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Only You

Only you could do this to me 
Close my eyes so i cannot see 
Drop me down to the bottom of the sea 
And drown out the words that my lungs yearn to scream 

Many times you have left me to die 
So listen to these words that i cry 

I said i would never leave your side 
And i didnt 
I said i would never let you cry on your own 
And i didnt 
I said i never would let you fall 
And i didnt 

So i will wait till the day where you will do the same for me  

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Weary Souls

What to say what to think 
These circumstances are pushing me to the brink 
of all that I know, of all that I will be 
what is it that defines me? 
I push and i shove 
to earn my place up above 

i can show u a place where the vultures nest 
wear all the weary souls come to rest 
where hope is a dream of despair 
nothing can compare 
all that we should fear is fear 
the memories will drag you right down hear 
where all the light is lost 
and we all pay a very big cost 

I fight for a better day 
and search for another way 
but how can i stay in this place
 when it all seems like a big rat race 

every day i fall and fade away 
and every day i cannot find my way 
and every single day my demons beg me to stay 
for another round of pain 
and to see who can gain 
the right to feel happiness again

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For You

Let me take you to a place 
Where happiness is on every face 
And believing is only the first step 

Let me take you to a place 
Where hope is found 
And love will always abound 

Let me take you to a place 
Where the heavy herated come 
And the broken are always welcome 

Let me take you to a place 
Where the devil fell 
And where God and angels dwell

Let me take you to my heart 
Which has been hurt 
Which has been scard 
But will always be able to love 

Let me show you 
That even in this world 
Even among all of the hate and death 


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The Candle

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? 
They say that hope is found even in dark places. 
When all i feel is pain. 
The sorrows of the past have drowned me
Suffocating me with questions of what could have been, 
and what have i become? 

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? 
Every candle needs to be lit. 
So before you go looking for the light. 

Look for the box of matches 
Hope can be found is dark places. 

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One look

Touched by angel 
A warm breeze 
This is the feeling of love 
The kiss of eternity 
It is everlasting 
This is the feeling of love 
The taste of sweet belief 
A belief that all things are possible 
When you are with the one you love. 
So never take for granted 
One single look in their eyes. 
Because when you lock eyes with the one you love 
Time stops! 
And you remember why you keep fighting for tomorrow