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Lines To My Darling and Youngest Daughter on her 18th Birthday

This was written by my beloved late father for my debut 20 January 1991

B e always good and true in your undertaking; be always

L ady like in every ways and manners wherever you maybe; resist all 

O dds and adversities that you may encounter in this life's journey in

S eeking happiness and fulfillment for these are the very essence of life; our dear

S aviour JESUS CHRIST hath lovingly imparted to us his flock that we may

O vercome all temptations and pitfalls that abound in this wide cruel world; but

M ost of all, offer yourself and your works and whatever will become of you to Him, our

    divine creator LORD GOD.

Lovingly your's,


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Not That Deep

Ahh, the wound in my heart
It's not that deep

Ahh, the empty space in my heart
It's not that deep

Ahh, the sound of his nagging voice
It's not that deep

Ahh, those parting words when he left me
It's not that deep

Ahh, those times when we're together
It's not that deep

Even the fact that we used to be a couple
It's not that deep

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I never been in this world
  If not for my loving MOM
I still can feel her warm caress
  Her sweet lullabies
Her gentle touch, and when
   She whispers in my ears
It all lingers in my mind
   Moment of truth can tell
That I am too old for this
   But reminiscing those 
momentous event
   Will bring back those happy times
MOTHER, I am so lucky to have you!
    Because you are GOD's
Illustrous gift to me and my siblings
    That is why, we are very thankful
To have you as our MOTHER.

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He was my frist boyfriend
I'd swear it's true
He was my first kiss 
For as long as I remember

He was the first man in my life
Oh, I hoped he was
He was the first man who made 
me cry
Oh, how can I forget him

He was the first man who 
abandoned me
How can I forgive him
He was the first man I ever 
'Coz it's really him who will love 
me not.

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He's JC and She's JAJA

There is a boy I knew
For thirteen years now
Intelligent in his own way 
Creative in many ways
But sometimes sensitive when hurt
He is very playful, a cartoon lover
And has a great sense of humor
Oh, I still can recall his name.......

There is agirl I knew
For nine years now
Naughty at all times
Very comely when she smiles
But sometimes unsightly when she frowns
She love to sing and fond of dancing
And she giggles like a queen.
Oh, I still can recall her name........

Ahh, he is JC and she is Jaja.