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Quest of a Mermaid

I have dived deep to look for you,
braved sea storm and its creatures,
collected every pearl from its shell.

For only your silhouette in my heart dwells.

I still remember those days,
when we held hands,
splashed among waves.

But now they are just memories.

That fateful moment,
we stepped on demon’s chest,
he turned you into a pearl and laid to rest.

Since, then I scavenge sea’s heart, to find my love.

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I Will Never Abandon You

Within the tough walls of castle lives a broken soul, loved by none and no one to applaud. Weird ways of this world wither his heart, harsh words pierce like dart. Winter freeze is here forever, dry emotions leave never. Crumpled leaves scatter all over, wilting heart’s beautiful flower. Detested by others, he hides, nobody to walk beside. But, I know how gentle you are inside, tender feelings deep in you reside. An ocean of love you hold, filled with purity of gold. No matter what the world says, you are here to stay. Let me hold your hand, to make a promise , that, I will never abandon you.
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All my emotions pour into you, everything seems surreal. No one I need, just your thoughts I wish to heed. I bow and listen to the quietness of dark, silently losing myself. Peace in heart and mind prevails, off to far seas I sail. Calmness of night holds me too tight, its stillness sings a lullaby. Clinching steadily onto memory’s veil I stand, this solitude absorbs me in, as dunes of sand.