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Best Vandana Sharma Poems

Below are the all-time best Vandana Sharma poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Flying Away

My love I wish to fly with you afar,
on the  wings of nightingale,
to a place among stars.

Ensconced in magical moon’s milky glow,
on a sea of clouds we sail,
touching pearly  white snow.

Floating freely like a fairy's feather,
we hide in night’s veil, to be
forever  together.

Details | Vandana Sharma Poem

Lost : A Sestina

Lost in a river of sorrow,
with lifeless songs,
she rows her boat,
no hope for tomorrow,
or soul mate to whom she belongs,
endlessly gazing, she floats.

Along with wave of unrequited emotion she floats,
she knows not of happiness but of sorrow,
a heart full of remorse, to her belongs,
singing painful songs,
without anyone to listen today or tomorrow,
just she and her boat.

Her boat,
in a river floats,
an unending quest of tomorrow,
today filled with sorrow,
unheard songs,
to no one she belongs.

She wonders where is the one to whom she belongs,
will she ever find an anchor for her life’s boat,
will anyone ever listen to her songs,
will she ever find happiness that floats,
her heart cries of sorrow,
has lost all hope for tomorrow.
Sun will shine tomorrow,
to the azure sky it belongs,
it knows nothing of her sorrow,
or her boat,
that directionless floats,
with sad songs.

Winds carry her songs,
someone might listen to them today or tomorrow,
someone might see her, as she floats,
someone might be there to whom she belongs,
she might find an anchor for her life’s boat,
and an end to her sorrow.

She finds a heart that listens to her songs and to whom she belongs,
today or tomorrow, now she has an anchor for her boat,
in a love filled direction her boat floats, in a river with no sorrow.

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In the Paradise

Trickling dew drops,
falling silently,
on the floor.
Not a single sound they echo,
but say so many things.

The wind in my hair,
gently turns around,
bounces back and forth,
whispering your name.

Kissed by butterflies,
flowers shy away,
curl upon themselves,
peep through pollen.

Tender damselflies,
flicker around,
a beautiful show they put,
dancing in their shimmering gowns.

The heaven,
of my dreams,
etched inside forever.

In this paradise,
I am waiting for you…………..

Posted on 15th July 2014

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Quest of a Mermaid

I have dived deep to look for you,
braved sea storm and its creatures,
collected every pearl from its shell.

For only your silhouette in my heart dwells.

I still remember those days,
when we held hands,
splashed among waves.

But now they are just memories.

That fateful moment,
we stepped on demon’s chest,
he turned you into a pearl and laid to rest.

Since, then I scavenge sea’s heart, to find my love.

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The sun peeps through the hill,
And then goes away the chill.
By whose will this happens?
Not mine not yours.
The one and the only and that is God.
The wind is blowing,
The water is flowing.
By whose will this happens?
Not mine not yours
The one and the only and that is God.

The snakes are hissing,
The rabbits are burrowing.
By whose will this happens?
Not mine not yours.
The one and the only and that is God.

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I Will Never Abandon You

Within the tough walls of castle lives a broken soul, loved by none and no one to applaud. Weird ways of this world wither his heart, harsh words pierce like dart. Winter freeze is here forever, dry emotions leave never. Crumpled leaves scatter all over, wilting heart’s beautiful flower. Detested by others, he hides, nobody to walk beside. But, I know how gentle you are inside, tender feelings deep in you reside. An ocean of love you hold, filled with purity of gold. No matter what the world says, you are here to stay. Let me hold your hand, to make a promise , that, I will never abandon you.
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Birds Of Winter

Birds of winter sing,
a melodic song,
wandering far wide sailing on wing.

Gelid winter weather, oh! so strong,
but tender feathery birds,
enjoy snowy splendor as they sing along.

They give music to unheard words,
warming every niche ,
and infuse zest to passing herds.

With their music of wavy pitch,
I’ll remember winter with songs to enrich.

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All my emotions pour into you, everything seems surreal. No one I need, just your thoughts I wish to heed. I bow and listen to the quietness of dark, silently losing myself. Peace in heart and mind prevails, off to far seas I sail. Calmness of night holds me too tight, its stillness sings a lullaby. Clinching steadily onto memory’s veil I stand, this solitude absorbs me in, as dunes of sand.