged soul
These four walls hold my shadow
Relentlessly entering
Her mind, tortured, riddled
Decaying, I mold

In an instant, she returns....
Anew, im back
Through my tunnel, revived
That familiar temporary release
The feeling, electric!

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she remembers

As a young girl, she remembers the 
Mother and father, a youth divided
A child, shattered
Pain re-lived, never forgotten
Some say..."she was too young to 
remember, dont worry"
Well, im here now
Seething...."I do remember; ive lived my 
whole life trying to forget"
Eternally diseased, always denied

I sat, that day, on the top of those stairs
Damaged, broken, changed
A little girl, ripped from her mothers 
Infinite loss

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Bryan's Eye's

The golden age of both time and space
Between the lines of hate
You're beauty, always embraced
Force feeding loving memories
I swallow, letting go

Remembering his eyes
The eyes of promise, dissolution
He leaves, always, forever
My love, alone but for a second
Blue and brown, the description
Of my past, beloved

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The controlled pageantry
The longing; natural, pure
She waits, wondering
When will he know?
Maybe, on his own
The truth revealed as he lay, breathless
Undeniable fear
He remains sickened by her truth
Wanting purity, hes a glimmer
Engorged, filthy she sighs
In the end, bella...

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Walking, running
Strange sensations felt 
Breeze undeniable
The night, a perfect black
She weeps longingly
Striving to become...
The woman she will never be
Changing forever